Saturday, March 31, 2018

NOTD: Look at My Bow! +

I was talking to @thecakest on Twitter about Look at My Bow and Shelby, and I said maybe I'd do some more swatches and pay attention to how they applied. I didn't want to do my nails twice, so I only swatched Shelby on another wheel - it seemed okay, but not fabulous. I think that these two polishes go on rather similarly, really - they're pale pinks, and not chalky, so they're of necessity pretty sheer, and it takes at least two and probably really more like three coats to get them opaque.

This is two coats of Look at My Bow! - you can see that I really could have used a good ridge-filling base-coat. But other than that it looks basically okay.

But I didn't stop there. I'll explain what I put on top of it tomorrow!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Bitter Buddhist

Well, the only pale thing left in my swatch file is Bitter Buddhist from Smith & Cult, so we'll go with that for the Friday before Easter:
I showed the bottle before, and I showed it on my nails, but I still had this picture left. (You can see the two other S&Cs that I bought below that - I'll make sure I get to those soon.) This is a sort of a jade green with maybe a hint of blue in it. It's not exactly a traditional Easter-bunny color - but then you wouldn't expect it, with that name, would you?

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Azalea, Royal Highness, & Deception

These are not particularly pastel-colored polishes, they're just stuff I had in my picture file that looked spring-like to me. This is Zoya Azalea, which was from the spring collection two years ago, if I'm remembering right. That was the collection that had Leia in it as well, and Aster, I belive. (Leia is a good addition to all kind of polishes, I'm going to have to buy myself a back up bottle!)
It's not as pink as Rory, above it on the wheel. I think it's a hair more coral. Any of these paler pinks are always a good bet for easter. (More or less what I said about St.Patrick's Day holds here - I don't actually celebrate Easter. I do like the spring and chicks and bunnies (and candy) part of it. I just think of it as a celebration of spring rather than a religious holiday.)

I do have ombre-experimentations on my mind - I'm looking at these gradations of pink, and also the blue polishes I showed before. (Or purple would also be awesome.) We'll see if I really do it. I do have the supplies, or I have latex and sponges, anyway. That's all you need, right?

Here's a nice medium purple, Bonita Royal Highness:
This one is pretty packed with shimmer, and so offhand I don't know anything exactly like it, but most brands have something pretty similar as far as having a creme that's a similar color to this. I like shimmers better than I like cremes, so given a choice I'll always pick the shimmer - but I don't think this one is findable any more.

This is a jelly that was LE, Wild Shine Deception:
I love jellies as layering polishes but this one is really pretty on its own, too - but notice that it takes three coats to get there. That's pretty par for the course for a jelly, I'd say. (Look at this: this is another one that has faded noticeably in the last couple of years. More in the bottle than on the nail, though, it looks like.)

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


This is Zoya Robyn:
Zoya calls this "the perfect turquoise cream" - that's their entire description - which honestly is not how it would occur to me to describe it. I would just call it a medium bright blue - I think of turquoise as being the dusty-blue of a turquoise stone. I guess this is just a terminology thing, though - what I call turquoise and what others think of are just not quite the same thing. (It's not entirely just me, though - see Scrangie.) Anyway, bright and pretty, whatever you want to call it.

I thought maybe it was close to Rich Girls And Po-Boys but that's not as bright. Here's some closer matches.

I also lined this up with the lighter blues from this wheel which seem to be the same sort of tones:
(This is Robyn, Lake Louise, and Pixi-lated. Maybe this would make a good ombre mani or something!)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Pearl Jammin'

Here's Pearl Jammin' from China Glaze:
I've had this one for ages - I don't think I've worn it much, but I'm wearing it now and I really like it. I think I had some idea that it was gray when I bought it; when I realized it was actually blue I was afraid it wouldn't be flattering on me, which is what tends to happen with me and your average pastel. But this one is a pale blue with what looks like gold shimmer, and but instead of looking like a normal (chalky) pastel it comes out looking like a pearly thing - thus the name, I guess. It's pretty sheer - I'm wearing three coats and there's still visible nail line, but I don't care. It's not noticeable unless you're looking for it.

I have bought several polishes from this linecollection lately so they're still around. I'm not sure they're officially "current" any more but you can find them, usually.

Sort of random: "my" Starbucks that I go to all the time was featured in one of Bunny's videos. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because I knew she lives somewhere pretty near me. Now I have to look when I go tomorrow and see if she really got all the chalk off the sidewalk.

Sunday, March 25, 2018


I thought I would show some spring-like things, since it's spring now (even though I gather a lot of the country doesn't feel like it). So here is Lynnderella Orchid Of The Year, which is sort of a red-violet glittery thing that I really love a lot:
(This was from the year that Radiant Orchid was color of the year - 2014, maybe? - so I doubt that this is easily findable now.)

This is the Beauty-and-the-Beast-themed Be Our Guest, from last year:
It's a slightly coral-leaning pink which I don't think I've worn. I mostly bought it because it came in a duo with The Last Petal, which is the one I really wanted. I haven't seen these around lately, although it's possible you could lay your hands on one. (Although Disney fans are kinda obsessive...)

