Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 favorites, part 3

(part 1 - part 2)

This is four of the top 5 - I'll get to the one I decided was #1 tomorrow!
Left to right (not necessarily in any particular ranking order since I kept changing my mind about that):
You'll see when I show my #1 tomorrow, I kind of made a big deal about what color I chose - but in fact I considered every one of these four at one time or another. It's hard for me to choose one polish over another; I tend more to break them down into tiers, instead. (The ones I didn't like so much, the ones I like, the ones I love, the ones I really love...) These, obviously, are in that top tier.

I do think it's funny that Hôtel Particulier is in my top 5 after I whined so much about it when I first bought it. (I stopped whining after I actually wore it, though.)

I believe that all of these are 2016 releases, too, as well as just ones I wore for the first time this year. Starry Starry Night came out right after the holidays, as I recall. Leia and Aster were both in Zoya's spring collection, Petals. And Hotel Hôtel Particulier is a very recent release. (It's also limited edition, as I understand it, but when I checked Lancome's website a couple of days ago, it was still listed. I imagine if you decide you need it, you should act relatively fast, though!)

As I said before, I re-swatched all these and I think I will probably do new entries for all of these one by one in the next couple of weeks. (Except, probably, Hôtel Particulier, because I've already done that one recently - that's in the links two paragraphs above.)

Friday, December 30, 2016

It's Alive

This is China Glaze It's Alive:
This is a polish I'd coveted for a long time, but I'd never found it anywhere. It was a Halloween polish, and those really tend to come and go quickly. But I happened to see somebody say that it was available on eBay at a fairly reasonable price, and so I went hunting for it and now I finally have it! It's an olive-green glitter, and I think it will be more wearable for me than a lot of those more yellow-green glitters that you tend to find in Halloween collections. And I don't see any reason why it has to be a Halloween-only polish, either.

2016 favorites, part 2

The first entry about my favorites from this past year showed discontinued polishes. Now we're on to ones that are still available. This is seven of the top 12, so there are five more after this. I'm pretty sure only two of this group were released in 2016 (Alice and Purple Fiction, both from fall collections). A couple more were 2015 releases (Verismo and the Color Club Oil Slicks) and the rest are older, I think.
L-R and top to bottom:
These are not in any particular order. I decided at one point that Alice and Purple Fiction were the top two of this bunch, but I like all of these a lot.

I went and looked at the company's own websites to verify availability for this group and the next, and that's what the links are.(Checked on 12/27/16)

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Here is KL Polish Zoey:
I can't say I'm totally in love with it , but it's a nice color. I just am not a massive fan of cremes. I need to find a glitter color I can pair it with or something, I guess.

I talked about the Kathleen Lights' KL Polish a while back when they officially opened, in early December. I hadn't ordered anything at the time, and I wasn't sure if I was going to. But I kept checking, and Zoey was still in stock, and after a while I caved in and ordered it. (I was sort of glad later that I had, because the last time I looked it had sold out.) (I just looked and now Caramello is sold out as well, not that I would have ordered it since it's totally not a color that would look good on me.)

Zoey came well-packaged, with this little packet inside an envelope:
Everything was well-padded and in perfect shape. I heard some stories about shipping fails, especially during the pre-order period, but as I said, I didn't order then, I waited until later, and I guess meanwhile they must have worked those problems out, because it came very promptly.

2016 favorites - the "honorable mention" category

I already showed the list of everything I've worn for the first time this year, which is the pool that I choose my favorites from. A lot of people limit themselves to polishes that were released in the current year, and I don't - but an upshot of that is that I'm more likely to have some polishes on my list that are discontinued. To a large degree, I feel like your favorites are your favorites, and it's more of a personal-preference thing - certainly giving readers new polishes to buy is secondary. But on the other hand, I know I go out and buy things that I saw on other people's favorites lists all the time, so I gave in a little on that point, and decided to separate the discontinued ones out and call this set Honorable Mentions. It's a good way to whittle down the list a little, if nothing else!

My shortlist was 19 polishes. (I took a couple off and then ended up putting a couple more back on again, and the list ultimately ended up a little bigger than I first thought it was going to be.) I did a wheel with all 19 - the 20th spot is the nail that looks like it has a stripe down the middle. It's the two sheerest polishes over black.
I know that I'm a cool-colors person, but even I kind of blinked when I looked closely at this picture. There are only maybe two polishes here that lean even the slightest bit warm. It's nearly all blues, greens, and purples. I shouldn't be surprised by that, but I was, a little bit. There's only a couple that even lean red at all. Anyway, I'll go over all of these in the next few days, but here's the first installment.

