Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Daphne's Disco Party, Hot Cinnamon

This is Pretty Serious Daphne's Disco Party and Julie G Hot Cinnamon:
As I've said a couple of times now, I don't own any yellow polishes at all, so I substituted metallic golds for yellow on the color wheel, since I do have a number of those. The next thing on the color wheel would be yellow-oranges, if I owned any - but I really don't. They are nearly as unflattering on me as yellows are. I do have some oranges but they are mostly lean much more red. I picked this Pretty Serious polish to start the oranges with because it's a mix of warm colors, and so at least has some yellow glitter in it! That's as close as I come. Daphne's Disco Party is part of an ongoing series of "Daphne" polishes - Daphne is their mascot, as I understand it. If you've ever bought a PS polish, remember the cute box it came in, with a cartoon girl in curlers? That's Daphne. (In fact, I just checked, and this polish is still on the sale page, for less than $5 US. I'm pretty sure it's being discontinued, so if it appeals to you I'd snap it up.) I think I bought this polish because I saw it used in a fade manicure over bright blue, and it was gorgeous. (Here.) Its base is pink, you can see that on the wheel, but I've typically worn it over some brighter pink, and it's really pretty. I can even stand the yellow, in this context. - Nothing against yellow, you understand. I like yellow perfectly well, on other people. It's only on me that I dislike it.

Hot Cinnamon is one of a bunch of Julie G "Gumdrops" colors - which are textures. I'm not sure if this one is still available, but the last time I checked a number of them still were. I'm also not sure if this polish has faded a bit or if it was always this pinkish - I could swear I thought it was bright-red, once upon a time, not even red-orange. Going from this picture, I'd call it definitely coral-pink, though.

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