Monday, December 31, 2018


I've been trying to remember to post manicure pictures on Instagram, lately. Before the last month or so they have been pretty few and far between. I haven't just been posting the same pictures that I put on this blog - instead, I've been taking pictures where I'm holding the bottle. That seems to do better with Instagram's square format. But I'll try to remember to put some, at least, of those pictures up here, too.

The Less Bitter More Glitter pics I showed on Friday were also from Instagram, but here's a couple that you haven't seen unless you've found me there.

This is Band Geek a couple of days in, I think - you can see some tipwear.

This is Cigars On Ice slapped rather haphazardly on top of Band Geek:
I like both these polishes a lot. Cigars On Ice was a Polish Pickup selection from November, and it arrived about the time that I'd had Band Geek on for several days and it was starting to show some wear, so I patched it up a little and started adding Cigars On Ice to random fingers.

Here's Cookie (no top-coat):
I also wore Juniper right before Christmas, also without top-coat. It's actually considerably rougher-feeling than Cookie. And I guess I was busy running around doing Christmas things because I haven't found a picture of Juniper so far. (It's teal and it's very dark. Go for the mental picture!)

I posted a NOTD picture for Aggie, but I posted the day 8 picture on Instagram, so you may not have seen it:
There's definitely chipping, but on the whole I thought it did quite well.

(Last post of the year! Coming up, multiple posts in which I try to figure out my favorites of 2018!)

Sunday, December 30, 2018

The old calendar is new again

This is my new wall calendar, but it's the same one I've had for - I think - four of the past five years, the Paint Chip calendar from Paper Source:
The colors vary from month to month. It's just the perfect calendar, to me, with the big no-nonsense calendar but also the beautiful wash of color. It's sold out on Paper Source right now, but it's actually an 18-month calendar so it'll probably be back for next year in just a few months. (By waiting til Thanksgiving or so I got it for half price, though! Which was great because the regular price is $25, which is not cheap.)

Friday, December 28, 2018

NOTD: Less Bitter More Glitter duo

The "Less Bitter More Glitter" duo is two red polishes, a pearlized red called Shake Your Baubles and a glitter called Get The Party Started. (If I had been naming these, I would have done it the other way around - to my mind, "baubles" clearly ought to go with the glitter.) On Christmas Eve, I put the pearly one on all my fingers and then added the glitter to a couple of fingers on each hand. I took this picture for Instagram and I couldn't get the camera to focus properly, but I think you can get the idea anyway:
I love both these polishes, I might as well say that now. Shake Your Baubles, the pearl, is gorgeous, and Get The Party Started is, too. I wore this as shown above on Christmas Day so I could admire the pearly goodness, and then I put the glitter on every finger last night:
Also, this wears really well, for a red. I have had horrible problems with chipping reds in the past, but even the pearl one made it through Christmas perfectly pristine.

This is $15 for the set of two full-sized polishes. I bought mine from Sephora but it doesn't show up on their website now. NailsInc's own website still has it, though.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Kleancolor Heavy Metal

I found this set of metallics on Rank & Style on a list of best nail polish gift sets, and I couldn't resist trying them out. It's now showing up when I look as $15.99 for the set on Amazon, but I think I paid less than that. (Note that you can also buy these on Kleancolor's website - they call them "Heavy Metal" - in two sets of six for $7 each, but I assume you'd have to pay shipping, where if you have Amazon Prime you get this shipped free.)
They have very straightforward names - Purple Metallic, Pink Metallic, etc. The most exotic name in the bunch is Mango Metallic, presumably because there are two orange polishes.
I swatched these on the wheel and they look very similar to what you see in the bottle, mostly in one to two coats. Quite a few of them were very close to being true one-coaters. But I've mislaid my wheel that I swatched on, so I'll have to show those later when it turns up. (Sometimes I hate those wheels, it probably fell and rolled under the sofa or something!)

Oh, I was also going to mention the smell issue, because that's what people always talk about with Kleancolor. I have only had one polish from them before this, and it was a bit stinky, although it was also really pretty. That was several years ago, though, and I guess maybe they've reformulated since then, because these didn't smell very strongly like the old ones did. There's a noticeable smell if you're paying attention but it's not that strong and I don't think I would have noticed it if I hadn't known that was an issue - but then I have allergies and a perpetually stopped-up nose, too. If you're super-sensitive to smells, you probably know to stay away from this brand already.

