Monday, February 19, 2018

Red Red

This is WildShine Red Red (very imaginative name there):
This is a slightly pink-leaning red. I like it more than I thought I would looking at it in the bottle. It also seems to be basically a one-coater.

As I think I mentioned last week, my husband and I made kind of a pact a while back not to go overboard on Valentine's Day any more - particularly not on flowers. (I like roses but when I get a bouquet of them nowadays all I see is that big chunk of money going down the drain.) I guess he realized that I meant it because what I got this year came from Dollar Tree, I think - but honestly, I'm fine with that.
He got me Turtles and 99-cent nail polish and a fancy card, I got him a giant heart-shaped peanut butter cup. When you've been married for 30 years, I guess you know what each other like, (I don't actually need any more red nail polish but I didn't tell him that. Even with the fancy card, I probably spent more than he did. The peanut butter cup was all of $10.)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentines NOTD: Dream Dust over Wishbone

Better than a Valentine, for me: pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training today!
(Sorry, couldn't resist. If I feel I MUST put in an Astros gif after this I promise to at least put it at the bottom.)

(And just for the record, I assume I'll get a gift of some sort later on - possibly nail polish. We agreed a couple of years ago to ban flowers for V-day. Is that un-American? It almost seems like it.)

I decided late Monday night - I'm not entirely sure why - that this was a good day to try out Wishbone. I think partly because it wasn't Valentine's Day yet and I didn't want to do a Mardi Gras mani just for one day. So here is that:
This is just one coat. It looks really ridgy here but it didn't show up that much in real life. Every time I wear something like this I remind myself that I need to put a ridge-filler underneath - but on the other hand I never really intended to wear it by itself. I knew that there was approximately a 99.5% chance that I would not wear this without a layer of something else other than Seche Vite. I liked it more than I thought I would, really, but still, I considered wearing it alone for about 30 seconds before I started contemplating what shiny thing to put on top of it. This is probably one of the most flattering nudes I've ever found on me, but nudes are just not my thing.

So I added one of the Sparkle Like A Unicorn polishes from Nails Inc - this one is Dream Dust.
It looks pink or gold depending on how the light hits it. I made kind of a mess of getting it on, because I was in a hurry, but it's pretty.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Topic Tuesday (a week late)

I didn't know until last night that #topictues was a thing - apparently it's been going on on Instagram for a month or two now. I always say I should look at Instagram more but then I forget to actually do that. I've had an account for years and years but I hardly ever think to post anything, either. (I am @mellificent on IG but I've posted like 4 pictures in the last year, none of which are nail polish. Go figure.)

This week's topic: "sentimental polishes" - I'm pretty sure I have some of these but I'm going to have to think it over some more.

But meanwhile, I thought I'd look at last week's question, which was, what brand do you have the most of? and you're supposed to pick five favorites from each. I have most of this information fairly close at hand because I did favorites for a lot of brands last year. All I have to do is add the new ones I've acquired since then and see if I need to adjust things.

When I did this last year the top brands were:
  • Zoya - about 75 (links for this are below)
  • Sally Hansen - 40 (but that's all the sub-brands together, and the more I think about that the less I think it's a valid way to count, since Insta-Dri and Miracle Gel and Xtreme Wear aren't much like one another, really)
  • OPI - 30 (about 11 of those are minis, but I guess that still counts)
  • China Glaze - 24

plus several more right around the 20-bottle mark - Sinful, Square Hue, Pretty Serious, and Revlon

When I look at what I bought since then, it seems that all of the numbers for last year's top four brands are holding pretty steady - I bought some of each, but I also did some selective destashing. In the meantime, I bought more Square Hue and Pretty Serious than I got rid of by far, probably enough to bump China Glaze down the list, for sure, and maybe OPI too. I'm not as interested in looking at those two again anyway, or Sally H., either, so I'm going to go with Zoya, SquareHue, and Pretty Serious for this purpose. (I put the links above for what I said about the brands I bumped off.)

Square Hue
Several of these are the same favorites I picked for Square Hue last year, which is here:
I bought 9 new SquareHues last year, and I think at least a couple of them deserve consideration as favorites. I think that Parizska, Vogue, and Lake Louise still belong solidly in my favorites. Y2K is a nice polish but I don't love it enough that I think it needs to be in the top 5. I added one that I slighted before instead, which is Victorian End, a deep purple, and then to make a fifth added a new one: Akamai. (Runner-up from the new ones was LimeƱa, a nice coppery-red.)

