Tuesday, July 12, 2016

MIA: Dorothy Who, Elliot, BSOD

These bottles of polish are not actually missing - but somehow the pictures are, or else I just didn't get them in my new set of pictures. Maybe that's because I was thinking I already had the picture below, and it wasn't really necessary. Anyway, this is China Glaze Dorothy Who? and two Pretty Serious polishes, Elliot and BSOD:
I had all three of these in my 20 favorite polishes of 2015, but the comparison pictures were stuck down at the bottom and people may have missed them, so it seems reasonable to repeat them while I'm finishing up my blue collection. Elliot, in the middle, is a heavy shimmer; Dorothy Who and BSOD (as in Blue Screen of Death) are glitters. You can't tell it but BSOD is somewhat darker than Dorothy Who, though.

I figured out from something on Pretty Serious' website lately that BSOD is one of her original set of polishes - along with some other polishes with seriously geeky names. The only other one I think I have from that set is VT-100. (Elliot and BSOD are both still available. I'm pretty sure Dorothy Who is in China Glaze's core collection so it should also be available.)

Here are the two bottles of glitter, although you still can't tell a lot of difference here:

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