Saturday, January 18, 2020

2019 empties

I haven't posted much the second half of this year, so I have all kinds of pictures backed up. I found a lot of makeup buried at the bottom of various storage places. These are not even empties, this is the stuff I just tossed out because it's so old I'd never even think about using it!

A couple of tinted lip balms:
The top one is Wet n Wild, the other one is Alba.

A box of Feria haircolor which I bought back I-don't-know-when:
 (In fact I haven't been coloring my hair at all for the last year or more, so there's some semipermanent gloss-type stuff from Sally's that I also need to throw out in a drawer somewhere.)

A couple of Clinique things that I'm sure came from Clinique Bonus sets, and a stray Revlon eyeshadow. I even have close-ups of these:
These were never very interesting colors. (Also, ugh, these applicators.)
The Revlon one was the only interesting color - but then, y'know, the Clinique bonus sets have to make an attempt to appeal to everybody, so they're always totally middle-of-the-road.
I do like this color, but I'm sure I never wore it much.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Real Things - first mani of 2020

Just so y'all know I'm not gone entirely, here's what I'm wearing now:
This was Lollipop Posse's doorbuster for Black Friday - it was $7 and it was an extra-special bargain because it's a one-coater, and it's super-pretty to boot. It didn't come until shortly before Christmas, being a pre-order, so I put it in with my gifts, and I just now got around to wearing it and I really love it. I've always been a sucker for these kind of darker greens.

I'm working on a "best of 2019" list but this won't be on it since I didn't put it on til after midnight Wednesday - so it's my first manicure of the decade, no less.

I have a list of candidates for 2019 favorites but I haven't gotten as far as ranking them at all yet, but I'll show you a couple of things from that list:

This is Fa-la-ah-ah-ah, from the Sesame Street holiday collection. (Which I never even got around to showing swatches of, I've been highly sidetracked lately.)

Here's another one from that set that I really liked and that's Since 1969. It's a packed gunmetal-ish glitter - I wore it matte.

(I'll try to actually get the favorites figured out this weekend, or it'll be so late nobody will care any more!)

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Cyber weekend (polish!) sales

Here's a few polish sales I saw that are still in effect now that Black Friday is over. I'm sure there are more - I may add on to this if I find more!

KB Shimmer - 25% off through Monday with code BLACKFRIDAY25

KL Polish - last chance (I believe I saw that they're finally shutting down for real next week) - everything is $2.99. There's still some good polishes left, too, I'm having to resist the urge to go get some backups! Meanwhile, Kathleen's new brand Lights Lacquer has 20% off everything, too. There's only, like 7 polish colors there so far the last I looked, but there are a couple I've been eyeing there too.

NeVerMind Polish - 30% off storewide, no code needed, thru Dec.2 (and a free top coat and free shipping with $50 orders)

Enchanted Polish has 25% off "select colors" through Dec.6 - I usually think that can mean anything, so I checked, and it's a pretty wide selection of colors. (Their brand-new Winter 2020 collection is naturally not included!)

Live Love Polish has their Just Call Me Holo trio marked down to $28 from the regular price of $48. They also have others marked down.

ILNP has 25% off everything (and double reward points) with code BLACK. It says "Black Friday Weekend" so I assume that's at least through Sunday, if not Monday too.

...and a non-polish one, just because it's apparently someplace that rarely has sales - Glossier has 20% off everything. (Ends Monday, it says.) I've never tried any of their products but I've been eyeing them for ages - everybody seems to love them!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

TBT: "All-time favorite" polishes from 2016

I was rummaging around in old planners and I found a list from late 2016 of my all-time favorite polishes. This may have made it into the blog in some shorter form, or not - I poked around and didn't see anything like that offhand. But I thought it was interesting because there were so many polishes here that I'd pretty much forgotten about completely! (Others of these I've talked about ad nauseum - I'll add some pictures and links to this as well, although I'm not promising links to every single one. I have pages for that.) (Above: PS VT-100)

So here's my "long-list" of all-time favorites, three years ago. I sorted them by brand here (but I also put the full list at the bottom of this entry the way I originally wrote it down). I don't think I really started buying indies until 2015 or so, which is why there's not very many of those.


Mainstream (meaning, for my purposes, brands you can easily find in a store)

Boutique, overseas, other
*I actually destashed An Affair In Red Square a while back, not because I didn't like it any more but because I felt like I had other things that were more or less dupes for it, and I wasn't wearing it. But I still think it's awesome.

