Wednesday, January 16, 2019

2018 favorites: Galaxy Gang

Another one from my 2018 top 3: this is Starrily Galaxy Gang, which was a collab with YouTuber Kelli Marissa:
This is a nice blue-leaning purple, with some shifty stuff in it which reminded me of a couple of OPIs released in the last couple of years (like Turn On The Northern Lights and Feel The Chemis-tree). Note that this is three coats, and also that it dried down slightly matte. I put Seche Vite on the tip of all three of these nails so you could see what they'd look like with top-coat. This one is in the middle as far as degree of matte-ness - not as matte as Cassiopeia, below it, but more matte than Always Be A Dragon, the green polish above it.

Here's my original post with the two polishes I bought first. I ended up buying all three of the polishes in this collection, even though they're $15 each, more than I usually will pay for polish. In fact, this polish collaboration did so well that they have just released another set of six polishes to go with the original three. Here is Kelli's video announcing that, just a few days ago:

Monday, January 14, 2019

2018 favorites: Cassiopeia

I said I would post new swatches of my top 3 last week and I never got around to doing the pictures until this weekend. I doubt anybody was waiting breathlessly for that, but if you were, I apologize. Here is Cassiopeia and the other ones will be up later.
I was poking around in old posts and I noticed that back in November when I was talking about browns, I lumped Cassiopeia in with them even though Cassiopeia is not actually a brown, it's a gray (description on the website: "This divine dark gray polish features silvery multi-dimensional glitter for an eye-catching shade that's out of this world"). I think something about the way it interacts with the glitter makes me read it as a really dark brown when it's actually a really dark gray instead. Or maybe it's just that it's so dark you really can't tell what color is it! I don't know. Anyway, it's beautiful, in either case.

I noticed that all three of these polishes (my top 3) are not terribly shiny on their own, so I put Seche Vite over the tips so you could see what they looked like with and without top-coat. Cassiopeia is the least shiny on its own of the three. You definitely want top-coat with this because it brings out the glitter.

Here's a picture taken in shade from earlier this year:

Cassiopeia is sold out at the moment, by the way. Apparently - I only know this because somebody on YouTube mentioned it - KLP had a big sale right after Christmas. (Which is just as well, I keep buying more stuff than I can wear, anyway.) A lot of polishes are out of stock, presumably because of that sale, but usually everything does get restocked there eventually, as long as it's not LE, and Cassiopeia isn't. (It may kind of sound like a zodiac name, but it's not, it's just a run-of-the-mill constellation. The Zodiac polishes will probably not be restocked because they are limited edition.)

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Erin Condren goodies

I realized never did post this - it's the stuff I bought from Erin Condren's Cyber Monday sale:
It's (1) a bound notebook (with a paisley cover which can also be swapped out to use as a planner cover), and (2) a bound book of stickers. Unlike most of EC's past sticker books, this one has 12 monthly pages. It has a lot of cute stuff, I like it. This cover is one I've had previously, but that was really early on and a pretty much tore the original one to pieces. I like the cover that came on my 2019 planner, but later in the year when I get tired of looking at that one, I'll be happy to have another non-seasonal alternative.

Friday, January 11, 2019

More Ciate minis

More days on the advent calendar. The descriptions in quotes come from the maker.

Day 17 - Pepperminty
Ciate just says "light green creme" but I think they put the better descriptor in the name - wouldn't most people call this mint green?

Day 18 - Tempest
"Blue-green shimmer" - guess you can't quibble with that. You can see from the picture that it's also extremely sheer.

Day 19 - Fly Away
"Purple creme" - I'd be inclined to say violet, instead, because of it being on the blue side, but I guess now we are just quibbling.

Day 20 - Cookies & Cream
"Cream nude creme" - even I won't quibble with that one. (I would note, though, that I gave this one to my sister, because I knew I was extremely unlikely to wear it.)

Day 21 - Paradise Lost
Before we had a rose-gold pearl, now we have a "rose gold shimmer." I'll have to do comparison pictures. They are noticeably different, for sure.

