Thursday, July 27, 2017


Here is Nfu Oh 51 (or you may see it referred to as VS-51, for Victorian Series):
I've used up about half of the bottle of this, and I did it trying to make it opaque, back when I first had it - or, well, something like opaque, anyway. You can see in swatch #15 here that it's quite sheer, really - this is two coats. If you're willing to do a bunch of coats you can get to the point where between the purple base and the flakies your nail line is disguised, at least, pretty much. I do like the way it looks alone, but more recently I have mostly just used this as a top-coat.

Nfu Oh is a Korean brand, and there's always (for some years, anyway) just been one US distributor, FabulouStreet, and it does look like they still carry it. This was one of the first flakies to be widely available, as I understand it, so this is sort of a legendary polish. It's worth getting your hands on if you like this kind of thing like I do.

I showed this yesterday as a top-coat - here.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

NOTD: Ignite plus #51

I mentioned when I showed pictures of Ignite that I would probably put something over it since it was chipping. I didn't know what at the time, but I've actually located two of my MIA polishes in the last week, the ones I never swatched because I haven't seen them since I started swatching polishes about fifteen months ago, and one of them is the legendary Nfu Oh 51. So that's the one I used.
#51 (or Oh-51, as I tend to call it in my head) is actually a purple-leaning flakie, but it takes several coats to build up the base enough to be able to really see the purple. So it works fine as a layering polish, and I really like this combination.

(Where were they all this time? In different rooms, but in both cases, they were at the bottom of bins full of miscellaneous junk - this one was buried under a bottle of aspirin and the other one was in the bedroom with some travel soaps and stuff like that. On that second one I'm guessing that I threw all that stuff there when we got home from Ohio the last time I went, which was quite a while ago. I am clearly not the most organized person in the world.)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I deliberately didn't reswatch Formula X Hyped when I did the rest of the Formula X swatches, but I couldn't stand it so I went back and did the swatch after all.
This is an almost-neon with a satiny finish, but what I'd forgotten was how much microglitter is in there - in the bottle. In real-life it shows up really well; in the picture I think you can just barely see it. However, it's one of those that disappears almost completely on the nail. It's still very very pretty, though, and it would have been a shoe-in favorite of mine if it wasn't for the wear problems.

I've got this and another polish sitting on top of my acrylic nail boxes (which I got from Amazon Prime Day and haven't talked about yet) and both are polishes like that - great color, poor wear. (The other one is the purple you can see at the very bottom of the wheel - it's a Picture Polish that I'll get around to talking about soon.) My intention is to try both of those again and apply them extra-carefully and see if I can get better results. We'll see.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Formula X NOTD & favorites

First of all, Legend, which looks really awesome on one hand and not quite so much on the other:
Something about this angle gets some of the shiftiness, at least, to show up.

Then I took the other hand, in more or less the same lighting (it looks a bit more sunny but it's still not in direct sunlight) - obviously a different angle, and yes, definitely a bad mani done in the car (but so was the other hand!):
Yike. (I would advise that you not blow this up any further, it's really appalling.) I was really tempted not to post this at all, but it seemed like cheating to post the really good one and hide the really bad one. (Well, yeah, ok, that's what people do all the time, but I try to have a more warts-and-all approach in general.) Anyway, this is a pretty polish, and if it had really looked like that top picture all the time this would have been a definite favorites candidate. And as I believe I said before, I do like it - but not quite that much.

Well, since that was such a mess, the next day we're on to Ignite. This time I did not do the mani in the car and I actually did a much better job, generally, but it still seems to look a bit ragged in the pictures:
It's a really beautiful dark red - you can see that it did pull a bit but as reds go it had pretty good application. Here's the other hand:
It almost has a jelly-like quality to it, though I don't think it is a jelly. (What I had written down before about the formula was that it was pearlescent.) I didn't notice when I took these pictures that I already had a big honking chip on my little finger just above. Still, as reds go, it wore pretty well - I had had it on for nearly 24 hours by the time I took the pictures, and most bright reds I've tried would be toast by that time. (And bear in mind that my nails are just cranky and I never get really good wear on anything much.) Given that this is a really gorgeous red and had at least halfway decent wear and didn't leave little pink marks on every piece of paper I've touched today, I decided that this does merit inclusion in my favorites. I have now patched up the chips - more than one, by this time - and I'm trying to decide whether to just top-coat it and see how it does for a second day, or to put something else on top of it. Knowing me I suspect "something else on top of it" will win, but I will say this - this is one of those polishes that looks better and better the more coats you put on. That's two above and I'm now at three and... surely it wouldn't look better at four, right?

