Thursday, July 14, 2016

NOTD: Elliot

I talked a couple of days ago about Pretty Serious Elliot, along with some other blues, and when it came time to change my nails I went with Elliot:
The thing that I had forgotten about Elliot is that it is (or is very very near to, at least) a one-coater. I had to do some touch-ups where I hadn't quite gotten it thick enough, but this is one of those polishes where you can put a partial second coat over the first and later you can't see the difference at all. I wish more polishes were like that!! Elliot reads almost like a bright blue creme but it's actually got quite a lot of shimmer in it - I think you can see it here at least a little bit. It's also a great layering polish. I love it so much I may need to buy a backup the next time I order from PS. (Although I've already got a PS order on the way so who knows when that will be. I'm sure I'll be rattling on about the new order at great length soon, but meanwhile just take a look at the Serious Business collection.* Although it's apparently all sold out so don't fall in love until they've restocked.)

* "Serious Business" feels like it's spelled wrong to me - I obviously spend way too much time on the internet because to me it should be spelled SRS BSNS (preferably just like that, in all caps).

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