Friday, March 24, 2017

Bubblegum Punk

One of the few polishes I've got left that I've never done a swatch picture for, Rescue Beauty Lounge Bubblegum Punk (here over black):
This was a collaboration with Refinery 29. It just looks like white iridescence, mostly, although you can see that over black it looks somewhat blue. You can build it to something close to opaqueness on its own, or you can layer it, and historically I have loved this as a layering polish. As KellieGonzo says at the link up there, this has sort of a cellophane quality to it. It's quite extraordinary.

That collab, R29+RBL, produced two of my favorite polishes ever - the other one is Pretty Gritty. Unfortunately, RBL is now out of business so unless you want to shell out serious money on eBay you're not likely to find this one.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

NOTD: Marine

Here's Formula X Marine on my nails:
The tip-wear is noticeable but I'd already had this one on for a couple of days by the time I took this. It held up pretty decently, on the whole. And it basically looked just like it does in the bottle. I like it a lot, although I don't think this picture shows it to best advantage. I didn't use a super-shiny top-coat on it, obviously - I think I just used my old (really old) bottle of Colorstay top-coat.

(Also, I took it off last night and it didn't have a serious staining problem. I always worry about that with this kind of color. In a couple of spots where my tips were ragged it did want to stick in that a bit, but that was all.)

TBT: She's Beyond Kelp!

I was poking around looking for green manicures to use for Throwback Thursday, and this is an awesome (green-ish) one, although I was supposed to be looking for St.Pat's Day greens and spring pastels and this is neither:
This is KBShimmer She's Beyond Kelp! which is a duochrome flakie. Here's where I talked about it originally. I'm pretty sure it's discontinued, though.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sinful Colors stash & top 5

I only have 19 Sinful Colors polishes in all (and one of them's just white nail art polish) so doing a top 10 would be sort of silly. I did pick out five that I especially like, though, and I'll show those below. But first, the whole crowd:
This is all 19. Getting round bottles to lay flat is always a problem, of course, but I managed it below by using a plastic box lid to corral them. (I also used the one flat-sided one, the nail art polish, as a stopper.)
So Bad Chick is the white nail art polish on the far left, which I believe is also the only creme polish in this whole bunch. (Some of them almost look like cremes, but I believe they all have at least some shimmer in them.) Across the top row, this is All About You, Gilded, Show Stopping, Sugar Sugar, Fig, Purple Diamond, I Love You, Winterberry, and Rich In Heart. The bottom row is Love Sprinkles, Casablanca, Let Me Go, Ice Dream, Charge It Up (which is a magnetic polish), Kobalt (which is the one with the blue top, the Kylie polish), Super Star, Nail Junkie, and Kissy.

Since there were 18 excluding the white one, and that's exactly how many spaces are on the nail wheels I have right now, I also did a nail wheel. (I know, I almost always do nail wheels for everything, but I'm not going to reswatch every polish from every brand, that's for sure. I only swatched 18 of 75 for Zoya, remember.) I'll put that below, but first let's get to what I decided was the top five:
I ended up with Kissy, Gilded, Winterberry, Nail Junkie, and I Love You as my top 5. (There were two more that got kicked out at the last minute, and I'll go ahead and tell you what those were: Let Me Go and Kobalt.) Unlike the top 10 Zoyas, which were all current polishes, none of these are current. I was actually surprised by that; I thought at least a couple of them were. (Let Me Go shows up on SC's website, but I'm not sure if it's still the same formula or not - it sure doesn't look the same in their picture.)

This is already long so I'm putting the wheel under the cut, so you can see it if you're interested and skip it if not!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Here's London, from my list of top 10 Zoyas:
This seems to be only one coat, if I'm interpreting my scribbling there correctly. If you look at this picture, it looks darker and more like the bottle. It's fairly opaque after one coat, I thought, but if you want it to be closer to the bottle color, you may want two coats. All Lacquered Up calls it the color of a pencil lead, which I guess is pretty close. As with all the Zoya Pixie Dusts, it looks awesome without top coat and usually awesome in a different way with it. I don't know that I remember trying tried London this way (though I know I have with others) - but here are PolishAholic's pictures, which include shots with top coat. Generally top coat added to the Pixie Dusts picks up hidden shimmer and looks awesome, though.

I did show a picture of London back in November - that's the link at the top - but I didn't say anything too much about it and I'm not happy with that picture, either. (Generally, I seem to end up much more satisfied with the posts where I go one polish at a time, I've noticed.)

(Incidentally, just because this is #1 on the wheel doesn't mean it's my #1 favorite Zoya. I just had them in sort of color order on the wheel. I didn't force myself to decide on a single favorite.)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Formula X, one more time

I thought I was buying my last Formula X polish a month or so when I bought Ignite - but then I looked later and they had some more polishes on the website, and well, I just can't resist a $5 polish (especially if it's marked down from $12.50 or whatever it was) so:
The ones that interested me the most were both blue-greens but they were not the same shade and not the same finish, so I just bought them both. This is Prism and Marine (as you can see below):

Prism is super-shimmery. This blogger calls it a neon but I don't see it as quite that bright. It's a pretty color, though.

Marine, I really like more. It reminds me of Zoya Liberty although it's by no means a dupe. Liberty is more of a bright blue I think - I'm going to have to check. But Marine has some texture to it and the color seems pretty similar.
I figure these are likely to actually be my last Formula X polishes, this time. That's not to say they won't show up at some discount store somewhere eventually, but I've mostly broken my Big Lots habit lately so I doubt that I will know it if they do.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

All my Zoyas

I mentioned when I talked about favorite Zoyas that I'd taken pictures of my whole Zoya stash, and here it is. It took two pictures. The first two rows below are the top 20, then everything else is more or less sorted by color.
(above) row 1: Dovima, London, Luna, Daul, Lotus, Alice, Aster, Carly, Carter, Harlow
row 2: Jem, Cinnamon, Reva, Dream, Remy, Rikki, Irene, Zuza, Chloe, Leia
row 3: Harmonie, Odette, Lillith, Reagan, Juicy, Paloma, India, Posh, Delilah, Chyna
row 4: Perrie, Azalea, Shelby, Rory, Alegra, Kierra, Dita, Kimber, Ali, Maya
top row: Isa, Savita, Suri, Roxy, Thea, Aurora, Haven, Mira, Neeka, Kieko, Anais (mini)
middle row: Cynthia, Indigo, Liberty, Robyn, Yuna, Feifei, Maisie, Ivanka, Frida, Katherine, Charlotte (mini)
last full row: Riley, Karina, Sooki, Teigen, Sansa, Merida, Olivera, Veruschka, Chita, Kaufda, Autumn
mini at bottom: Severine

The first picture is 40 polishes; the second picture has 31 regular polishes and three minis. So counting the minis that's 74 polishes, if I'm not missing something. And I said before that I had 72 or 73, but I think I was counting wrong - probably I was leaving out the minis, which there are only 3 of. The spreadsheet says 72 + the minis (because they are on a different sheet), so that's 75. And I know of one polish that isn't in the pictures because it's MIA (that's Lara) so that adds up right, in fact.

I haven't tried to do counts on other brands yet, but I have nowhere near this number of any other brand. I'm sure of that. Zoya has a combination of good quality, great colors & formulas, and good prices (mostly because of their regular promo sales on the website) that have made them completely my favorite brand.