Monday, July 25, 2016

Fetish, Via Montenapoleone

This is Cult Nails Fetish and Square Hue Via Montenapoleone:
Let's talk about Via Montenapoleone first because despite the grand name (which is a street in Milan's shopping district, if you're curious) it's just a plain ol' black, except with a satiny finish. It's not different enough to make much difference to me, though. For layering purposes I'd rather use WnW Black Creme since it's a definite one-coater. If I want a black because I'm in a gothy mood and I just want to wear black, I'd be more likely to pick something like Dovima or Fetish instead. You can't really see Fetish's cool finish here, but it's described as a wax finish. It could also be described as satiny, but more-so than ViaM... it's almost rubbery, which I assume is why the name. Here's somebody else's swatches since mine are failing on this point: Let Them Have Polish!

This is actually the only Cult Nails polish I got around to buying before they went out of business. I wish I had more. And that sort of answers the other half of the availability question (since Square Hue polishes are always LE) - it's a no on both of these, unless you just happen to find them around. I think Fetish was originally released as LE but then went on to become core after that, so it might possibly be findable if you poke around, I don't know.

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