Friday, December 7, 2018

NOTD: Cigars On Ice (matte)

OK, here is Cigars On Ice on my nails with matte top-coat. Obviously without the matte top-coat it would be much more sparkly, but with it it just glows, and that's why I'm addicted to my matte top-coat!
I need to see somebody else's description of this polish. I think it's copper and gold, or some combination like that, but I'm not sure. I wish Polish Pickup would make an archive of past months!

(I used Lucky 13's matte top-coat. Before that I was using Pretty Serious' and I'm glad I found another good one before PS went bye-bye.) (I can't ever remember which company uses which pun - one matte top-coat is "Matte All The Things" and the other is "We're All Matte Here," I believe, but which is which? I think that Lucky 13 uses the latter but I can't swear to it and if I go look I probably won't even get back to this tonight. It's that kind of night.)

I didn't know anything about the name of this polish except that it had something to do with Beyonce (the theme for November was something like "badass women"). I'll put the song that it comes from below. (That line is not very far into the song.) While I was looking that up I also found some people saying that that's a sexual reference. Which, I guess, y'know, anything can be a sexual reference, in general, and I think the cigar as a phallic symbol goes back to Freud and presumably further, right? (I learned that from Saturday Night Live, not from reading Freud, believe me.) But from context, I honestly can't tell if that's what it means or not.

Anyway, here's Queen Bey so you can judge for yourself!

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