Saturday, February 9, 2019


I hardly ever use up full sizes of anything much except the most boring stuff like soap and wipes, etc. But I did run through a couple of Cover FX samples so I'll show you those first and then go on to the boring stuff.

This is the Custom Enhancer Drops in the color Moonlight:
Honestly, maybe I wasn't using enough or something, because I kept mixing this into my foundation here and there and I never could really even tell the difference. It's a really pretty color, though, for what it's worth!

And then the other one is primer:
Illuminating Primer, to be exact. I'm really finally starting to get interested in primer and I've been through a couple of samples and bought a couple of different things, but I'm not really to the point where I can tell you the difference between one and another, except for the blue-tinted Nyx ones which I do think does flattering things to my skin-tone. I may have more to say about this in the future, but for now, not so much.

As for the "boring stuff" - actually the topic of soaps and wipes and such is pretty interesting to me but it's not exactly glamourous! This is the only soap I've used up lately:
This is Brandless hand soap, in Cranberry Spice which was a seasonal thing, so you probably won't see this on their website for six months or so. It smelled very nice. I went kind of nuts with the seasonal soaps this year and bought a set of Mrs Meyers ones from Amazon, as well as this, but it was three of them so I haven't managed to finish any of them off, even though I'm pretty obsessive about hand-washing. (They were my old favorite Iowa Pine, and then Peppermint and a spicy one - orange & cloves or something like that, which I really loved.)

I bought these Yes To Cotton wipes at Walgreen's marked down sometime last year:
They were perfectly good wipes but somehow using cotton seems more wasteful to me. I don't know why they were marked down because they're apparently not discontinued. I'm sure I will never buy them again because I'm too cheap to buy most wipes except for baby wipes, which are my go-to for most purposes. (I add in some micellar water if my skin seems to need it.)

These Huggies wipes are my favorite baby wipes:
They say "Natural Care" on there somewhere, I believe. I've tried other brands but I always come back to Huggies!

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