Thursday, April 27, 2017

Guys & Galaxies

This is Nicole by OPI Guys & Galaxies:
(It's #3 on the wheel, as you might guess.) You can't really tell it on the wheel here, but this has a quite a lot of holo glitter in it. You can see it a little in the bottle. It's mostly silver glitter, but with the holo glitter mixed in. It's very pretty.

As I mentioned before, I only have three NOPI polishes, and apparently Cinna-man Of My Dreams was the only one I went out and bought. One came from proofs of purchase from cereal, of all things, and then this one came from Ipsy. One of my big gripes with Ipsy, in fact, was that they made a big deal about how they tailor your Ipsy bags to your tastes - but I only ever got two nail polishes, in a year or so - this one, and one Formula X mini. I got lots of mascara, which I can't wear. That's the #1 reason I eventually bailed on Ipsy. I have been a lot happier with Sephora Play, even though they don't send much nail polish and do send mascara, precisely because they don't really pretend to tailor things to you - they send more or less the same items to everybody. (I got really sick of playing the "who got the best stuff?" game with Ipsy bags. They varied in quality very wildly. Whereas if Sephora is sending out moisturizer, for example, in a given month, they may not send the same brand of moisturizer to everybody but whatever moisturizer you get will be more or less equivalent.)

(Incidentally, I used to go on at great length about the contents of my Sephora Play boxes, but I've finally given up on doing that, the last couple of months. If anybody was paying attention, you've probably noticed already, but I'm guessing that nobody much was.)

Give Me Space

This is OPI Give Me Space:
This must have been in the 2015 holiday collection - it's a navy holo. I have Issues with holos sometimes, which I'm talked about before, but actually I quite like this one.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Destash: dark reds

A few more destash candidates, and why. I'm pretty sure Kierra and Karina were among my very earliest Zoya  purchases.

Karina, which is a nice glittery red but I never wear it:

Kierra, which I used to love, but which nowadays goes on goopy and streaky and is not a really fascinating color, anyway. (I wonder if it was always that way - I'm not sure.)

Riley, which some people love but I just don't:

Destash: bright reds, etc

Things fished out of the destash box (with the reason I'm destashing):

Zoya Sooki, because it's more orange than I like:

Square Hue Via Della Spiga, which is a really nice blue-red but I've just got too many other things like it:

Revlon Parfumerie China Flower, again because it's too much of a chili-pepper orange-red:

Zoya Ali, which always looks in pictures like I would like it, but it's too neon and it just looks terrible against my skin-tone:
(It's just not as pink as it looks in this picture, either - on my monitor, at least, the camera lies.)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Destash: purples

I did new swatches for some polishes that were in my destash box, the ones that I can't quite make my mind up about. I think in some cases it'll help me be decisive. (I've got them divided up by color, so they'll probably go up in several installments.

This is Zoya Roxy:
It looks really pretty in this picture and I remember how much I wanted it when I first discovered its existence (red-violet glitter!!!!), but the fact is that I've had it for years and I never wear it. (Maybe I'll make a "one more try" category for things like this, the ones that you can't quite detach yourself from. The problem is that I have a lot of those.)

(Which reminds me, destashing is all the rage on Youtube right now, and I won't name names, but I sat through somebody's long long long destash video, and I don't know why I kept watching, but more than once I was hissing, "Make up your mind!" at the computer screen. (If you're watching this and wondering if it's you, probably not. There are a lot of these videos out there, as I said - and anyway, I've got no room to criticize. Pot, meet kettle. I just do mine in text and pictures instead of video.)

Zoya Harmonie:
I've worn this as my designated Easter polish for several years now, but it's awfully sheer and I've acquired a couple more pastel-ish purples in the last year and poor Harmonie has become superfluous. That word just popped into my head, but I think it's perfect for the way I feel about this polish. I still kinda like it, but I don't need it any more.

Square Hue Baby, Baby, Baby:
I talked about this polish and its Justin Bieber reference back here, This is a pretty color but not a great formula, and I have so many purples that streakiness is enough to keep it in the destash box thus far.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Earth Day & birthday

I justified the purchase from the Earth Day sale by saying it was for my birthday (see here - I think I ordered before that entry was actually posted last weekend, though - maybe late Friday night or Saturday) and the polishes actually got here very quick, because they've been sitting here a couple of days. I said at first I wasn't going to open them til my actual birthday, which is still a few days away, but then I caved:
I had a pretty decent reason for caving, though, which was that I got in the mood to take pictures late last night. I usually only do that every couple of weeks, so I figured I might as well go ahead and do these while I was at it.

I'm real pleased with what I got, anyway:
Top row: Anaka, Mimi, Logan
Bottom row (all Pixie Dusts): Destiny, Stevie, Vespa

If Logan is supposed to be a glass-fleck I had forgotten that, but it sure looks like it might be a similar formula to Mimi (which I know is a glass-fleck, from the old Sparkle collection). I was worried it (Logan, that is) might be more on the yellow side than I like, but it's really not. I'm in love. Happy birthday to me.

An Affair In Red Square

This is OPI An Affair In Red Square:
This is a current color (I finally did check on that, and it is) and I'm on my second bottle of it - it's from a Russia collection that I think was more than ten years ago. I had this in the discard box (because this bottle has a bad brush, for one thing, but also because I just have too many reds that are similar to this) and I took it out of the box again, because I wasn't sure I could bear to get rid of it. Then I put it in my OPI favorites - and I'm not saying that I've had second thoughts about that, but I reswatched it for this picture and I think it's going to end up back in the discard box, mostly because of the brush issue. It's a great color, but it's also not that different from other things - like I'm Not Really A Waitress, for example. I had them next to each other and I couldn't tell which was which, seriously. (Added: that's not to say that the two of them are dupes, they're not. But they are awfully similar. Maybe I'll do a direct comparison at some point.)

(Scrangie comes through again - fall 2007, this was. So not quite 10 years, but very close to it. And I didn't remember that it was the same collection as both Russian Navy and Vodka and Caviar - both also classics.)

In fact, I started off this round of the Neverending Stash Project by comparing reds, way back in early 2016. So, well over a year and some 500 posts later (I'm not kidding, either, you can check), I've circled back around to the premise I started with, which is that red is red. I still think that's basically the case - there are variations and there are glitters and metallics and there are cool reds and warm reds, but mostly people are just going to look at your hands and go, "Nice red nail polish."

And hmm, I apparently looked up the Russia collection back then, too. I'd forgotten.

(And this is not to say that I'm done talking about reds. That wheel above full of reds is all candidates for the discard box, and so you're probably going to hear a lot more about this, in fact.)