These arrived all bundled into one plastic bag inside of a much-too-big box - as Amazon tends to do - but they were fine. They were sort of in a ball-shape and I guess they just rolled around in there! -- I've heard people say they've gotten broken polishes from Amazon, but I never have, so far. I guess I've just been lucky.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Topic Tuesday: favorite polish name

What's your favorite nail polish name and from what brand?
This is an old #topictues, from a couple of months ago, I think.

(I guess this is my Christmas present to my readers! Even if you don't celebrate Christmas. Later on today when things have died down and you're bored and there's nothing on TV, you'll thank me.)

Here's my top 10 (in alpha order by name):
  • Be Fairy Afraid (Colourpop)
  • Bitter Buddhist (Smith & Cult)
  • BSOD (Pretty Serious) (as in Blue Screen of Death)
  • Carpe Denim (KBShimmer)
  • Dancer Is The Best Reindeer (Wet n Wild)
  • Das Esspensive (KL Polish) (with a roman number; this is a thing Kathleen Lights says, and she's been putting these out on her birthday the last couple of years)
  • I'm Not Really A Waitress (OPI) (a classic, yes, but still funny)
  • No More Waity, Katie (Butter London)
  • Show Us Your Tips! (OPI)
  • These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For (Dollish)
This is hard. I think I'm real partial to the B-C-D portion of this list: BSOD, Carpe Denim, Das Esspensive, in particular. I think that's the top three. As I always say, I'm not a person to whom choosing favorites comes naturally. I can come up with a top ten a lot easier than I can come up with a top one. But I guess I'm going to go with...

which is (as you can hopefully see) from the late lamented Pretty Serious. This is a totally geeky name, but then I have never denied my geekiness. I was a pretty heavy-duty Windows user back in the day (like, the Win98 day, so we're going back a while here), and the blue screen really was my nemesis, at the time. Especially so because I was a multitasker before the computer could keep up with me. I saw a lot of these.

Because I know some people like to have tons of info - or in this case, lots of jokes - here's my initial list (in alpha order by brand because that's how I keep my spreadsheet sorted). I didn't number them until the end because I like to be surprised by how many I pick (it's always larger than I expect, somehow).
  1. Gold Digger (Aldo)
  2. No More Waity, Katie (Butter London)
  3. Hipster Chick (Chick)
  4. Are You Jelly? (China Glaze)
  5. Dorothy Who? (China Glaze)
  6. Pearl Jammin'  (China Glaze)
  7. Teen Spirit (China Glaze)
  8. It's Raining Men (Color Club)
  9. Be Fairy Afraid (Colourpop)
  10. It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin (Different Dimension)
  11. These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For (Dollish)
  12. Walker Bait (Dollish)
  13. Jailbait (Hard Candy)
  14. Band Geek (KBShimmer)
  15. Carpe Denim (KBShimmer)
  16. Excuse Me I Blurpled (KBShimmer)
  17. Broccoli & Chocolate (KL Polish)
  18. Cozy In There? (KL Polish)
  19. Das Esspensive (KL Polish)
  20. Ice Hotel, In Hell (Liquid Lacquer)
  21. Always Be A Dragon (Lucky 13)
  22. Cauldron Drippings (Lynnderella)
  23. As If! (Nostalgic Lacquer)
  24. Arsenic (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)
  25. Black Metal Dahlia (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)
  26. Here Today Aragon Tomorrow (OPI)
  27. I'm Not Really A Waitress (OPI)
  28. Show Us Your Tips! (OPI)
  29. Sparkling Garbage (Orly)
  30. An Uzi From Daddy (Pretty Serious)
  31. BSOD (Pretty Serious)
  32. Purple Monkey Dishwasher (Pretty Serious)
  33. Witch & Famous (Pure Ice)
  34. Pretty Gritty (Rescue Beauty)
  35. Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild (Sephora by OPI)
  36. Bitter Buddhist (Smith & Cult)
  37. Stockholm Syndrome (Smith & Cult)
  38. Bird Fling (Square Hue)
  39. Buffy The Violet Slayer (Wet n Wild)
  40. Dancer Is The Best Reindeer (Wet n Wild)
plus a few where the joke is related to the collection they're in:
  1. Call In Slick - from the Oil Slick collection (POP Polish)
  2. Not So Blueberry - from a scented collection (Revlon - I guess the joke is that the polish wasn't actually blue - but the scent was blueberry)
  3. Galaxy Gang - from a collab with a galaxy theme - this is a nickname for KelliMarissa's YouTube viewers (Starrily)
(I know, if you have to explain the joke it kinda ruins it, but what can you do?)

