Saturday, July 16, 2016

Baphomet's Berserker, Remy

This is Pretty Serious Baphomet's Berserker and Zoya Remy:
I'm looking for the remaining things in my stash that read pretty definitely blue. There aren't too many left, but Remy seems pretty clearly to be one of them. Baphomet's Berserker does not particularly read as blue but I do think it has blue bits in it - and green, too. (I think that's why I stuck it on the wheel with the blue-greens, see?) I don't think I've worn this at all yet - maybe I need to go pull it out! Anyway, it's various colors of glitter in a black base. It's a fairly subtle glitter. (This is one of the Museum of Naileontology polishes, which I believe are new versions of old, long-discontinued polishes. But I don't know much about vintage polish, so I have no earthly idea what is meant to be like what.) This is still available (and it's marked down at the moment), so go read her descriptions and see if you can make heads or tails of them!

(added: I did wear Baphomet shortly after this - the NOTD post is here.)

Back to Remy, it has green and gold in its blue base, per Zoya, and you can see it in the bottle to some degree, but it's really hard to see on the nail. (I know I have actually worn Remy, at some point, but if I have pictures I can't find them. I was hoping to find something to remind myself what I thought of this. I seem to remember really liking it, that's about all I can say.)

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