I dug in my pictures and found these, from 2015. This is Lynnderella Blue Rouge over something pale:
Aurora Borealis over Zoya Cynthia:

RBL Bubblegum Punk on its own (I've mostly worn it as a top-coat, though - as you can see, it's super-sheer):

Nfu Oh #51 over Zoya Neeka:

RBL Scrangie 2.0:

Here's the list in the order it was originally in, for what it's worth - I don't think the order really means anything, though!
Alcatraz Rocks
Pacific Blue
Bubblegum Punk
#51 (Nfu Oh)
Trailer Trash
Pretty Gritty
Blue Rouge (Lynnderella)
Pumpkin Spice
Cougar Attack
Mermaid's Dream
Dancer Is The Best Reindeer
Traffic Stopper Copper
Chop Chop Copper
Sweet Peacock
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Candy Corn Cordial
Gold Digger
Scrangie 2.0
Bat My Eyes
I Only Shop Vintage
Aurora Borealis
Orchid of the Year
Enchanted Forest
Wavy Blue
Quick Jeanius
She's Beyond Kelp!
Slick Black
Mermaid's Tale
Spinning Out Of Control
Nail Junkie
I Love You
Dorothy Who
The Angels Have The Phone Box
Party By The Pool
Poltergeist Puddle
Jordana's Skinny Jeans
Victorian End
Fowl Play
Private I
Are You Jelly?
Purple Gleam
Butterflies and Rosebulds
An Affair In Red Square
Pyro Pink
Elle's Spell
Jolly Lolly
Knees Up

Thursday, November 7, 2019

TBT: Turn On The Northern Lights

Here is OPI Turn On The Northern Lights, from sometime in late 2017:
I forget how much I love this polish. I really need to go dig it out!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

BCA: the not-pink-but-still-sorta-pink contingent

These three polishes are (in case you can't read the picture below!) La Resistencia, Valiente, and Choose Hope. These are the last installment from the Breast Cancer Awareness box. I saved these for last because they don't look particularly pink, but they all have pink in the formula somewhere.

La Resistencia is from Leesha's Lacquer:
(again, descriptions in quotes are from Cosmetics Sanctuary) "a silver holo based solar polish that changes to pinkish lavender in the sun, as well as having pink flakes." I knew that solar polishes existed but I've never had one before. I work evening shifts and I don't really spend a lot of time in the sunlight, but I'll have to make an effort when I wear this!

Valiente is from Colores de Carol:
"a silver linear holographic with pink shimmer and holo flakes" - here you can see the pink in the bottle, in my picture, not so much on the nail.

Choose Hope is from Poetry Cowgirl:
"a pale metallic pink to gold to green multichrome with turquoise metallic micro flakes" - you can definitely see the pink in this when you look for it, but it still reads mostly silvery in the light I'm in right now. It's the darkest of these three (but still not extremely dark, as you can see - I would call it a pewter color).

I have not tried any of these yet, I think partly because I got in pink-pink-pink mode during most of October and then transitioned right into fall colors after that. I think these silvery things will be great holiday polishes, anyway! None of these are brands I had tried before, but they were all brands I knew of and had been interested in trying previously. (Colores de Carol, especially, has been around for some years, I think. But the other two are no newbies, either.)

Friday, November 1, 2019

BCA corals & neons

This is the neon and coral-leaning portion of the Breast Cancer Awareness box. (Actually they are still pretty pink, they just looked slightly more coral next to the other pinks, and I had to divide them up somehow!) (Note that the bottles seem to have gotten out of order between the shot above and the one below.) BFF - Breast Friends Forever - is from Pepperpot, Pink Strong is from Rogue Lacquer, and This Woman's Work is from Necessary Evil.
As previously, polish descriptions are from Cosmetic Sanctuary.

BFF: Breast Friends Forever from Pepperpot Polish:
"a bright raspberry pink scattered holographic, with gold and blue shimmer and rainbow hex glitters" - I have to note I'm not really going to have anything substantial to say about these because I haven't tried any of them yet. But Pepperpot is a brand that always has really cute stuff and I'm looking forward to finally trying one of their polishes!

Pink Strong from Rogue Lacquer:
"a neon Barbie pink with crushed gold flakes added in" - I'm looking forward to wearing this one, particularly. I do have several Rogue polishes and I like them a lot.

This Woman's Work from Necessary Evil:
"a burgundy (cold) to pinkish red (warm) to candy pink (hot) with added shimmer and scattered holographic." Thermals don't usually do much on my short nails but I'll report back when I finally try it!