Saturday, July 2, 2016

Blackout. Alcatraz Rocks

This is Revlon Blackout and OPI Alcatraz...Rocks (a Liquid Sand):
I think that Blackout is an old Top Speed polish, but the lettering has chipped off of the front and I can't be sure. I don't think that with that color cap, it would be from the main collection. I tried Google and it's failing me here also. (Google is way helpful for polishes made in recent years but very spotty earlier than that. The degree of helpfulness in the nail polish arena seems to coincide completely with the rise of the polish blogger, as far as I can tell.) Anyway, Blackout is another shimmery, very dark blue, although it doesn't seem to quite look black most of the time. Alcatraz Rocks is the star of the Liquid Sand line (OPI's version of textures) as far as I'm concerned. It's a medium (or medium-dark) blue that's maybe just slightly purple-leaning and slightly grayed, and it has a relatively subtle multicolor glitter to it. It's great.

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