Tuesday, January 5, 2021


I announced on Dreamwidth the other day that my New Year's resolution was a nail-polish no-buy. For the whole year. We'll see how it goes, of course, but I'm really going to try. I need to Shop My Stash for real, because I have a ton of stuff I've never worn and a lot more that I'd really like to wear again. It's really not as much about the money as about making myself wear what I've got!

(Disclaimer: treatment products and stuff like that don't count. I can buy base-coat and top-coat if I actually need it, but no cheating and buying stuff like Essie TLC that's base-coat and color.)

I keep meaning to post more here but time keeps getting away from me. I think one problem is that I've been unsatisfied with the quality of my pictures, and it's not something I was exactly terribly fastidious about in the first place. My poor iPhone SE (the old SE, not the newer one) is nearly 5 years old. I think I may have to ask for a new one for my birthday this year! Maybe that will get me kick-started again. (I haven't been posting pictures on Instagram much either.)

Even if I don't have new polishes to talk about, I'm still going to try to post now and then. There are other polish-related things to talk about! (I do have maybe a dozen polishes I bought over the fall - including one of the aforementioned TLC colors - to talk about, too.)

Oh, look, I actually do have some pictures! This is CG Green With Jealousy:

The picture is pretty crappy (and the application is worse, to be honest) but I do really like this polish. This is from China Glaze's Halloween 19 collection. I think I found this on Polish Pick. (One thing I can do even if I'm not actually buying polish is point other people to things I like!)

This is an old polish - Cougar Attack! - over a brown base. One of my fall favorites

This is Succulent Garden, which I know a lot of people love, but it just wasn't terribly flattering on me. It's pretty, though. (I bought it in a set from Nordstrom with Velvetine, which I haven't tried yet. Hopefully that one will suit me better!

Monday, September 28, 2020

A Bard Day's Night

This polish is from Polished Gamers Box (polishedgamersbox.com*) from - well, I'm not sure what month. It came in September so I guess it was August, because they tell you there's about a 4-week delay from when you order. Polished Gamers Box is not a "box" per se, not as I think of polish boxes anyway! I think they started out as a set you could get each month and that's why the name. But now it's more like Polish Pickup - it goes up for a limited time each month and there's a theme and at least some of the polishes change from month to month to go with the theme, but you buy the polishes individually. I think the window for PGB is the 15th to the 20th but I can't swear to that.

So whichever month this was, the theme was The Witcher, and this is A Bard Day's Night. It's described as "a deepened plum with shifting shimmer and color shifting flakes with flashes of violet, pink, red, gold, and green" - and it doesn't say so but I would describe it as having a jelly base. It's pretty sheer on the first coat, and I ended up wearing three coats, but honestly, it was wearable with two. It was amazing how much it deepened on the second coat. Just so, so pretty.

This was my first Swamp Gloss polish (swampgloss.com). I knew they existed but they don't seem to do PPU, which is where I do a lot of indie-shopping. Still, I'm going to try to remember to check out this brand and PGB again later on!

(I've got it on my nails now but I can't seem to find that picture. I'll try to add it later.)

*My links are being weird so I'm just typing them out, for the record!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Leonardo's Model Color

I don't buy OPI much any more because it seems like they don't make as many interesting polishes as they used to. However, I was intrigued by a couple of polishes in the new fall collection, Muse of Milan, and I looked at the prices on Polish Pick and finally bought one, Leonardo's Model Color:

Furthermore, I sprang for the extra dollar-and-change to get the Infinite Shine version, which I have never tried before. I like it a lot and it has worn quite well, although I've never gotten the incredible wear from OPI that a lot of people claim to - I suspect that's just me.



Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Lights Lacquer Smokey Quartz

I talked the other day about the first of the two Lights Lacquer polishes I bought, Zenon (apparently named for a 90s Disney movie!), and today I'm talking about the second, Smokey Quartz.

(I said I was going to post this last week, and I duly wrote it and then somehow failed to set it correctly to make it post! Sorry about that!)

This is from the Polished Gems collection, which I think came out around the holidays last year.
The website describes it as "a dark taupe base with rose copper shimmer." I put a top-coat on the tip of the nail on the swatch, and you can really tell the difference, here (unlike the one yesterday), but you still can't see much of the shimmer on the nail, at least in this picture. It's really obvious in the bottle, though, and I'm hoping that it's more apparent on the nail than my swatch shows. I really think this is going to be a great fall polish.

Here's a swatch video where somebody shows the whole collection - she launches right in with Smokey Quartz first thing, if you don't have time to watch the whole thing:
There's some other nice colors in here, though!

Monday, September 7, 2020

Happy things (planners & life)

This bit of my planner is months old, but I liked it and I thought I'd post it anyway:

I guess I should explain. I had a small tumor removed, and I was going to have five radiation treatments, but then they (meaning a committee, or that was the impression I got, at least) decided at the last minute that it was overkill and they cancelled it! I'm very glad this was unneeded, as you might guess. But the funky letters & bright pastels were cheering to me when I was still anticipating having to do it.

Actually this said "radiation week" - the "week" part was on the facing page.

This is in the Lifeplanner, but the letter stickers came out of a Happy Planner "megapack" book - the pastel one. (That book may or may not be discontinued, but I found copies various places when I searched. I think it was a really good deal at $20, not so much at its list price of $50.)

