Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dovima, Slick Black

This is Zoya Dovima and Triple Shine Slick Black:
Dovima is from the Matte Velvets (you can see that it says that on the bottle) - as with all the others, this has a lot of shimmer that doesn't necessarily show up much at all if you leave it matte. In this case the shimmer is silver, and you can see from the swatch that it's not quite a full-on black; I'd call it a dark charcoal color. Slick Black is darker but it's a microglitter and also has a lot of silver to it. Neither of these are currently available - Triple Shine is probably gone for good, but the Matte Velvets usually come and go seasonally, so look for Zoya to re-release some of them in the fall. It may not necessarily include Dovima, though - last year they had a bunch of new colors, so who knows what they'll release this year!

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