Tuesday, January 5, 2021


I announced on Dreamwidth the other day that my New Year's resolution was a nail-polish no-buy. For the whole year. We'll see how it goes, of course, but I'm really going to try. I need to Shop My Stash for real, because I have a ton of stuff I've never worn and a lot more that I'd really like to wear again. It's really not as much about the money as about making myself wear what I've got!

(Disclaimer: treatment products and stuff like that don't count. I can buy base-coat and top-coat if I actually need it, but no cheating and buying stuff like Essie TLC that's base-coat and color.)

I keep meaning to post more here but time keeps getting away from me. I think one problem is that I've been unsatisfied with the quality of my pictures, and it's not something I was exactly terribly fastidious about in the first place. My poor iPhone SE (the old SE, not the newer one) is nearly 5 years old. I think I may have to ask for a new one for my birthday this year! Maybe that will get me kick-started again. (I haven't been posting pictures on Instagram much either.)

Even if I don't have new polishes to talk about, I'm still going to try to post now and then. There are other polish-related things to talk about! (I do have maybe a dozen polishes I bought over the fall - including one of the aforementioned TLC colors - to talk about, too.)

Oh, look, I actually do have some pictures! This is CG Green With Jealousy:

The picture is pretty crappy (and the application is worse, to be honest) but I do really like this polish. This is from China Glaze's Halloween 19 collection. I think I found this on Polish Pick. (One thing I can do even if I'm not actually buying polish is point other people to things I like!)

This is an old polish - Cougar Attack! - over a brown base. One of my fall favorites

This is Succulent Garden, which I know a lot of people love, but it just wasn't terribly flattering on me. It's pretty, though. (I bought it in a set from Nordstrom with Velvetine, which I haven't tried yet. Hopefully that one will suit me better!

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