Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Deeper Dive, Teal Of Fortune

This is polishes from two different lines made by Wet n Wild, Spoiled Deeper Dive and Fast Dry Teal Of Fortune.
I feel like I'm starting to drift out of the blues and into the blue-greens, as far as my stash is concerned, although when you look at these two, either in the bottle or on the wheel, they look pretty blue to me. I tend to assume blog readers can see what I see as I write this, but I know that that's not always true, especially if you're reading on a mobile, so let me say that on the wheel this is the two bright blues that are on either side of the darker (and greener) polish - Teal Of Fortune is above it and Deeper Dive is below. For some reason I have always had it in my head that Deeper Dive, in particular, was a darker polish, and that both of these were greener than they appear to be here.

I don't think Evening Emerald, the polish in between them, is a true green, either - despite the name, and I'm sure I'll get to that issue at some length pretty soon - but just look how blue these two look next to it. What I need to do is reswatch all these bright-blue polishes again and compare. (I'll put that on my list to look at later!)

It's late at night and I don't have the energy to look this up, but I don't think you can get either of these polishes any more. Spoiled was a CVS exclusive and I know that Pop-arazzi went into the racks at CVS where Spoiled used to be, so I think that line is completely gone, unless it's available somewhere else that I don't know about. And I looked at what was available in the Fast Dry line just recently, and it was a pretty short list and I don't remember this being on it.

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