Monday, December 24, 2018

KLP Zodiac polishes (LE)

OK, I talked previously about the KL Polishes that I had bought on Black Friday, and I also had talked back in November about two of the Zodiac Collection that I had paid full-price for, because they are limited edition and weren't discountable. So after Thanksgiving and after Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all that were past, I found an e-mail that said, y'know, the usual thing, "FLASH SALE!!!!" and it was (as I recall) BOGO on all KL Polishes, with no exceptions. So of course I immediately thought, Zodiac polishes! because I knew there were more I wanted but I hadn't wanted to pay full price and I originally only bought the two - and so I used the BOGO to buy two more. There were a couple more I was tempted by, but the two I had kept eyeing were Leo and Capricorn.

Here's Leo:
The website calls it "a brightened copper polish with gold glitter throughout." It's very fallish so I guess that means I better wear it soon. Although, I don't know, I'm very partial to copper, maybe I need to quit thinking of that as a fall thing!

And here's Capricorn:
Here the website says "a gorgeous metallic forest green polish with a dark brown flip," and then goes on to add, "Have you seen anything more unique?!" This is weird because my first thought was that it looks kind of like Zoya Irene. I don't think they're dupes because I think Irene is not this dark a green, but it is green with brown, like this. It doesn't matter if they are dupes because Irene is discontinued, anyway. (Maybe Irene was just before its time?)

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Mini Mani part 3

Another installment of polishes from the Ciaté Mini Mani Month advent calendar.

Ciaté just calls Kaleidoscope "silver glitter" but it looks to me like it has both silver and pale blue bits in it:
Here I was experimenting and I put Kaleidoscope on one side of this nail, over black. It must have a tinted base because it looks like it turned the black to a bluish color.

I also tried Kaleidoscope over the next polish, Knee Highs, which they describe as a navy blue pearl.
I only put the glitter on the top part of the nail, so you can see the blue pearl polish on the bottom. At the top, Kaleidoscope seems to have turned the navy into a somewhat brighter blue. I thought it looked pretty. Maybe I'll trot this combination out for New Year's Eve or something!

I'm skipping around on days here, but I don't figure anybody is going to care. (For the record, that's days 8 and 9 above, and below we skip to 13.) Number 14, pictured up top on the far right, was a jelly oil, like cuticle oil, which had a slightly thicker consistency than most oils that you brush on - I guess that's the jelly part! I liked it. (I wouldn't pay $9 for a mini of it though.)

This is Raspberry Collins and the descriptions fail me on this one - it says "pink nude creme" which is manifestly is not:
Nothing nude about that color. "Raspberry" is pretty close, or we can just call it a fuchsia. Anyway, you get the idea.

By the way, if you fall in love with one polish or another here, google it and you might find it at a semi-reasonable price. I think people are breaking the sets up and selling them - I stumbled across a couple on some shopping site. The minis retail for $9 but I saw them in more the $5-8 range.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Sephora train case

I bought a makeup bag some time ago that Kathleen Lights had recommended. I'm sure I don't travel with nearly as much makeup as Kathleen (I'm not sure I own as much makeup as Kathleen travels with, quite honestly), but still, I looked at that and I could see how I could use it. I'll link to her video below, but meanwhile, here's is Sephora's picture of how it looks inside:

It comes with those smaller bags that fit inside it, that's what I like about it. I could see putting nail polish in one of those smaller bags, for one thing. And it has holders for brushes in the lid and then the flat pouch could hold stuff like eyeliners and lipsticks.

I don't really travel that much these days - I've been refusing to fly because I can't stand how crowded planes are - but anyway, I was obsessed with this bag and I didn't know if it would still be around later, and so I went ahead and bought it. (It's been in & out of stock since I bought it but right now it's back in.) But I'll finally get a chance to test it out at the holidays.

Mine is already not so pristine-looking as the pictures above. It's been sitting around for a couple of months, after all. But I'm really happy to have this - one thing that spurred this purchase was because last Christmas I went traveling with an assortment of makeup bags inside bigger bags, and I kept losing track of what was where. I'm hoping this will take care of this problem. (It's still bags inside a case, but everything has an appointed place, which I assume will make all the difference!)

Kathleen's video that started me off on this tear:

(I know this is the second post in a row that has to do with Kathleen-related things. But I'm not actually obsessed with Kathleen, I swear. I just like a lot of the things she likes!)

