Tuesday, November 13, 2018

You're A Mean One (NOTD + swatch)

This is the third China Glaze Grinch polish I bought, You're A Mean One:
This reminds me to a surprising extent of OPI Feel The Chemis-tree from last year's holiday collection, which I really liked. I thought at the time that Chemis-tree had a sort of unicorn-pee-type pigment in it, and I don't think this is quite as obviously shifty as that, but there's still something like that going on. It's hard to tell exactly, but I think it's a purple base with redder shimmer, and then the shift. I haven't been able to pin it down more than that, though!

I had Miracle Gel Buffalo Nickel on before this, which is pewtery, so I just slapped a coat of this on top. (The new brushes are awesome.) I don't think it would be a one-coater without something underneath.

(I have a picture of Buffalo Nickel on my nails somewhere, I'm pretty sure. I'll post it when I figure out where it went!)

Monday, November 12, 2018

Grinch Collection (LE)

I talked yesterday about my Ulta order which included foundation and an Ecotools brush. The rest of the order was nail polish, all from the new Grinch collection from China Glaze. Ulta had a buy 1 get one 50% off sale going, and I was going to buy two and added a third one at the last minute. Now I'm sort of wishing I had gotten one more, since it would presumably also have been 50% off. But it's too late now.
As you can see, the bottles have various Grinch silhouettes. (There was also a Grinch-face one, but I didn't end up with any of those.) The cap selection seems to be random - that is, it's not that you get a certain cap with a certain polish, if that matters to you.

The green polish is Grinchworthy.
Remember when I was messing with the Halloween skittles and complaining about not being able to find a green that was the color I wanted? I finally used OCC Chimera, which was OK, but this one would have been perfect. I guess I'll have to bear that in mind for next year! Anyway, this is a slightly yellowish green glitter - I think the base is probably sort of lime-colored and then there's a variety of colors of small glitter in various greens and maybe some gold. It's beautiful.

The pink polish is Who Wonder:
It's just a really pretty shimmery fuchsia. (The worst problem I have with doing my bottle-and-wheel swatches the way I do is that round bottles just do not want to stay where you put them. Usually, as here, I just use some other bottle to prop them against to keep them from rolling away, but it's annoying. I'm sure there's some more sophisticated way to keep them where I want them but I haven't ever bothered to look into that. Square foundation bottle = perfectly good thing to prop a bottle of nail polish against!)

(I decided to wait and talk about the third polish tomorrow, since I'm wearing it now.)

Meanwhile, here's some reviews of the Grinch collection on YouTube:

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Foundation and a brush

I started an Ulta order because I kept hearing people talk about Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation and I decided I wanted to try it.
This is the lightest color (LC1, for light cool) but it's really not all that light. They don't have a huge range of shades like so many brands do now - they need to catch up on that. (Actually I wonder if they have much choice - in most drugstores they seem to be allotted a pretty limited amount of space!) Anyway, I've tried it and the color seems fine for me. And then I decided to buy a brush, because the one I've been using is shedding bristles. I didn't want to pay a fortune for it, so after looking at several things I ended up at Ecotools:
It had good reviews - and I do really like it. It's not round:
so it's maneuverable. It's got a ton of bristles - they're really packed in there! Also the handle's a bit unusually-shaped and isn't all that long, which works well for me because I have small hands, anyway. It's apparently just over 6" long:
(The rest of the Ulta order is nail polish, so I'll do that tomorrow.)

Friday, November 9, 2018

Autumn over black

I don't really have anything ready to post today, but I pulled this out of my folder of swatches and it's an excellent fall polish so here you go:
This is Zoya Autumn over Black Creme. I actually maybe like it better this way. I do like this polish but I haven't worn it often, partly because (I think) Zoya Cinnamon came out at the same time and I like Cinnamon more. (I was sure I would adore Autumn because it was described as copper and Cinnamon was more brown/bronze, but Cinnamon just has some magic oomph that I never quite understand. I dunno, I guess I like bronze more than I thought.)

