Saturday, October 8, 2016

Candy Corn Cordial, Kaufda

This is Top Shelf Lacquer Candy Corn Cordial and Zoya Kaufda:
Both of these polishes seem to have golden leanings, but I think that in both cases it's not the base-color so much as it is in the finish. This link calls Candy Corn Cordial a gold and orange microglitter in a jelly base, and that sounds right to me. If you want it a bit more red-leaning, as I usually do, you can put it over a red-orange base.

Here's Zoya's description of Kaufda: "Shiny, warm molten copper with rich orange-red undertones and golden frost. A fitting shade to match the changing fall leaves." To be less poetic, it's a coppery-orange metallic with gold shimmer.

Top Shelf seems to have a new set of fall polishes this year, but they're still pretty. Kaufda is unfortunately discontinued as well, because it's a beautiful color and I agree with this blogger that it never got the attention it deserved. (Zoya has other, fairly similar colors, though, I bet - you usually can't accuse Zoya of not giving you choices.) (Or actually this beauty supply seems to have Kaufda in stock. I imagine you can find it other places too.)

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