Thursday, December 20, 2018

KL Polish part 1 (Black Friday)

I did two orders from KL Polish, one right after Thanksgiving and one a week or so later when they had a flash BOGO sale that included the Zodiac polishes (which had previously been excluded from sales). Anyway, this is the polishes from the first order - I got three polishes from the 40% off sale. I'm heroically resisting the bundle sale that's going on now, because I've got way too much new polish already.

I got two polishes from the Lips & Tips collection (aka KL Polish x Colourpop) - these are polishes that match the lip products that Kathleen had previously done with Colourpop. This is November:
Their website calls this "rosy pink" but I think it reads more coral than I would have thought. It's on the pink side of coral, for sure, but as far as I can tell from the swatch, it's pretty coral-leaning. (This is not likely to get worn until after the holidays. I'm wearing Cookie now - I put a pic on Instagram but hopefully I'll get around to doing a NOTD post here - and I'm intending to wear those NailsInc reds for Christmas proper. I might do some layers with Cookie in a day or two, but I don't expect to do anything else before I go red.)

The second Lips & Tips polish is Point Zero:
I was interested in this because it's a cool brown, and those can be hard to find. I think I may really like this. (On the other hand, this is a bad time of year for browns - by which I mean that this would have been really great a few weeks ago when I was still in #chocolatenovember mode. It's possible I won't wear this until next fall, but I'm going to try to work it in while it's still winter.) Incidentally - since we're talking about Lips & Tips - it's possible I will eat my words about this someday, but I don't wear brown lipstick at all. To the extent that I even experiment with this, the results have never been anything that interested me. Mostly I don't think fall colors are flattering on me, as far as clothes, either, although I've been known to wear chocolate brown from time to time.

Anyway, moving on... the third polish is Medusa, from the fall collection:
Since I've just finally worn Zoya Aggie, I'm noticing the similarities between those two. This is like a greener version of Aggie, really - and that's a good thing, because I really liked Aggie, and I always love a good green. This is green with a gold flip; Aggie is gold with bronze flip.

(You're getting a preview of the Zodiac polishes on this wheel. I'll come back to those later.)

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

More mini mani polishes

More Ciaté polishes (I believe this is days 3-7 on the advent calendar!)
The silver bottle in the second picture above is the Gelology top-coat, by the way. I haven't worn any of these yet, I've just been swatching as I open day by day. So I'm not going to try to comment individually on them. The color descriptions are Ciaté's - it would never occur to me to call that color "mink"!

Prima Ballerina (mink creme, 1 coat)

Purple Rain (purple shimmer - I would call this a top-coat, really, but this is two coats on the wheel)

Iced Frappe (pink nude creme, 1 coat)

Golden Hour (rose gold pearl, 2 coats)
As I mentioned before, the early days of this seemed to be heavy on the nudes - however, (as you can see on the upper part of the wheel above) there are brighter colors later on!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

New Pixie Dusts!

I restrained myself pretty well with my Zoya order, which was the Cyber Monday sale - 50% off - rather than the Black Friday sale, which was 70% off gift sets. I wasn't buying for gifts, and I've got so many Zoya polishes already that it's hard to find a set that I don't already have one or two of. I got two Pixie Dusts from the holiday (Jubilee) collection and two other polishes (one from Jubilee and one from the fall collection) - but today I'm just showing the Pixie Dusts.

Here is Juniper:
I think this is showing up as darker than it actually is. It is a dark teal-green, but it's not one that looks black as far as I've been able to tell. I may wear this next, actually, and if so I'll report back.

Note that I had this unused side of a "spoons" clear plastic thing and it had six slots, so there were more spaces on it than I had new polishes, and so for the Pixie Dusts I used two slots - I painted underneath the plastic on one space and on top of it for the other. My thought was that the one on top looks the way it will look on the nail without top-coat and the one underneath looks like it would with top-coat. I'll have to see if I feel differently when it's actually on my nails, but from these swatches I think I may want the top-coat. (More definitely on Juniper but maybe on Cookie too. Historically speaking, I don't always put top-coats on Pixie Dusts, but I put it on more often than I leave it off. Usually there's sparkle there that doesn't show up without it.)

Here's Cookie:
Cookie is almost exactly the same base color as Aurora, I checked - Aurora may be just slightly darker. So sort of a medium "fairy-plum" violet, I would call it, but in Cookie's case it's shot through with gold. I wasn't sure I wanted this at first, but I think I'll like it.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Mini mani month days 1 & 2

Here are the first two polishes I got from the "Mini Mani Month" set from Ciate:
Day 1 was Cyclone. Kind of a warm brown with very heavy shimmer. It's very pretty.

