Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dr Jart + Sephora lips

My husband's starting to look pained when he sees a Sephora box, sort of like he used to do at all the packages of nail polish a year or two ago. I've slowed down on the nail polish (mostly) and replaced that expense with moisturizer and other skincare items, these days. Sephora is so good at reeling me in with this stuff, although I do mostly keep to the lower-priced items. It could be worse, right? (That's what I always tell myself, anyway, and at least compared to a lot of the hauls I see on YouTube, mine are pretty reasonable.)

I really liked the Dr Jart+ Water Drop moisturizer that came in last month's Sephora Play box, and when I saw this "K Beauty" gift set which included that and two more items, I was hooked.
The Cicapair cream was a bonus deluxe sample. It seems to be something fairly similar to the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream that I like so much. The gift set had another Water Drop sample, plus the BB cream that you can see in the picture, and the third item is "Micro Water" which I think is something like the "micellar" water that has been such a hot thing lately. (I have tried a couple of brands of micellar water, and it seems like they irritate my hypersensitive skin a bit, although it does take off makeup really well. I'll be interested to see if this one is any different.)

Then we have some Sephora-brand lip things that were marked down. I was interested in trying some more and I figured starting with the marked-down ones was a good way to go. Also pictured here is another 100-point bonus item, Tarte Drink of H20.
This is Luster Matte in Lilac Luster and Rouge Infusion (which is a stain) in Cherry Nectar. Both of these colors are gone from the website now, but there are still other colors available for both products.
I swatched them both on my wrist:
I think the lilac one is pretty but it doesn't really look good on me - I should have guessed that, really, since I rarely like very pale shades of lipstick any more than I do in nail polish. (It's not actually that pale a color but it's paler than my lips, and I thought it looked odd.) The formula is nice, though. And I do like the cherry stain. It was only the color I was uncertain about there, since I got a small size of the Rouge Infusion in a Play! box very early on (meaning probably a year or more ago) and so I knew the consistency of it was fine - but I like this color better than that one. I think the old one was Peony, which is also no longer on the website.

I ordered this all in two separate orders so I also have a ton of smaller samples:
I haven't tried out all of this yet but the Tokyomilk fragrance smells super-awesome and I like the Elizabeth and James one also (I always do like theirs). Altogether, I spent about $40 on all of the above, which isn't too terrible. I've been working extra the last couple of months anyway so I reckon I've earned it. (Added: I found one more fragrance sample, which was Louboutin. I didn't even remember that they had added perfumes.)

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