Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Skincare samples I've tried

I thought I would mention some things that I've tried out and liked (or didn't so much, in one case):
The Origins sample set at the top was in the Sephora box a month or two ago (it was May) - the part they're actually pushing here is the Maskimizer, a mask primer. It's in the little perfume-type spritzer. You spritz a bit on and pat it in, and I'm not sure what it actually does but it's supposed to prepare your skin for the mask to follow, somehow. It came with two samples of masks - the brown one is a charcoal mask, meant for pores, and that's the one that I didn't care for. It looks like mud and I found it repellent and I don't have any actual need for help with my pores anyway, so I didn't feel any need to force myself to try it more than once. The green one is called Drink Up and it's just an intensive-moisture kind of mask, which is right up my alley. It smells good and it feels good, so I might be more inclined to try that one again sometimes. Then there was the Drunk Elephant product, Framboos Glycolic Night Serum - I liked that one fine but I looked it up on Sephora's website and it's very expensive, I doubt that I'm going to be buying that one.

Then there's this concealer, in a travel size, which I mentioned in passing back here. Here's the package it came in:
I use Evernote to store most of my pictures (and other reasons besides) - I like that they're always available on any platform. What you see here is Evernote trying to format the top of this box like it's a business card, which I guess is what it's designed to do. It's annoying as hell when it starts trying to do that and you don't want it to, but it's also sometimes useful, like here. This comes in the tiny travel size for $12, which is what I bought to try (only available in a couple of colors) or in a regular size in quite a lot of colors for $29. I wanted to see if I liked it before I plunked out $29 for the full one, but so far I do. I'm not ready to run out and buy the big one yet, but it's not impossible that I will, later.

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