Day 2 was Hoopla, a peachy pink. I don't think I've talked here about the Color of the Year - it's called Living Coral, and it's pretty close to this color - maybe a little darker, depending on whose swatches you're looking at. First I was thinking this would be unflattering on me but I don't know, it's so pinkish it might actually do quite well.

(Usually I do a whole "color of the year" post, and I might get myself together later and do one after all, but my immediate reaction was "this just isn't my color" and I really don't own much in the coral/peach neighborhood.)

Sunday, December 16, 2018

more moisturizer

Honest Beauty is not really a company I would have thought to buy moisturizer from (nothing against them - just not on my radar!), but I had a sample - from Ulta? from Wal-mart? I don't know - and I really really liked it. So I poked around and found it for sale at Amazon. I really just wanted to be able to refill my sample but I doubt that that's really what I'm going to end up using this for.
It wasn't cheap - $25 or so, I think - but that's not a ridiculous price, either. In fact, I haven't looked closely at what Olay, etc., are charging lately but I'm guessing it's in that same price range.

Here's the container:
This is "Deep Hydration Face Cream," and I just found that it did a really good job of soothing my skin, especially like around the mouth where it tends to get really dry-feeling.

(I put a "buyer's remorse" tag on this entry, and it's not because I don't like this product - obviously, I really do like it. It's just that my moisturizer habit has gotten to the point that I've told myself I'm on a no-buy status for it. I use a ton of it but I'm still buying it faster than I'm using it!)

Friday, December 14, 2018

NOTD: Aggie

I'm falling asleep, so I'm not going to say as much as I first intended to about this polish - it's Zoya Aggie and I like it a lot and maybe I'll come back later and add some more. But for now, here's the pictures.

It looks kind of like tarnished brass - it's awesome. It's also sheer - this is three coats.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Late Topic Tuesday: favorite holiday polishes

(I didn't get organized with this in time to get it up Tuesday, so maybe Topic Thursday??) The topic this week is favorite holiday polishes - but I don't have one favorite polish or even really a list of favorites. I think about the holidays in colors (red and green, of course, but also blue, silver, gold, and more) and in finishes (glitter, metallic). So I'm going to go through my manicure photos and swatch photos and pick some examples.

(added: I completely forgot that I did a bunch of "Christmas in July" posts this past summer. So if you go to July and scroll down there's a lot of reds and greens and golds there.)

I think this is a good example of a holiday glitter. You can do it as accent nails or ombre or all over, as you like. This one is a Korean polish that I don't think is available any longer - Dear Rus Shuffle Green.

Here's a somewhat less flashy glitter - Pretty Serious VT-100 (I think this may have matte top-coat over it, now that I think about it):
(Also now discontinued, unfortunately.)

Zoya's scattered holos are usually glitter-packed enough to make a good holiday choice. This is Dream. This one you can still get - Zoya hardly ever discontinues anything, and certainly not this polish, which I'm pretty sure is a best-seller.)
(I know most of the nail junkies around here know this already, but for the benefit of others - you can also get this formula in forest green, bright berry, and more.)

I really don't wear red much (or at all, really) on a day-to-day basis, but I do sometimes pull it out for special occasions, like the holidays. This is one category where I do have a favorite, historically speaking, and that's Butter London Knees Up:
This picture doesn't do it justice. It's a full-on foil and it's gorgeous. (And it's still available.) But this year I'm intending to wear one of my new polishes, Shake Your Baubles, which is a pearlescent red. (I just posted the picture of that the other day so I'm not going to repeat it here. Follow the link to see!)

I went through a long period of really liking multicolored holiday glitters, but I've kind of gotten over them lately. Here's one that I liked most recently, Nine Zero Twinkle Lights:
This is mixed flakie glitter in a silver holo base. This one is not available but Golden Lights, which is just the same thing in a gold base, is. (Although you probably need to act really fast if you want it for this year!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

New OPIs: Berry Fairy Fun & You're Such A Buda-pest

These are the two OPIs I bought from Ulta in the Black Friday sale, for $5 each. They didn't really have all that many polishes to choose from on the website, and this was what I decided I wanted most out of the choices available.

