Thursday, July 7, 2016

A/B + holy grail lip butter

So, two things about this picture:
The nail polish is four coats of Lucky 13 Aurora Borealis. I had no idea this was going to blaze up all golden like this in the sunlight, and I think it's sort of unfair to just show this picture as a NOTD because this isn't at all what it looks like out of the sunlight. Although actually I had never worn A/B by itself before, so it's also fair to say I didn't know what it was going to look like at all.

(I automatically abbreviate this as A/B because I used to make jewelry and that's a jewelry term, an aurora borealis finish, abbreviated AB or A/B. It's an iridescent finish that apparently was invented by Swarovski especially for Christian Dior in the 50s, which I definitely did not know.)

So I intend to take another picture of this polish out of the sunlight and then do another post, but meanwhile I was putting on my Butter Lipstick more or less on autopilot like I do several times a day, usually, and it occurred to me that this stuff has become my Holy Grail lipstick. I love it because it goes on very sheer - much paler than it looks in the tube - and I can put it on without a mirror and it always looks fine. I am all about low-maintenance. (In case you're not familiar with it, this is Nyx, and it costs maybe $5.99. I'm pretty sure I bought mine at the grocery store. The color is Hunk.)

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