Day 22 - Red Hot Chili
Well, ok, it is indisputably a "red creme" - again, they left you another clue in the name, though. This is even more indisputably a chili pepper red, or to put it another way, an orange-leaning red.

Day 23 - Up In The Clouds
"Light pink pearl" - I think this is really pretty, although I haven't worn it yet.

And that only leaves day 24, which was the big day on which we got a full-size polish. I will tell you now, though, that it was a shaped glitter, and I was underwhelmed. But oh well, you can't have everything. (I will of course post that picture when I remember to take one!)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Ciate Mini Mani polishes, part 4

It's been a while since part 3. Here's the whole set, in case you've forgotten (or never saw) where all these Ciate polishes are coming from. This was an advent calendar, and I got slightly out of order, but basically I've showed days 1-9, plus 13 and 14 (although 14 was not a polish, it was a brush-on cuticle oil called Jelly Oil). So I need to go back and show 10 to 12, and then skip to 15 and I'll be back on the numbered track.

Day 10 was Dangerous Affair, a deep red:
It's very pretty but it's the type of thing I probably won't wear much. (Maybe if I layer something over it...)

Day 11 is Antique Brooch, another glitter:
It's interesting - it seems to have a pink (or lilac?) base, and there's shimmer in there, too. Then there's at least a couple of sizes of gold glitter, I think, and some holo bits, too. (The description on Sephora's website - which is where I've been getting all of these descriptions from - calls this "gold pink glitter" which is kind of uninformative, really, although quite accurate so far as it goes.)

Day 12 was water decals in a rose-gold color (rose-gold seems to be a bit of a theme, here):
I haven't worked up the energy to try these out yet. (Knowing me, I'll probably lose them. I disassembled the box this all came in so this stuff is already starting to scatter all over.)

We've already covered day 13 and 14 back over here, and here is day 15, Total Eclipse:
It's described as a "dark gray creme" - it looks almost blue on the nail, here. But I usually like dark grays.

Day 16 is Supernova, another top-coat;
The description for Supernova just says "pink shimmer" and it does look pink and white in the bottle. But I put it on top of Total Eclipse (on the tip, specifically) and you can see that it turned things purple there. I'm gonna have to play with this one.

That's enough for today, and I'm about to go to sleep right here in my chair, anyway. Good night, or good morning!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

NOTD: Golden Hour

Here is the first of my Ciate polishes I've tried - this is Golden Hour:
Clearly the name is a bit misleading, since it's much more of a rose-gold than a regular gold! (Almost coppery, really.) This is only one coat plus a bit of touch-up to the tips. I also tried the Gelology top-coat which came in the Mini Mani set, so I'll have to report back on the wear. It shows my ridgy nails off a bit too much but other than that I like this a lot.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

NOTD: White Metallic

Here is Kleancolor White Metallic:
Yeah, these polishes are very imaginatively named, I may have mentioned that already. I normally never wear white polish at all, but I dunno, my sister had white polish on at Christmas - she says she wears it all the time because it's just easy to deal with, and I had big rainbow set of metallics that included a black and a white, so I thought, well, I'll start with that one, like, in solidarity or something! (What she was actually wearing was an OPI - she told me the name of it but it was nothing I ever heard of and so I promptly forgot. It definitely wasn't My Boyfriend Scales Walls or anything. It was... not as shiny as this one but it was at least shimmery.) Anyway, I won't say I'm going to be wearing this polish all the time but I do like it pretty well. It took three coats to get rid of the VNL. I'm not always terribly fussy about that but on this one I thought it looked better at three. I've had it on for a couple of days and it's holding up tolerably well, but tomorrow's hair-washing day and I'm sure I will end up doing my nails over again too.

I started to say something about what I was going to wear next, but my god, I have soooo many new polishes and I just have no idea. I have 11 more Kleancolor metallics and I have like 19 Ciate polishes (I gave my sister a couple of the neutral ones that I didn't think I'd wear - there were 21 total polishes in the set.) Maybe I'll alternate between Ciate polishes and the magnetics for a while! I have no idea which one I might wear though - we can all be surprised tomorrow!!