As I said above, I decided to separate out the discontinued ones, so I went and looked at each brand's website for all 19 polishes, to determine if the polishes were officially still current or not, and I ended up with seven polishes from five different brands that were unavailable. That's not to say you may not be able to find some of these somewhere. But it's going to be a crapshoot: maybe, maybe not.
R-L and top to bottom:
  • Formula X: State Of The Art (discontinued)
  • KBShimmer: Excuse Me I Blurpled (discontinued)
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge: Small Dim Summer Stars, Locavore (company is out of business)
  • Salon Perfect: Who Ya Gonna Call? (Halloween polish)
  • Square Hue: Vogue, Lake Louise (all Square Hue polishes are limited edition)
I actually feel like this weeded out the right polishes, for the most part: not that I don't like these, but only a couple of these were remotely in contention to be in the top 5. (The ones that might are Lake Louise, Excuse Me I Blurpled, and maybe Who Ya Gonna Call? But I don't really think I would have put those that high, ultimately.)

(I took new bottle-and-wheel pictures, with each individual bottle next to its swatch, but I'll probably put those up separately later.)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

NOTD: Twinkle Lights

This is not a great picture, but I do like this polish. This is Nine Zero Twinkle Lights:
I took this picture last night, and I had had this on since late Saturday, so we're talking a solid 72 hours. I did put on four coats of this, I believe, because I didn't feel like it seemed quite opaque enough to me at three. (It wasn't really that there was enough visible nail line to bother me, but rather that the silver shows up better the more coats you do.)

I bought mine last year, but this is a current polish. (There's also a gold version, released this year.)

Candidates for 2016 favorites

I do something a little different with my "favorites of the year" posts - I allow myself a slightly wider field to choose from than most people. Any polish is eligible that I wore for the first time in 2016. It doesn't have to have been released then.

So the list below is everything I could find that I wore for the first time in 2016 (including a couple I wasn't 100% sure about). I've mostly only been doing my nails once a week, all this year, and I haven't bought as many new polishes as the last few years, so I may not have as many candidates, but I haven't counted to compare. Last year I remember doing a top 10 for the first half of the year, and another top 10 for the second half, so I had a "shortlist" of 20 polishes. I do have a shortlist this year, too, but it's less than 20. I may end up with a top 10 and some honorable mentions, I haven't quite decided yet.

But meanwhile here's the long version. I'll get the shorter one up later in the week.

Alphabetically by name (with link to NOTD pic if there is one):
278 - Kiko
Alexa Lace - Nails Inc
Alice - Zoya
All Night Long
Aster - Zoya
Baphomet's Berserker - PS
Black Diamond - PS
Bronze Foliage - Virago
Cor Blimey - Butter L.
Cosmic - Formula X
Desert Storm - Square Hue
Destash - PS
Dream - Zoya
Excuse Me I Blurpled - KBShimmer
Explosive - Formula X
Fossil of the Death Worm - PS
Frogtown - Pretty Serious
Give Me Space - OPI
Hotel Particulier - Lancome
Ivanka - Zoya
Lake Louise - Square Hue
Leia - Zoya
Locavore - RBL
Makeupwithdrawal - RBL
Maya - Zoya
Merida - Zoya
No-Buy - PS
Odette - Zoya (with topper here)
Poltergeist Puddle - Pretty Serious
Purple Fiction - China Glaze
Small Dim Summer Stars - RBL
Sparkling Garbage - Orly
Starry-Eyed For Dear Daniel - OPI
Starry Starry Night (new version) - Essie
State Of The Art - Formula X (under Glee here)
Thea - Zoya (Magical Pixie Dust)
Verismo - Jin Soon
Vintage - Orly
Vogue - Square Hue
We'll Never Be Royals - Color Club
Who Ya Gonna Call? - Salon Perfect

(The pictures are a little gallery of things I bought or was given in 2016, whether they're actually on this list or not.)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December Sephora Play

Since they switched to doing the bags instead of boxes for Sephora Play, they've always been just plain white with a little design printed on them, but this month they switched it up:
It certainly looks much more glam. (I'll be interested to see whether this was just a one-time thing and they go white again after this, or what.) (I liked the white ones perfectly fine if they had cute designs.)

