Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Gold Digger, Fairy Dust (Khroma)

This is Aldo Gold Digger and Khroma Fairy Dust:
These are kind of similar in texture, seemingly, but not similar in color. Khroma is a full-on bright gold, where Gold Digger is more a mixed-metals kind of thing with maybe bronze and/or copper thrown into the mix. I like both of these, in their different ways. (What always surprises me about this parade of metallic golds is that most of them are definitely not dupes - almost all of them have noticeable differences. The only two that are really close are these two.)

Both of these are sort of oddball brands. Aldo is a chain of stores that sell shoes and accessories; my guess is that they tried their hand at nail polish back a few years ago when it was the in thing to do. I poked around their website a bit and I don't see any sign of nail polish or other beauty items. As for the other brand, there's a tale attached to that one: if you turned your head to read the label on the Khroma polish, you may have noticed that it says Kourtney Kim Khloe - in other words, it's the Kardashians. Or rather it was - apparently there was another company that successfully sued Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, & company and took the rights to the Khroma name away from them. Presumably this other company was able to show that they were using it first. So I know for a while this label changed its name to Kardashian Beauty, but a quick google makes it look like that brand is mostly concentrating on hair products now. Anyway, you definitely are not supposed to be able to buy these Khroma-labeled products now, although since they were already out in the wild, it's possible some of them have survived on a remainder rack somewhere (and those might be labeled either Khroma or Karsashian Beauty; my CVS slapped a relabel on some of them, I know).

Also note that "Fairy Dust" is a popular polish name and there are several different versions floating around. Most of them seem to be top-coats, but they're not at all the same. I know that China Glaze had a holo glitter with that name, and e.l.f. had a flakie version. I'm not sure any of those are still available but there are probably more out there. (I do see the China Glaze one still on Amazon. though, whether or not it's still in CG's official lineup.)

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