Friday, July 22, 2016

NOTD: Baphomet, plus new PS polishes

I mentioned when I was talking about it the other day that I hadn't actually worn Baphomet's Berserker, and I have now corrected that, and I like it - but it doesn't actually seem to photograph all that well. The best picture I got of it was a thumbnail (literally):
The pictures tended to come out sort of muddy-looking (and my application sure is poor down at the cuticle!), but at least here the glitter is showing up. It reads as a black, and one minute you won't see much of the glitter, and then next you do. I think it's pretty cool.

Here's another of my tries at it (in the same light, under the daylight bulbs that I put in my living room):
There's a tiny bit of tipwear but not too bad. I'd had it on for a couple of days already when this was taken.

I think I mentioned before that I had an order on the way from Pretty Serious - specifically, a good chunk of the Serious Business collection (3 of the 6 polishes in the collection) and then I bought several other things as well - I ended up with six polishes in all. I hadn't bought any polishes in almost three months so I guess I was due for a breakout. Three months is the longest I've gone in years without buying polish, I think.

(The purple ones are the Serious Business polishes - note the names. The three I didn't buy are HTF, Epic Haul, and Free Sample. I believe I almost bought Epic Haul as well, and then decided against it at the last minute.)

(Possibly I said this before as well, but there continues to be a little voice in the back of my brain insisting that the name of this collection should be spelled SRS BSNS - although I suppose there are people in the world that haven't read enough cat memes and wouldn't understand.)

The bottom three are the ones from the new collection.

Let's start with the ones that were something of a surprise when I looked at this picture:
This is Black Diamond and Dupe. They don't look much alike at all on the nail, and I didn't particularly think they looked all that alike in the bottle in real life, either, but boy do the bottles look awfully alike in this picture. I guess on close inspection, the glitter mixes are somewhat different - Black Diamond has cyan blue pieces and Dupe does not - but apparently not as much so as I supposed! Anyway, Dupe is mixed glitter in a black base, where Black Diamond is just a flat-out glitter. You could put this over a black base, but I'm not sure it's necessary - it seems to be awfully opaque on its own. (It's actually from a past Halloween collection, which I wouldn't necessarily have guessed, except that it came in a Halloween box.)

Here is No-Buy ("This No-Buy is definitely worth breaking your No-Buy for") and Destash ("We'd be surprised if our Destash ended up in your destash!"):
Kaz has both of these labeled as "glass fleck" and Destash labeled as a jelly as well. I picked out No-Buy because it was a red with gold bits, which is something I don't have. Destash is a super-bright pink with blue flash, which well, I do have other things somewhat like this, but I don't think they're really the same.

Some of you may know by now that I am absolutely crazy about a good copper-colored polish, and this looks like an awesome one. Fossil Of The Death Worm is from the Museum of Naileontology collection (see the postcard below), and despite the fact that it has the dreaded bar glitter in it, I am prepared to love it. Yuki-Onna has diamond flakes in it, apparently, which ought to set it apart from the half-a-dozen other top-coats similar to this I already have, right? It looks really beautiful. On the wheel it's over Wet n Wild Black Creme.

In case they disappear someday, here's the descriptions from PS' website (not necessarily helpful as far as the colors are concerned, just interesting):
Baphomet's Berserker
[baf-o-may-s ber-zurk-er]
The legend of Midian is an old tale that permeates through many histories that all tell of different fates. Regardless of its current existence, its origin appears to not be in dispute. This leaves many to search for its location with some vastly differing motives, though all tend to be dark in nature. Midian is said to be a city built built by the god, Baphomet, as a safe haven for those considered to be the monsters of this world. Even the beings that we refer to as monsters had monsters of their own which are also contained in Midian - the Berserkers. These hulking brutes are a pile of blackened armour and brute strength backed by a madness feared by their own kind, and the latest rumours of Midian's existence speak of a battle in an old cemetery with the towns local police that was ultimately and definitively ended by the unleashing of these hulking brutes. Our Naileontologists have long been searching for Midian themselves and believe they may have found the long discarded cemetery where the incident took place. While no evidence of Midian has yet been found, a fragment of a Beserkers armour was discovered at the site, becoming the first true evidence that the myth of Midian is real! We have this stunning piece now on display in our Museum of Naileontology! Be sure to grab your piece of monster history at the gift shop as you leave! They make great Halloween presents!
Fossil of the Death Worm
Eroding canyons are always a good place for a budding Naileontologist to get a glimpse of the land and its creatures over many millions of years, and a valley through Nevada near the town of Perfection was as good as any to try and discover a new dinosaur in the name of the museum! What they found though was something well beyond our current knowledge. A fossil of what appears to be a giant carnivorous worm was discovered that pre-dates all current fossil records, possibly making them a couple of billion years old. These giant worms appeared to have spikes that could help push them through the loose soil of the valley's floor, with mouths big enough to swallow a present day man whole. The valley would have no doubt been one giant smorgasbord when these creatures ruled the under-Earth! Check out this fascinating fossil in our Museum of Naileontology today, and be sure to grab your own replica before you leave!
She drifts silently through the night, waiting for her next victim.
Those caught mesmerized by her beauty will be left without their souls.
Yuki-Onna is the Snow Vampire, with skin as pale as moonlight and hair as white as snow.
The new Yuki-Onna top coat from Pretty Serious combines beautiful pearl pigment and opalescent diamond flakes with the glossy shine and superior wear of a protective, long lasting top coat, for hauntingly beautiful nails.

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