I counted the items and clearly I left something out. There are always five items plus the perfume sample and the bag, and here we're missing one.
I checked the list and it's the Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo. (I know that's still sitting around here so if I remember to get a picture later I'll add it.) I already gave away a couple of these items in my Christmas gift bags - that was this lip stain (because I had a couple of those already) and the mascara. I kept the setting spray and I believe I also kept the MUFE one. And the Nirvana perfume, because I always like those.

The Christmas gift bags went over well, as they always do. I gave them to 5 different people, and I had enough stuff that they all got a mascara and at least one lipstick and/or liquid lip (actually I think everybody got at least two, probably more), and a couple of perfume samples, and then I had a bunch of assorted items like small bottles of dry shampoo and some eyeshadows and eyeliners, etc. Not everything actually came from Sephora but the bulk of it did. (I meant to take a picture of the pile before I bagged it all up, but as is usually the case at Christmas, I waited til the last minute and I was in a rush, so no pictures.)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Fire Fly

This is Jesse's Girl Fire Fly:
The swatch is over black. You can see that over the black, anyway, it reads as green. I mostly remember that I really loved this when I first got it, but I followed it up by buying a bunch of other similar polishes (RBL Bubblegum Punk comes to mind) and I may have already had some too (Jin Soon Gossamer, I think) and so I've never really worn this a lot. But when I've swatched it with these seemingly-similar polishes, they all look different, in fact. They may all look whitish in the bottle but none of them are dupes that I've been able to find. (I'm just starting to get to the sheers in my collection, so I'll try to do something methodical with them at some point to demonstrate.) My guess about what's actually going on in this bottle is that this is a very fine-milled flakie. But that's just a guess, I can't swear to it.

Unless I missed something, this is not a current polish.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sparkling Garbage

This is Orly Sparkling Garbage:
This is from the Mash Up collection, a couple of years ago - it's a pale green microglitter. You can maybe get it to something resembling opaqueness if you were really patient - but it's really a topper. I put it on top of the Zoyas (Olivera and Merida) just as an experiment - that's the two above it, it's just on the tips, there, and then at the bottom that's it on the whole nail over Jet Set Jade, which is the polish you can see at the far left. I do really like this a lot. I remember seeing some swatches I really liked when it first came out, but then I kind of forgot about it until lately. I looked on Amazon and it was there (a bit to my surprise) so here it is. I don't believe it's a current color, but obviously it is still findable.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

NOTD: Sparkling Garbage over Merida

I reported last week that (somewhat to my surprise) I fell in love with Dream, and so I was expecting to fall in love with Merida too, since it's just the green version, and I love green.

Well, not so much.

I don't really know why it failed to grab me - it just seemed kind of... ordinary, I guess? It doesn't look ordinary in Zoya's pictures (that's the link just above) and I thought it looked fine on the nail wheel but on my nails it just felt like your basic holiday green, to me, except with the holo stuff like Aurora and Dream. I kept looking at it and waiting to get excited about it and it didn't happen. I'm sure I'll give it another try later, but meanwhile, I wasn't feeling any oomph and I had that bottle of Orly Sparkling Garbage that I got from Amazon (I may not have mentioned that here before, come to think of it, because I kind of half forgot about it between the time I ordered it and the time it showed up) so I added that on top.

And ok, now I am in love:
(I don't know if you can really tell the difference in this picture. I didn't take one with just Merida, but my nail-wheel swatch is here.) It's still more or less the same color as Merida - maybe a little lighter, but seemingly not that much - but now it's got microglitter and I feel like I see the holo stuff from Merida pop out now and then, as well, and yeah, it's oomph, alright. But it's still not so out-there glittery that it annoys me. Sometimes there's a fine line about too little oomph and too much, and for me this totally hits that.

This is two coats of Merida, one coat of Sparkling Garbage, and no other top-coat. (And NailsInc Superfood underneath, almost forgot that part.) This was taken under the fluorescent lights at work.

