Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Less Bitter, More Glitter!!

This is another Nails Inc Duo, Less Bitter More Glitter:
This picture is kind of dark but I like that you can see the holo stuff on the box.

The swatch that's pointing at the polishes here is both of these polishes layered, which I like, but I have pictures of them separately as well.

 This one is Shake Your Baubles:
I like both these polishes, but this one is the standout. It is packed with pearlescent stuff, and it's really gorgeous.

The glitter is Get The Party Started:
It got pretty opaque on its own in three coats, and on its own the glitter shades slightly pink. Layered over Shake Your Baubles, it - unsurprisingly - goes back to being red.

I honestly wasn't sure I would want to keep this, but I do. (More on the returns issue later.) I have a lot of reds and I don't wear them a lot, but I still want this one, mostly because I'm in love with that pearlescent one.

(I was originally intending to do all the NailsIncs in one big post but I seem to be developing an aversion to long posts. I'm getting where if I have a bunch of pictures I want to post I generally break them up and do them in several pieces. I think it's a lot more readable that way. If you have any input about whether you agree about that feel free to speak up! )

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