Sunday, October 16, 2016

Witch and Famous, Who Ya Gonna Call? (+NOTD)

So here we have Pure Ice Witch and Famous and Salon Perfect Who Ya Gonna Call:
If they haven't sold out yet these can be found with the Halloween makeup etc. in your local Walmart for $1.99, and I like both of them. I didn't have the Who Ya Gonna Call bottle handy when I took the wheel picture but I already showed it recently anyway and I'll repeat that picture for your convenience:
Witch and Famous (which my brain just wants to call BAT GLITTER) has silver and copper and pale blue glitters in various sizes, and then there are the tiny bat glitter pieces, which frankly seem prone to stick to the inside surface of the bottle and are a bit difficult to fish out. But I got two on my sample nail without working at it that hard, so if you were determined you should be able to get more.

I am wearing Who Ya Gonna Call? right now and I really like it a lot. It does seem to be that Floam-ish formula, very textured, but of course the color-scheme is not the same - it seems to be various shades of green plus some scattered black bits. (As you can see if you follow the link, there are a variety of Floam colors but this one doesn't seem to match up exactly with any of those. Salon Perfect's Kaboom does seem to be a very close dupe of the original Floam, but apparently for this one they just used that type of formula with a different mix of colors.)
It falls right into that "funky green" range which I tend to love so much. I wore this without topcoat for a day, but it had noticeable wear by the end of the day, so I patched it up and put a couple of coats of Glitter Food on to help with the wear. (That's one thing that's great about textured polishes, I've found - you can patch up a chip and if you do it carefully it's pretty much invisible.)

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