(I did some wheel swatches with Sparkling Garbage, too, I'll get that up within the next couple of days.)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sugar Sugar

This is Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar:
This is a blue-leaning red shimmer. Not a fire-engine red like the one above it on the wheel - clearly a bit darker than that. It's very pretty but I don't know much else to say about it, other than that it gives me an immediate and severe Archies earworm every time I see the name.

It has a 100% Would Repurchase rating on Makeup Alley. That's a pretty big compliment. And it's a current color.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Empty samples

I don't save up my empty bottles and show them once a month like some people do. Honestly, I don't usually have all that many empties. It's unusual for me to have this many all at once, but most of these are samples. I see two full-size items in here that I will point out. Most of this stuff came from Sephora but not necessarily every bit of it.
  • Dr Brandt Needles No More, a wrinkle cream - I really liked this and I would buy more if it wasn't so expensive. $90 is right out of my price range, though. For this kind of thing, maybe I need to look and see what they have at the drugstore!
  • Lancome Energie de Vie - I think it must be this because it was definitely a liquid. I was not at all sure about the liquid formula - it's much more runny than your average moisturizer - but once I got used to it, I really liked it. Probably out of my normal price range, though, again.
  • Bliss Soapy Suds in Lemon+Sage - I'm pretty sure I bought this in a little gift set (with a body butter) from Sephora, but they don't seem to have it now. It smells lovely (it's right in my citrus/green-smelling wheelhouse that I've talked about lately) - Kohl's actually has it on sale for $9 for 16 oz. right now which is pretty reasonable, but really I don't usually pay that much for body washes, either. (Still, if I was to walk in Kohl's and see it for that price I'd be likely to cave, I admit.)
  • Benefit You're Bluffing - I think I bought this at Sephora but I'm not entirely sure. It's full-size and it seems to be discontinued. It's a yellow color-correcting stick which I had to have bought years ago; it wasn't completely empty, but I thought about when I must have bought it and decided it definitely needed to be discarded. I like this stuff pretty well but everybody makes color-correcting products like this nowadays. (And anyway, Benefit and I are kind of on the outs these days because they keep discontinuing my favorite blushes.)
  • Bumble & bumble Don't Blow It - ok, I love this. This is probably the thing out of these samples that I'm most likely to purchase again, even though it's not cheap. That brand has a way of reeling me in. I don't blow-dry my hair (I do own a hairdryer but I pull it out maybe twice a year) so a styling product made for air-drying is just right up my alley.
  • Living Proof Night Cap, an overnight hair mask - I like this enough that I would consider buying it again, at some point. I have another hair mask sample that I haven't tried yet, from Christophe Robin, but it's considerably more expensive than this one. This was a very generous sample, you may notice. I couldn't figure out how far you were meant to make it go - I may have used too much of it at once. But it did make my hair feel really good, in any case.
  • Lip Tar (full-size, I think) in Lydia - I bought this from Sephora almost two years ago - it was the first thing I bought when I got Sephora Flash. It was a set and I mostly bought it because I wanted to try out Lip Tar. (If I remember right, the whole set was about the price of one single tube.) Two years ago Lip Tar was still the hot thing but I haven't seen anybody talk about it in a while. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. I have gradually come to think that matte lips just aren't my thing, anyway. Sephora seems to have stopped selling OCC products since then, but I know they're still around.
  • And the last thing is lip samples - I want to say that it's one of those oil-balm formulas - aha, I see it here - it's YSL Rouge Volupte. I like the formula but it's very sheer, I can't see paying that kind of price for it. (Or, hell, for any lipstick. There are too many good ones that are cheaper.)


This is Zoya Chyna, a Pixie Dust:
It's pretty - it seems to lean a hair on the pink side but basically it reads as a red. I liked it but I forget to wear it (like I always say about practically everything). It's still a current color.

Monday, December 19, 2016

NOTD: These Are Not The Droids... over Dream

Here's my mani I wore for Rogue One. I kinda love it.
I was trying out the index finger as an accent nail, but then I also put light coats of These Are Not The Droids You're Looking For on each nail. It certainly made Dream look quite different. I don't know if anybody noticed it but me, but it sure made me happy, anyway.

(Oh, and I loved Rogue One. I go on about that at some length over at Livejournal, if you really want to hear it.)

