Sunday, July 3, 2016

Give Me Space, Blue It

This is OPI Give Me Space and Xtreme Wear Blue It:
I think I would call these both royal blues, although Give Me Space is just slightly darker than Blue It. In my mind they're not quite dark enough to be navy, although this kind of distinction is always a matter of opinion, for sure.  Anyway, Give Me Space is a holo - it came out in last year's holiday collection so you might possibly be able to get hold of it still. Blue It is... well, there's this old Xtreme Wear formula that came in a variety of colors, that I always have trouble describing, although I know it when I see it. (Xtreme Wear was my favorite polish brand around 2009-2010, when I was unemployed, because it was cheap but it still had interesting colors.) Anyway, I guess I would say that this finish is a frosty shimmer that almost looks metallic - very 00s. You don't really see this finish around any more. (You can't get Blue It any more, I checked. I was pretty sure that would be the case before I looked, though.)

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