Monday, July 4, 2016

Feifei, Charge It Up

This is Zoya Feifei and Sinful Colors Charge It Up (a magnetic):
These are both blue-grays and they both seem to me to have a touch of purple to them, although if so it's quite subtle. (It might just be the light.) Feifei is a glass-fleck and Zoya calls it steel blue (although they also call it metallic, which I would not). Charge It Up is a magnetic in a slightly darker blue-gray; I didn't attempt to get pictures of the magnetic effect (for one thing, I'm not sure what I did with the magnets!) but here's somebody else's. I know I did try the magnet on this one once and I was surprised at how much like liked it.

Feifei is a current color; magnetics are way out of style so I'm assuming Charge It Up is long gone.

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