Sparkling Fire

This is LASplash Sparkling Fire:
I showed Sparkling Wave a month or so ago - I had wondered, at some point, why I had bought two polishes so much alike, but upon swatching, it turns out that they really aren't all that much alike. This one is a dark red; the other one is much more pinkish color. They are nothing like dupes, for sure. (I also have a green one named Sparkling... something or other. Seaweed, maybe.) I'm pretty sure I established in those past entries that this polish line is discontinued. This is a nice fine red glitter, though.

Hot Couture

This is Color Club Hot Couture:
There are two polishes on this wheel that look pretty much alike, but this is the lighter one of the two, the one that's pointing straight at the bottle. (I double-checked the wheel pictured here to make sure, but I had it right - the darker one is Gettin' Dirty With Disco Sally.) I think basically these two have very similar formulas - they're very fine-milled holo/iridescent glitters* with pink bases. One's darker and one's a bit lighter; one's an indie and the other is Color Club, a mainstream brand, but they seem to be very much alike at the core, just the same.

* I look at glitters like this and think "holo glitter!" but I think these may not be, actually - they're just regular glitters with some iridescence. They're not as flashy as a true holo glitter.

Hot Couture looks quite different with something underneath it, though. This is an old NOTD picture from 2015 and it's over Square Hue Gibson Girl, a pale pink:
Even though there's actually some color to this, as you can see in the first picture above, it fades out almost entirely in this picture and really just looks much like a clear glitter.

Availability: I don't think it's a current color, but Head2Toe Beauty lists it as still in stock, so I imagine you can find it other places as well.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bling Tree

This is Sally Girl Bling Tree:
I have to admit I bought this for the blingy cap as much as for the polish. I managed to go my entire life up until last year without buying anything with a blingy cap, but hey, I have one now. I also honestly have to say that I haven't figured out how to show this polish to best advantage, or if there's a way to do that at all. (Over blue, maybe? or even black? I just don't know.) Anyway, this is small pieces of red and green, and BIG white hexes. Which is why you can't put it over white. It's kind of an odd polish, really.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

NOTD: Dream

So I finally got Zoya Dream and I am in love:
I know, most polish junkies got it and fell in love with it a couple of years ago, but I was resistant.
I have drunk the Kool-Aid now, though. One reason I love it more than I expected is because it's not exactly the color I was expecting. I thought it was going to be another glittery navy, and I have lots of those already. Instead it's more like an indigo, almost a teal. And it's not really glittery or at least not in a way that jumps out at you. It's the perfect compromise between too much glitter and too little.

Oh, this is two coats, and this was taken in my car under a very overcast sky. We're finally getting what for us passes as late-fall weather. People actually had to put jackets on and boy are they complaining about it, too.

Friday, December 16, 2016

TBT (or TBF): These Are Not The Droids You're Looking For

In honor of Rogue One, today we have sort of a Throwback Friday to the Dollish Fandom Collection of a couple of years ago. This is These Are Not The Droids You're Looking For:
I may have to try an accent nail with this. I'm wearing Dream so it would coordinate really well. Picture from Accio Lacquer (who I would link to except that her website is down).

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hue Left A Message?

This is Finger Paints Hue Left A Message?
I showed this way back in May over a red base, but here it is alone. It's pretty sheer so putting it over a base of something may be advisable. (Huh, or not, per Miss Holly - she says it's opaque in two coats. Maybe I'm overstating the sheerness.) This is small rose-gold glitter in what looks like a dusty-pink (jelly?) base. Holly also says it's pretty similar to BL Rosie Lee, except paler.

Availability: still showing up on Sally Beauty's website, so it's current.

Just Be-Claws

This is China Glaze Just Be-Claws:
This polish is at the very bottom of my "red is red" post from earlier this year, where I said that many reds were hard to tell apart unless you were looking really close. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of that, you'll find this with three other red metallics. Knees Up, which I've already talked about again a couple of days ago, is the only one that I could really distinguish out of the four because it's more obviously a foil, The other three are OPI An Affair In Red Square, Milani Bet On Red, and this. In this picture the shimmer in Just Be-Claws looks slightly pink and it looks definitely (although just slightly) blue-toned. I suspect that all of these are blue-toned, since I know I look better in cool colors and the other two of these are polishes I loved and wore like crazy in the past. (I put An Affair In Red Square in the destash box, back after I wrote that original entry months ago - but I didn't actually get rid of it and eventually I couldn't stand it and I went and pulled it out of the destash box again. Why am I getting rid of the ones I actually like? even if I do have three just alike.)

