Friday, July 15, 2016

Liberty, Sexy Siren

This is Zoya Liberty, which is a Pixie Dust, and Studio M Sexy Siren, a glitter:
You can see in the Sexy Siren bottle that's it's in a clear base - I believe I shook it for at least a couple of minutes before I took this picture, and it still wasn't evenly distributed at all. Still, it's a pretty color. Karen has swatches here and compares it to some other blue-green glitters. I didn't even try to see if it could be opaque when I was swatching, but she did! Liberty has glitter in it too, but it's a much thicker formula, as are all of the Pixie Dusts, and getting it opaque is not a problem. (I seem to recall having some staining issues with this, though. Not as bad as Cabo Cruise, that I talked about a couple of days ago - but bad enough. I recommend doubling up on base-coat.) Like many other Pixie Dusts, I like this matte, but I like it even better with top coat. They tend to have hidden depths that the top-coat brings out.

Liberty is still showing up on Zoya's website, even though they said that they had stopped production on these some time back. I know that some of the Studio M glitters were still showing up on Meijer's website, but I don't have the fortitude to go look right now to see whether this one is there or not. You'll have to hunt that one down for yourself!

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