Thursday, July 28, 2016

Blue Majesty, Blue Whale

This is NYC Blue Majesty and LynB Blue Whale:
The NYC polish, you can see, is from the Crystal Couture collection, which was a holiday collection a couple of years ago. The LynB polish is from a collection based on a pretty obscure show, to most Americans - the British comedy/quiz show QI. ("Blue whale" is a phrase that's an ongoing joke on the show - I've only seen it a few times but I do remember that much. If you've never seen it and you appreciate British comedy at all you should definitely hunt this show down.) Back to the subject at hand... you can see Blue Whale on my nail wheel easily, because it's the one with the big glitter pieces. It's very beautiful, although as I recall I thought the wear was not too good on it (as tends to happen with big glitters). Blue Majesty is very similar in color but is a much smaller-scale glitter. I think the Crystal Couture polishes were really intended to be top-coats, but I think you could get this one fairly close to opaque if you were determined to. This is two coats in the picture.

Here's Accio Lacquer's pictures of the LynB "They Say of the Acropolis" collection - Blue Whale is at the bottom. (Have a look at that link just for the gifs.) I looked on NYC's website and LynB's Etsy page and didn't find either of these, so I'm guessing they're both discontinued.

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