I said there were two favorites and I never said what the other one was, either, but if you've been paying attention you might have guessed that it's Marine.
(Marine has a bit of wear in this picture, too, doesn't it, but I think I had had it on for longer when this was taken.)

And the runner-up is Explosive, just because it's not quite like anything else I've ever seen.

Of course this whole line is discontinued anyway and I'm not sure if they are findable at all or not. I haven't tried to look so far, since I was concentrating on what I already had. A nice even dozen seems like a good place to stop.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Moving Mauve

This is Terrybly Moving Mauve:
I showed this in the bottle before - it's a sort of a raspberry creme. (Terrybly is a French brand and as I understand it, in France "mauve" means a straight-up red-leaning purple, not that sort of faded purple/pink take on it that's what I think of as mauve.)

I know this doesn't look bad on the swatch but when I actually put it on my nails, it was streaky and very balky and ended up a big mess. Considering this polish retails for $30 I really expected more. Heck, even for $7 plus shipping - which is what I actually paid - I expect more. It's all the more frustrating because I love the color.

(I took some pictures but they're so awful I can't bear to post them, and if you've seen some of the pictures I've posted in the past, you know that means they're really terrible. I need to try this polish again later on, and be very careful and maybe do it on a day with lower humidity* - because part of the problem was that it didn't want to set - and see if I can get some more-acceptable results.)

So you know what I ended up doing? I wish I had a picture of that part - I put Zoya Leia on top of the whole mauve mess. And somehow that disguised all the problems and I totally loved it. Every time I buy expensive cremes I end up doing this - solving problems through layering, I mean, not using Leia in particular. (Read back in my archives about Rescue Beauty.) It's such a waste and yet it looks so beautiful I can't really be very sorry.

*although when that might be, in Texas, I don't know - maybe along about November.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Empties - I have more than this but I'll start here:
L-R (these are sample/travel sizes except as noted):

  • LeeAnni Eco 3 in 1 Revolution (full-size)
  • Pantene hairspray
  • Theorie argan oil hair serum
  • Christophe Robin hair mask with pricky pear oil
  • Korres brightening 24-hour moisturizer
I'm not even sure where I got all of these. The last two came from Sephora but the others probably came from Ipsy, or maybe Walmart, because I was getting those boxes for a while. Actually I'm pretty sure I got a sample of the LeeAnni stuff from Ipsy and then ordered the full-size one directly from LeeAnni. This is a good moisturizer although maybe not as revolutionary as they want it to sound. I like it a lot and it's pretty reasonably priced.

The Pantene hairspray is of course nothing unusual, but it is for me because I don't usually use a lot of hairspray. I usually spray my bangs - just, like, one quick spritz - to keep them from flying around, but I don't spray the rest of my head. So that means even a trial size hairspray lasts me a long time. I did like this one, though, although I ultimately bought a bigger can of L'Oreal hairspray to replace it with.

I've talked before about how my hair has changed texture, and I'm still working through what products suit my hair. My hair is curly now, but not super-curly, and hair oil is maybe a little much, still. A few years ago it was still quite oily and I would never have dreamed of putting more oil on. It's much drier now but if I use hair oil it has to be quite lightly. So I didn't ever completely use up the Theorie stuff. I did really love the Christophe Robin mask, though, and if it wasn't so very expensive I would be buying more of that.

And then the Korres was another moisturizer I really liked, although this is the day cream and I know I liked the night cream even more than this. (The packaging has changed but I think it's basically this stuff.) (Here's the night cream.)

Friday, July 21, 2017


Last two Formula X polishes, but apparently I only have a new picture of one of them.

This was part of a line called Shifters, which did not seem to mean that they are true duochromes, but rather that they have multiple colors of microglitter to make them shift color. You can see some heavy shimmer or microglitter in the bottle here. I also found this entry with a lot of pictures of it. Looking at it in the bottle (in person - I have it in front of me now), I see a lot of what looks like cool-toned microglitter, and the base looks like it might be a dark plum. (This is why I'm having so much trouble picking favorites, I think. These are very complex polishes!)

I said that another of these polishes was too dark to wear in the summer - but I actually have Legend on right now, even though it's just as dark. I like it but I don't think it's going to make the favorites cut.

I was thinking I had taken a new picture of Hyped but apparently I didn't reswatch it. Maybe that was because I mostly did the reswatches in order to pick a favorite, and I didn't really feel like Hyped was eligible. It's a really pretty almost-neon pink (or maybe raspberry) with a satin/matte finish, but it has pretty serious wear problems, as I noted in this entry. That's enough to throw it out of competition, in my mind. (I went back after I wrote this and swatched Hyped - I'll have that to show another day