The 2021 Happy Planners came out this past week, and it made me kind of glad I bought what I bought already - I had bought some marked-down 18-month planners that go through the end of 2021. Not that there's anything wrong with the new ones, but I still like the ones I already have - which is the "All the Seasons" vertical book, and two horizontal ones to journal in ("Bookish" to talk about books in, and "LOLquotes" for everything else). Oh, and a skinny classic that I think is called Ink Splash, too. I do really like some of the flower and plant themes in the new planners, especially, but there's nothing that particularly makes me sorry I didn't wait.

Happy Planner always names their planners & notebooks something other than what it says on the cover:

This is "All the Seasons" even though it says "A well planned day" on the front. I am very literalist sometimes, and my instinct is to call it what it says - but I'm sure they have their reasons. Anyway, "a well planned day" is totally not my actual style (in planning or in life, really), but I like the purple cover and the rainbow and the rainbow disks, so oh well, we'll think of the well-planned day thing as a goal, right? And it has adorable seasonal-themed dividers that I really love.

Added: a flip-through of the above planner!


Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Lights Lacquer Zenon

I started to call Lights Lacquer a new-to-me brand - which it is - but it doesn't really feel new to me, because I was a big KL Polish fan. I think I have maybe around 40 polishes from KL Polish, which was also the creation of YouTuber Kathleen Lights - and Lights Lacquer is basically exactly the same, except with new colors. Lights Lacquer got underway last fall, I think? So coming up on a year ago. I had been watching as colors were released, and there were things I liked, but they're not cheap, and I was able to resist - until now! I still kept myself in control and only bought two polishes. I did a lot of looking at swatches and reviews before I decided, too.

When I say "exactly the same" I mean the bottles are about the same, the brush is the same, the formula is by all accounts basically the same, and it's still Kathleen who's developing the colors. It's just got a new name on it. Behind the scenes I'm sure things are different, but it's a very similar product. Since I really liked KL Polish, "exactly the same" is a good thing.

(As I understand it from what she said on her YouTube channel at the time, the reason for the change was that Kathleen had some partners that helped her fund KL Polish, and gradually they started overruling her on issues about the running of the business. She disagreed with them so strongly that she pulled out of that agreement and started over again, with Lights Lacquer, which she has sole control over.)

So here is one of the polishes I bought: Zenon. (Since this is already getting pretty long, I'll put the other polish up separately tomorrow.)

Zenon is from a new collection, Supernova:
(I didn't get this box because I didn't buy all three of them, but I thought it was super-adorable so I wanted to show you the picture.)

I did get a little flat promo piece, I assume because I did buy one of the polishes from the collection:

 Anyway, I really like this polish, as far as what I can tell from the swatches. The description on the website is a "fuchsia pearl with an ultra fine blue-violet holographic."
Both these swatches are Zenon, but the top swatch has matte top-coat. I just wanted to try it that way, too. The bottom one has top-coat on the tip only, but you really can't tell - or I really can't tell, anyway - where the top-coat ends.

And I just put it on my nails, so here's that too:
You can't see here how sparkly it is. Super pretty. (It seems to look considerably darker or lighter depending on the lighting. Compare the two pictures above!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Happy Planners all the time!

When last we talked about planners, a few weeks ago, I was saying I was still intending to buy a Lifeplanner for 2021. Well, that plan has now changed, because I bought an 18-month Happy Planner for $12.99 from the warehouse sale that they just had, and I now have no excuse to buy a Lifeplanner next year - nor do I really want to. I put the first six months of the new planner away, and I'll re-date those and use them later, because Lifeplanners are expensive and I'm bound and determined to finish my (frankenplanned) 2020 book.

In fact the frankenplanning is part of the problem, in a way - why stick yourself with a coil-bound book if you want to be able to add pages? There are many, many disc-bound and loose-leaf planners you can use instead. I've been using various permutations of Happy Planners all year - many, many permutations, in fact, I keep buying them on clearance and changing things around almost constantly, but I haven't tried a classic vertical and I'm going to give it a try for 2021. I really don't see why I wouldn't like it just fine. (I did try the mini vertical HP and didn't like it, but that was because it was Just. Too. Small. I have no reason to think I'll have that problem with a classic.)

I know I had at least a few pictures to show, let's see what that was.

Oh right, I decided I wanted to do an election countdown. I found these date covers - presumably meant for July - and used them to count backwards. (This is just the top row of my Lifeplanner.)
I am not usually big on patriotic stuff, but I think this is pretty cute. (These are from PB Taco.)

Here is the August monthly page - I sprang for the Planner Kate sets - or at least, various pieces of the sets - for August and September. (The fruit stickers are Happy Planner, I think - I had stuck them in at some point. But the header is Planner Kate.

And here's a little bit of September:
There was the plaid, or there was a version with apples - I decided I liked the plaid better. I do have some washi with the apple pattern.

All that is in the EC book. I'm doing pretty minimalist planning in the other books right now - by which I mean I'm not using a lot of stickers. I have two horizontal books I'm using to journal in (one about books, one about everything else). I have the mini vertical which is just a spending tracker at the moment, and I have my skinny classic, which I have started filling with checklists. I especially like to use that one at work. So my years as an Erin Condren girl are over, apparently. Right now I'm a combination but in January I will be a full-time  Happy Planner girl! (Happy Planner woman? somehow that just doesn't sound right.)