Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall favorite: Cinnamon

Cinnamon was in my top 10 Zoyas. (It's fall now, technically, so I thought I'd show something more obviously fall-ish even though it's still hot as blazes here.)
I have a lot of browns and really I can't quite figure out what makes this one so special. It's just, like, a brown with more oomph! It's (says Zoya) "a classic bronze liquid metal, originally designed for Zang Toi NYFW Fall/Winter 2015." Maybe that's it - it's not brown, it's bronze. Or it's that it's a designer color. And it's "liquid metal"... I dunno. Maybe it's a combination of all those things! It's awesome, whatever the reason.

(Still available from Zoya here.)

(And that's not an affiliate link, for the record.)

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Charge It Up

This is Charge It Up, one of my handful of magnetics:
It's a nice grayed-out steel blue. I didn't try to put a pattern into this swatch. The only picture I could find with a magnet pattern is this one on Flickr - I don't remember it looking like this with the multicolor effect but this says it's Charge It Up. Obviously this is one I need to try again! On the other hand this is a pretty cool color even without the magnet.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Here is Colourpop Pixi-lated:
I showed a mani that had this with I Wand It That Way but I haven't specifically shown this polish on its own. I guess I should have done it sooner because these went on sale and now have disappeared completely from Colourpop's website - and I mean, disappeared as in the "nail" category is completely gone. (I ordered the rest of the collection a week or so ago so I guess I got in under the wire there.)

(Note that of the two blue swatches, the top one is Pixi-lated by itself and the bottom one is with I Wand It That Way added.)

I'm really wondering about that disappearance, now. These nail polishes have a fabulous formula and I hope they aren't completely abandoning the idea of doing nail polish. I read somewhere that Colourpop is about to start being sold at Sephora so I wonder if that somehow has to do with it. Maybe they'll reappear as Sephora's new house brand, or something. We can only hope.

Friday, September 22, 2017


This is Pretty Serious Ninja-lish-ious, which was a limited edition polish a while back:
This is #18 on my wheel, here, a navy jelly with mixed colors of glass flecks in it. Really beautiful. I don't think I've worn this yet, and I definitely need to remember to make that happen soon. It's very fall-appropriate, too.

I don't know what I did to mess the label up like that - it definitely didn't come that way. Ninja-lish-ious is named for Alicia, who is the US warehouse manager for Pretty Serious. I've never had any direct interaction with Alicia, but I've gotten numerous packages from Pretty Serious in the past several years, and they have always come very promptly and contained exactly what they're supposed to contain - presumably due to Alicia. I have no idea if the warehouse is a actual warehouse or if it's, like, Alicia's spare bedroom or something - but either way, they system they've got going works, and works well. (I would point out that I've never needed to interact with her directly, because I've never had an issue I had to contact her about. That kind of speaks for itself, I think.)

For better swatches, because mine seems kind of unhelpful, really - see KellieGonzo. Also, have I mentioned here that Pretty Serious' new website is up? (In fact, yes, earlier this week, but to repeat: the US version is here. No country drop-downs! Slightly different bottles! Some new polishes! Yay! And no, unfortunately this particular polish is not there. I point you to the words "limited edition" way up at the top of this entry. It's gone away already, I'm pretty sure.)

(Added, if you're like me, you're going, well, that's all well and good, but what's #17? I wasn't sure myself, and I went on a hunt through my tags to figure that out. It turned out to be a Pretty Serious that is still available - BSOD. Always a favorite. And 16 is Elliot, which I thought would still be available, but which I didn't see at a cursory look.)

And as always when I gush about things, I feel I have to remind you that no disclaimer is necessary here. Nobody gave me anything or has paid me anything. I just really love this brand.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Victorian End

This is SquareHue Victorian End, from the 1900s collection
I didn't put this in my top 4 SquareHues, but I think it was in the shortlist (which was the top 8). SquareHue does some good purples but this is the one I decided my favorite because it's different. It's sort of a dull dark plum, with shimmer. That doesn't make it sound too great, but obviously I really like it.

I said it was different, but actually it looks really similar to the polish below it on the wheel. I checked and the one pointing at the wheel is Victorian End, as it should be, and the one below it is Vaclavske Namesti, from the Prague collection, which was only a couple of months before the 1900s one - November 2014 and January 2015. Anyway, Vaclavske Namesti - which is the local name for what we call Wenceslas Square - is similar but even more grayed-out than Victorian End, and while it has shimmer I think it's less obvious. I like them both, but they are not dupes. I do think it was a bit odd to release these two so close together, though. (On the other hand, it does seem pretty appropriate for the its royal subject matter.)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


This is Cirque Lichen:
It's a shimmery olive with gold flash. I tend to stay away from olive colors because they're too yellow, but this one works for me - maybe because the shimmer is golden rather than yellow? I'm never sure. Anyway, a totally beautiful color and great for fall. This was from the Alchemy collection several years ago and it's discontinued.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Here is Zoya Vespa, a Pixie Dust:
I showed a mani picture of this picture months ago, but apparently I never put up the swatch picture, so I'm remedying that. It's a pale green, but it doesn't seem to be as pale as it appears on this swatch - it's more like the bottle color here than the swatch color, as I recall.

Here's one of the NOTD pictures for comparison: