Friday, July 29, 2016

Miss Universe, Evening Emerald

I showed some black and charcoal-gray polishes, and then I showed some bright-blue polishes, so let me remind you where I last was in working around the color wheel - blue-greens. Next up is Essence C&G Miss Universe and Pixi Evening Emerald:
I would call these both teal, generally, but they look more blue than green, to me. And they're very similar-looking on the nail wheel. Evening Emerald is maybe a trifle more green (although still not anything that I would call emerald) and while you can't tell it here, I think I remember Miss Universe being much more sheer than you'd expect.

(I poked around at Essence and Pixi and neither of these colors seem to be current, anyway. -- Aside: has anybody tried Essence's gel polish? I wonder if it's any good. The price is definitely nice. I guess they think it's pretty good or they wouldn't have discontinued their other polishes!)

(Added: I found Miss Holly's review of Miss Universe, and I'm pretty sure I bought this from her in a blog sale, so presumably this is the very same bottle of polish pictured there!)

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