Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sangria, Retro Red

This is Outlast Sangria (in the Glosstini size) and Orly Retro Red:
I've seen both of these polishes called red, which to me is misleading. Both of them are red-orange, or possibly you'd call them pinky-peach, but they're not really what I'd call red. Sangria is closer - or maybe mine's just faded. (See here; Nouveau Cheap calls it "a neutral red" which is not really what I'm seeing now.) Anyway, it's definitely closer to red than Retro Red is. (Added: I've also seen Sangria called a jelly. It's definitely got a jelly-ish formula, at least.) Retro Red is from the Plastix collection, and it's not really a matte but it is sort of a satin finish - or I guess you could call it plasticized, like the name implies. (Have I waffled around enough about this?)

Retro Red seems to be discontinued but I did see it on Amazon. (Here's Orly's website, if you want to poke around, but a search didn't bring it up.) I notice that the Nouveau Cheap piece says Sangria was from a limited-edition collection. I don't know how long it stayed around but it's not on Cover Girl's website, either.

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