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Mami Martha (LE)

OK, here is KL Polish Mami Martha:
This is a limited-edition polish that has been available the last two years for breast cancer awareness month. (I think that Mami Martha is one of Kathleen's grandmothers.) It's no longer showing up on KL Polish's website, so it may not be available until next October, if the pattern holds. I didn't get this last year, but this year I thought it looked very pretty and fresh and decided to go ahead and get it this time.

(I got Grinch polishes in the mail today, woo!)

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Scorpio & Pisces (LE)

I ordered two polishes from KL Polish's limited edition Zodiac collection - I bought Scorpio & Pisces:
Pisces is of course water-colored, a nice pearlescent thing.

And Scorpio is a blackened red. I just bought the polishes that appealed to me rather than my actual sign or anything.

(I bought one more thing in this order but it's different so I'll save it til tomorrow.)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Topic Tuesday: favorite drugstore polishes

What are your favorite drugstore nail polishes in your collection?

This is not this week's question; this one was from early October and my brain apparently just skipped right over it at the time. I have a good many drugstore polishes, virtually all of which are at least a few years old. It seems to me that drugstore polishes have fits of trying to do interesting things, but in the last couple of years they've (mostly) given up on that. So I really haven't been paying much attention to them recently. I've bought a couple of Sally Hansens this year and that's about it. (Plus the Essence which made the top 10 and which I'd practically forgotten about!)

But anyway, the question just says drugstore polishes, it doesn't say they have to be new ones. So I went through my spreadsheet and compiled a shortlist. Unsurprisingly, my first try at a shortlist was very long, but I whittled it down to a top 10. (I'll put the long list at the bottom, here, in case anybody's interested.)

I was wondering if the way people define "drugstore" brands has changed. You can buy several of the brands I think of as "salon" polishes - OPI, Essie, etc. - in drugstores and that's been true for several years. But I did not include those here.

In alpha order by brand (with links to the ones that aren't pictured here):

A lot of fall-toned colors here. Chop Chop Copper:
Cougar Attack (over black):
Pumpkin Spice (which as you can see is a top-coat):
(Also, I believe that's Cougar Attack in the swatch underneath P-spice here. You can see that it looks a good bit different than over black.)

Nail Junkie:

Original (not-at-all-short) shortlist:
  • Bonita Salon - Peonies Gone Wild
  • Color Club - Hot Couture
  • Color Club - Nail-Robi
  • Color Club - Snow-flakes
  • Cover Girl Outlast - Pyro Pink
  • Cover Girl Outlast - Seared Bronze
  • Essence Out of Space Stories - Space Glam
  • Insta-Dri - Chop Chop Copper
  • Insta-Dri - Cocoa A Go Go
  • Insta-Dri - Jet Set Jade
  • Insta-Dri - Quick Jeanius
  • Jesse's Girl - Fire Fly
  • Jesse's Girl - Glee
  • Julie G - Butterflies & Rosebuds
  • Julie G - Sugar Plum Fairy
  • L.A.Colors (Color Craze) - Jewel Tone
  • L.A.Girl 3D Effects - Black Illusion
  • L'Oreal - Jolly Lolly
  • Maybelline (Color Show) - Black In Mirrors
  • Milani - Purple Gleam
  • Nicole by OPI - Cinna-man Of My Dreams
  • NYC Crystal Couture - Ruby Queen
  • NYC In a NYC Minute - Fruit Punch
  • Revlon - Hypnotic
  • Revlon Colorstay - Fall Mood
  • Revlon Colorstay - Rain Forest
  • Rimmel Cocktail Colour - Apple Berry Smoothie
  • Sally Hansen CSM - Mermaid's Tale
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Private I
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Adrenaline Crush
  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Slick Black
  • Salon Perfect - Who Ya Gonna Call?
  • Sinful Colors - Gilded
  • Sinful Colors - I Love You
  • Sinful Colors - Kissy
  • Sinful Colors - Nail Junkie
  • Spoiled - Cougar Attack
  • Studio M - Slammin' Red
  • Xtreme Wear - Disco Ball
  • Xtreme Wear - Pumpkin Spice
  • Xtreme Wear - Rockstar Pink
  • Wet n Wild Fast Dry - Dancer Is The Best Reindeer
  • Wet n Wild Fast Dry - Teal Of Fortune
  • Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel - Peri-wink-le Of An Eye