Wednesday, November 22, 2017


This is Butter London Knackered:
It's one of those shifty sheer things that I tend to wear as a top-coat - it looks in the swatch like you might possibly be able to get it close to opaque, at least, but I won't swear to that. I'm not 100% sure I've ever actually worn this, actually. But it's interesting. It almost looks like it's got a blue-violet undertone, although it's hard to be sure. And it has some bits of sparkle in there, too.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I know I've talked about Zoya Kaufda recently, but apparently it's never gotten a post by itself so I'm rectifying that today.
Zoya described it this way: "Shiny, warm molten copper with rich orange-red undertones and golden frost. A fitting shade to match the changing fall leaves." I say described and not describes because this is a discontinued shade. Which is a shame, because it's a really nice polish that mostly got ignored. Zoya has so many polishes that they just can't all be famous, I guess. I think I picked this out because I wanted something coppery without being too yellow, and this works well with my warm-colors-averse skintone. It really is a perfect autumn shade.

This was around for years, so even though it's discontinued, I imagine it's findable if you decide you want it bad enough. I think it's so old it is just called a "Classic" - which, near as I can tell, means it pre-dates Zoya's 12-a-season release schedule that they have been doing for the last 10 years or so. For that matter, it's Zoya #195, which I think means there's only a handful of polishes still in production that are older than that. The new polishes that are coming out are in the 900s, I just checked.

It just occurred to me that I haven't bought any Zoyas since the Earth Day sale, I'm pretty sure. Nothing has grabbed me. It's not like I don't have a ton of Zoyas already so I don't know why I feel bad that I haven't bought more. (I did have about 80 Zoyas but I gave some away when I went to visit my relatives earlier this month so I'm probably back down to the low 70s.) (Wonder what they're doing for Black Friday?)

Monday, November 20, 2017

CoverGirl stash

This is my most of my CoverGirl stash:
Most of these are microglitters in a range of colors. The outlier is the red one, which is called Sangria and which is a slightly orange-leaning red which seems slightly jellyish. (I don't seem to really wear red a lot, even though it looks good on me. So I haven't worn this one much either.) Also note that the other two minis are the same as the colors above them - I'll talk about those more below but I had the mini Glosstini ones first and then I found the full-size bottles on sale later on. I think that the microglitters are discontinued and that's why they were marked down.

I have one other stray old-school CoverGirl, and it's called Gold Rush:

I've been calling these microglitters, but I've also seen them called glass-flecks.
This picture is not in the same order as the one above; L-R, this is Midnight Magic, Seared Bronze, Pyro Pink, and Violet Flicker. Some of the Glosstinis were released as Catching Fire tie-ins but I don't think all of them were. There were a bunch of these at one time, maybe 10 or 12. Actually there are 9 in this post but Midnight Magic is not there, so it must not have been a Catching Fire release. I think some of them existed before that, though.

As far as favorites, I really like all of the glass-fleck ones but I think I'd have to go with Seared Bronze as the winner out of these..

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Liquid latex

I've always wanted to try ombre manicures, so I figured for that I'd need liquid latex to keep from making a gigantic mess. I saw a video that talked about buying it on Amazon, which is down at the bottom. It seemed like a much better deal than just buying a small bottle of it, since the small half-ounce bottles cost as much as (or more than) the whole big jar, most places I've seen.

I had some trouble trying to decant it into a usable form, though. This is how it came - although I had already opened it and made a big mess with it by the time I took this picture, which is why the label has smears on it. (Basically, my ability to make a mess of things is pretty infinite.)
This is ammonia-free latex. Even in this bright color it does work as advertised - that it, it peels right off once it's dried. (Due to the aforesaid mess, I can attest that it peels off right off of a variety of items including my fingers and the table.) Here's a link to the same brand in pink - if you've ordered from Amazon a lot like I have, you probably already know to check the different colors for differences in prices and the shipping costs. This comes in a large variety of colors, some of which were eligible for Prime and some weren't. Amazon also sells another brand that comes in even larger containers, but I figured I'd probably never even use up a 4 oz. jar, much less 16.

I had a plastic squeeze bottle like you use for haircolor - I bought several of them from Sally's when I did that big order a while back. But I couldn't figure out how to get it into the bottle at first. I didn't have a funnel or anything like that (or a syringe, which is Kelly's solution in the video below), but my improvised solution worked - I took a piece of heavy paper torn out of my September Vogue and made a cone-shape, put it down into the squeeze bottle, and poured through that. It worked fine, although of course some sticks to the paper. That seems like a minor issue, though. Then, since that bottle has a pointed tip (although it's not visible in the picture below) getting it from there into the small bottle was easy-peasy.
The small bottle was an old Chick polish bottle that I cleaned out, so it has the advantage of having the cute chick graphic, but other than that any polish bottle should do. I just left the rest of the latex in the squeeze bottle and discarded the original messy jar.

(I haven't tried the ombre thing yet, but at least I'm one step closer!)

Here are the videos I had watched a while back:

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Fall Mood

This is Revlon Colorstay Fall Mood:
Around this time last year I compared this polish with another coppery metallic, and the best I could come up with to describe it was "indeterminate fall-toned metallic" - it's somewhere in the pale-copper-to-bronze range, but it also has some little flecks of stuff in it which I think may be what was throwing me off. Anyway, unless you can find it on eBay or somewhere, it's not available, since this is the older version of Colorstay. It really is a lovely fall color, though.

(Note that this is on one nail alone, and on one nail over an orange polish, because that's one of the things I tried while I was doing all those Astros-orange manicures last month. It looked good that way.)

(Come to think of it, maybe that's why whoever named it came up with "Fall Mood" - maybe they couldn't decide quite what it was either!)

Friday, November 17, 2017

Fairy Dust (China Glaze version)

This is China Glaze Fairy Dust (here over KL Porter Miami):
Fairy Dust is just a plain holo glitter topper. If I'd swatched it alone, you wouldn't really be able to see it. I like it over this nice blue polish, though. (I'm sure you can figure this out, but #8 on the wheel is Porter by itself and #9 is Fairy Dust over Porter.)

As it happens, I have another polish called Fairy Dust which I was wearing the other day. That one is e.l.f. and it's also a topper, but in this case it's a flakie. I wore it over the weekend over Mozart, the dusty purple KL Polish. The flakie looked really nice over it. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures, though.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Feel The Funk!

This is Orly Feel The Funk:
It's from the Melrose collection, which I think was last year's fall collection, if I'm remembering right. (Or maybe it was summer. The only ones I have from Melrose are this and Vintage, and neither of them exactly look fall-ish.) Anyway, it's basically a very sparkly holo-laden top-coat somewhere in the range between pink and orchid. I'm looking forward to wearing this. Maybe around the holidays, it seems like that would work.