This is Berry Fairy Fun:
Shiny red-violet with what looks like pink flash. Honestly, right now I don't know why I thought I needed this. I mean, it's pretty, very pretty, but I'm pretty sure I already have at least a dozen things that are similar. This is from the Nutcracker and the Four Realms collection, so it was new, what, about a month ago? (Did anybody actually see this movie? I haven't heard a soul mention it.) I had a couple of other polishes from this collection written down as things I might possibly want to get - Black To Reality (which is blackened red) and Envy the Adventure (which is, as you probably guessed, green) - but I just didn't feel like I needed to buy that much stuff. So this is the one I picked.

And then I got You're Such A Buda-pest, which is from the Euro Centrale collection, I think that was several years ago now, right? This one is in the permanent collection now, I believe. I haven't looked to see what other people actually said about it but I know that a lot of people really loved it. And honestly, looking at the swatch, I'm not sure that I do have anything much like it. I have periwinkles that are more blue, and I have lots of darker purples, and a few paler ones, but I'm not at all sure I have anything on the more purple leaning-side of blue-violet like this. I think I may enjoy this one. (I will probably enjoy the other one too, I'm just not completely convinced of that at the moment, as I said above. But it's totally in my wheelhouse so odds are I will change my mind.)

Monday, December 10, 2018

Mini Mani Month

I caved and ordered the Ciaté "Mini Mani Month" advent-calendar thing even though it was awfully expensive - I used that $20 off $75 purchase VIB promotion so I'm telling myself it cost $40 instead of $60. But so far it's really cool. I hope I haven't opened a whole new avenue for obsession, because swatching these Ciaté polishes they seem awfully good. I'm trying to resist the temptation to look ahead, but I'm writing this on Day 8, and so far I've got 7 minis and a "Gelology" top-coat. I looked at Ciaté's website and the 5ml minis are $9 each retail (a full-size polish is $17) - Sephora's website says that this set has a $215 retail value and I guess that sounds about right, because there's 20 minis, one full-size polish (which will probably be the Christmas Eve polish, at the end, I'm guessing), and a couple of other things that I haven't gotten to yet.
(The "Cushy Vibe" thing is a Kaja lip stain that I already had in my cart - I had to get something else to get to the $75 minimum to get the $20 off, after all! It looks kind of weird here because the packaging for both of these are almost the same color.)

The advent calendar flips open like a book, so here's the inside:

And here's a window that I'm holding open so you can see inside:

They all have something printed on the inside - mostly sayings and stuff like this one, but the one with the top-coat had information about the product, which is kind of nice. (This was Day 1, which was a polish called Cyclone.)

This is Cyclone & Hoopla, the polishes from the first two days. In the first eight days, there was a variety of finishes - cremes, a glitter, a shimmery top-coat (as well as the clear one). Cyclone is a kind of a shifty thing, and there's another that's a very heavy shimmer. The color palette so far leans heavily towards fall-ish colors, nudes and browns and the one coral, above. The glitter is silver and blue, though. Anyway, I'm happy so far with this purchase, but I will of course report back with more.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Nyx sale haul

I am addicted to Nyx lip butter, so when I saw last week that they were still having a 40% off sale, I decided to stock up on lip butter and try out a couple more things.
The lip butter is my usual color, Thunderstorm (it doesn't go on as dark as it looks by the packaging). I also decided to try out a Butter Gloss in a similar berry-ish color. And then I got a color-correcting primer - the blue is supposed to reduce sallowness, which is an issue for me - and an ink-liner in brown.

I also got a little freebie:
...a makeup sponge. I don't use sponges that much - I've gotten very much into brushes lately, you may have noticed - but all the makeup sponges I had are rather old and I'm sure I will use this some.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

More makeup than I'd wear in a month

I know it's awfully late, since Halloween was over a month ago, but I thought it might amuse somebody to see my witch makeup that I wore for Halloween. I didn't have any green paint or anything so I just did very heavy eye makeup and dark lips and left it at that.
I have the veil down in this picture but I took another one where you can see the makeup more. (See below.)

I used this Pur palette which had extremely bright colors. And I had a dark lip pencil (Colourpop Mamacita) and this Star Wars lipstick - which I'd practically forgotten about - turned out to be the darkest lipstick I had.

This is the eyeliner I used, the Pretty Vulgar gel liner (isn't that the most fabulous packaging?) I had to put it on with a brush, which is not something I've done much... or ever, I think.
But I think it came out okay..
(I think this was taken after I'd had it on for some time, so it's not exactly pristine.)