Availability: as you might guess, this is a holiday polish - in fact it's from the big set that I got in a giveaway three years ago. It was LE - at least one polish from this set seems to have made it into the permanent collection, but not this one. I did see it on Amazon, though, if you really decide you need it. (It's not unique by any means, but it's still very pretty.)

TBT: a bad holiday glitter fade

For Throwback Thursday, this is a Pahlish "Trim the Tree" duo: Yuletide Treasures over Boughs Of Holly:
This was like the second time I ever tried to do a glitter fade, and you can tell. But anyway, it still looks cute (or at least I think so). These were LE polishes but you could probably find something similar to replicate the green + holiday glitter idea if you wanted to, I imagine.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


This is Rescue Beauty Lounge Chinoise:
This is one of the first two RBL polishes I bought, and I'm pretty sure I paid full price for them, which at the time was about $18 each. I remember trying to figure out what to buy, and I like red and this had lots of good reviews, so I bought it. I remember thinking, lacquer-red, I'll love it. But the problem is, RBL or not, lacquer-red or not, it's just a red, in the end, about like any other red. Actually I like it less than some of my other reds - I assume that has to do with the undertones. I'm really not sure about the undertones, either, though - on the whole it looks pretty neutral. I suspect it's ever-so-slightly warm-toned and that's partly why I don't love it so much. And of course it's a creme and I just don't love cremes, either. (I had to learn this the hard way, at $18 a bottle.)

Availability: not likely to be available unless a bottle pops up on eBay. RBL is out of business.

Added: I talked about this way back in February - I did a big post about reds, because (I said, and it's the name of the entry) red is red. And well, that's true, to a point, and yet it's not quite as true as I thought, really. Here I am in December, talking about reds again. (I'm still squinting at this polish, going "Is it a tomato red?" and I'm still not sure. The fact that I look at it on my nails and say "meh" is still really the only thing that leads me to believe that it is.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Black and Blue

This SH Complete Salon Manicure Black and Blue:
I think it's basically a blue in a black base - a blackened blue, hence the name. At least, that's the most sense I've ever been able to make out of it. I guess you could make a case that it's sort of a bruise-like color, but ugh. I'd rather think of it my way. It's actually really pretty, in its odd way.

(I said I was just going to post reds, but since I'm still mostly posting twice a day, I'll do a red polish once a day and alternate it with something else. The red will show up around noon Eastern time and the non-red one will show up overnight. The pictures I've got now will last for a week or so at that rate - then I think I'll take a break from two-a-day posts at least until January. I'm not done with this project yet but I'll slow down for the holidays and restart after that!)

Knees Up

This is Butter London Knees Up:
I can't say I really have much to say about this polish; it's a straight-up red foil, like wrapping paper, and it's really beautiful. It has slight blue-tones to it but it's fairly neutral on the whole. Oh, and the name is British slang, like most all of BL's polishes. I looked it up - the phrase apparently is "having a knees up" and it means you're going to a party or a dance. Anyway, this is a good polish to wear to a party, so that part seems reasonable!

It is a current polish and it has lots of 5-star reviews, to boot. People love this polish.

Gray By Gray

This is SH Complete Salon Manicure Gray By Gray:
It's a darker, blue-leaning gray, but I'd still classify it as a gray. I've seen it called a "denim" color and I don't really agree. Maybe it looks more denim-ish in certain lights. I don't think I'd bother with this if it was a pure gray, though. The blue-tones are what make it interesting.

This is the last gray I have in my retakes file, so I'm going to have to go on to something else - I guess since it's practically the middle of December, I might as well go to reds. Those are something that many people will wear a lot between now and Christmas. (I don't know if I will, though. I'm probably going to wear Merida next. After that maybe I'll consider it. I really don't wear red a lot any more - I think partly because I don't usually change my polish that often any more and I can't ever get reds to last anything resembling a whole week.)

Availability: doesn't seem to be a current color. Those are here and I don't see it listed. Also, I was mentioning the other day that the new Sally Hansen Color Therapy line seems to also use these bottles - of course they're all labeled, anyway, but you can also tell the three lines that use this bottle apart by the cap color: silver for CSM, black for Miracle Gel, and a sort of beige color for Color Therapy.