Pretty Serious
(Lots of blues, I'm not sure why. But they're all different.)

Here's my previous top 5, but several of those are discontinued. I haven't bought any of the "new" Pretty Serious polishes since they redid the labels and the website, but I bought a bunch of stuff while they had the closeout sale going on for the old bottles. (If you aren't on their mailing list, you may not know that they're in the process of discontinuing some more stuff. They are not going to have as large of a back-catalog as they have traditionally had.) However, since I don't have much that's current, it's hard for me to kick all the discontinueds off my list - there won't be much left and I really don't think there's much in more recent hauls that I would want to add, really. I'm going to go with a variation on the old top 5. I kicked off Kashmir and Swatch & Learn, because I'm not feeling them so much right now, and added a couple of different ones.

  • Alice (periwinkle Pixie Dust)
  • Carter (purple Pixie Dust)
  • Dream (indigo scattered holo)
  • Leia (shimmery top-coat)
  • Zuza (turquoise-green shimmer)
For Zoya, I picked a top 10 last year, so I needed to look at that plus the new arrivals since then and pick 5 out of that new pool. Here are the new arrivals. Here is the old top 10. (In fact here is the whole kit and caboodle, should you care to look.). I also realized that I had a couple in my 2016 favorites that weren't here and should be.

I had trouble getting this down to five - the ones it pained me especially to cut were a couple of the new ones - Destiny and Mimi, and then Jem and Carly off the old list. But I didn't have Leia on the old list and it's become my total go-to layering polish, so it needs to be in the top five for sure.

Here's Mimi, for the record:
It's a glass-fleck and I adore those in general, that's probably why I'm attached to it in particular. But it's also a really beautiful color. But I also have Carter already in there, and it's purple, and Alice is a lighter purple, so three purples seems like overkill. I put in poor unappreciated Zuza instead. (I've just realized lately how much I love Zuza.)

Friday, February 9, 2018

NOTD: Leia over Maki Me Happy

I tried out Maki Me Happy and I wasn't in love with it. It comes out looking dark red and while that's okay, two coats of it weren't fully opaque at all. I just didn't have time to do a third coat and so I slapped Seche Vite on it and wore it one full day as it was. I doubt that anybody else noticed that it wasn't perfect. It was pretty, and every once in a while when the light hit it just right I kind of went, "ooh." But I didn't see that often. (It was a very gloomy day. Maybe some sun would have helped.)

So last night I went, "What can I do to improve this?" and eventually I added a coat of Zoya Leia to it. Here's a picture, although it doesn't come close to doing it justice:
Leia turns Maki Me Happy into a really dark, shimmery berry/fuchsia color. Unfortunately my iPhone completely didn't pick up how pretty it was. (I think what's happening here is you're seeing more of Maki Me Happy and less of Leia, due to some quirk of the light.)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Maki Me Happy

Here's Essie Maki Me Happy:
It's jelly-ish, with pink understones that don't seem to show up much on the swatch. I haven't worn it yet so I don't have much of an opinion on this yet. I think I need to remember to wear this in the next week or so while I'm still in pink/red mode.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Holo At Ya Girl!

Here is China Glaze Holo At Ya Girl!
This is silver and blue and I keep thinking I've seen green in it, but I think maybe that's just my imagination or the way the light is hitting it. The only thing I have that's anything like it is Sinful Ice Dream, but that's more of a top-coat, and this is really not (although you could wear it that way.)  It's not a holo, despite the name. This is on two swatches: over black - that's the charcoal-looking one - and by itself above that. I've worn this, and I liked it, but it's hard to get a decent picture of.

I seem to be gradually collecting all of the polishes from the this collection - which was Rebel, in fall 2016. I'm wasn't doing it deliberately, but I keep collecting more of them. I still don't have that many of them, and I'm sure I'll never have them all, but I think since I keep liking them so much I should probably get some more while they're still around - this one was marked down, which says to me that they're not necessarily going to become anything permanent. In case you're wondering, I have Purple Fiction, Teen Spirit, Pearl Jammin' and now this one. So actually only four, but there are still more that I'm interested in - like Combat Blue-ts - actually I probably would like to have all of them, except the pale pink and the red-orange.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

NOTD: Pumped Up Pink

I kind of made a mess of this, but it doesn't look bad. (The other hand looks worse; it didn't dry quite as fast as I expected.)
Anyway, it's a pretty rose-pink with a lot of shimmer. It's not a one-coat wonder like many Insta-Dri polishes are; it takes two coats unless you manage to get your coats much thicker than I did.