This is Confetti Purple Pizzazz, which I think I threatened to destash the last time I wore it:
However, it's still here. Either I didn't put it in the destash box that I let my cousins loose on a while back, or they didn't take it, and I'm not sure which it was. Anyway, it's a pretty, shimmery purple-leaning pink (despite the name) and the only thing I've got against it was that it didn't want to set properly. Although hmm, I may completely be remembering wrong - maybe that was Purple Diamond, now that I look. Those two always were pretty similar. (I looked at the "fail" tag, if you're wondering. No Purple Pizzazz in that one.)

Saturday, March 24, 2018

It's Bouquet With Me

Here's a pale, pink-violet glitter that is discontinued, Sephora by OPI It's Bouquet With Me:
It's a glitter mix, with various smaller glitters including some holo glitter. I bought several of these SOPI glitters when they were closing that brand out (I think several of them are in this picture), and I like this one but honestly I think this is the one of them that I've worn the least. I really should look around for something to layer this with, I'm bound to have something.

(Previous entry, in which I also mention that this is pretty and wonder why I don't remember to wear it.)

Friday, March 23, 2018

Shelby vs Look At My Bow!

These two polishes are more or less what you'd call cherry-blossom pink, I guess - this one is Zoya Shelby:
Cherry trees are not something that grow down here, so I don't think I've ever seen cherry blossoms in real life, that I recall, but this does seem like the kind of color that you see in pictures, anyway. I thought this color was bright enough that I would like it more than I actually do, mostly because I don't think it's very flattering on me. (Too warm-toned, maybe?) I notice on Zoya's website that there are reviews that complain about the application - I don't particularly remember having trouble with that, but then I haven't worn it in a good while, either.

Then I also have OPI Look At My Bow! from the Hello Kitty collection. You can see it below Shelby above, so you can compare. It's the same general ballpark of pink but it's a little lighter and more sort of bubblegum-toned. But they're still relatively close.
The ALU link that I posted above has swatch comparisons of the two, and they look even closer there than they do here. Note that the Hello Kitty collection came and went very quickly, and so those probably are harder to find - certainly harder than Shelby, which is current.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

eBay purchases

I bought these polishes from two different eBay sellers back before the S&C polishes I showed yesterday, but I kept forgetting to take pictures:
This is Essie Smooth Sailing (cornflower-blue shimmer), which for some reason came as a set of 2 minis, and then two more of those China Glaze Rebel colors that I keep on buying - this time it was Blue Ya! (the dark blue) and Don't Mesh With Me, which is a top-coat. I wore Don't Mesh with me over Smooth Sailing and I'm wearing it again now over Zoya Alice and really they don't look all that different.

I knew I remembered complaining sometime in the past about how small Essie's minis were, and I found that entry - I couldn't even read the label on these to be sure, but that set I bought before was 0.16 oz. each and these look the same as those. So two of them are way less than a full-size bottle. I don't really think I'll ever use all of it, anyway, but that's still really, really small. (I guess I need to remember how much these bottles annoy me before I buy them instead of afterwards, the next time this comes up.)

Added: actually Smooth Sailing turns out to be a discontinued polish from 2011, so even if I got a smaller quantity of polish it was probably a decent bargain. I was completely unaware of that when I bought it - I had just seem a swatch of it somewhere.

Goodies from Smith & Cult

I think I mentioned before (if not here, it was on Twitter, or possibly both) that I had gotten some polishes from Smith & Cult. Their polishes are normally $18, which is generally more than I'm willing to pay, but I got a coupon in my e-mail from Neiman Marcus for $25 off a $50 purchase. I'm only on their e-mail list because my sister used to work there, because they don't sell a lot that's in my price-range, but I looked at that and nail polish was basically my first thought, and Smith & Cult has been on my mental want-to-try list from the moment that I first saw a picture of one of their polishes. I poked around looking at other brands, but I ended up back at Smith & Cult.

Then I had to decide on colors. I was really tempted to get Gay Ponies Dancing In The Snow because that's a great and hilarious name, and because, hey, pink glitter! but I looked at some people's swatches and decided maybe not. And sometimes my love of pink glitter in theory exceeds my love for it in real life, I've noticed that before. I did buy a glitter, but it ended up being Dirty Baby instead. And then besides that I got Bitter Buddhist, which you've already seen here, and Stockholm Syndrome, one of those cool purple-taupe colors. There are several more colors which I'm still eyeing. (I googled "best Smith & Cult polishes" and kept getting recommendations for the red, which is all well and good - I like red a whole lot - but I'm well aware that I own many red polishes and hardly ever wear them. I even wrote a blog entry about that not long ago. So I ignored those recommendations, in the end.)

Anyway, three S&C colors, with the coupon, ended up being $29 plus tax, which is not at all bad. And here are the polishes:
(R-L: Stockholm Syndrome, Dirty Baby, Bitter Buddhist)
Note that the artfully-banged-up cap is removable - and quite heavy. The inner cap has a short brush which I find really easy to use. I guess actually the short brush-length was mandated when they went with these shallow bottles, but I like it.

For the record, these bottles hold 14ml of polish, or just under the standard 0.5 oz bottle size. That's not enough difference that I particularly care about that.

(Added: I googled and 14ml equals 0.47 ounces, if you want to know.)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

NOTD: The Pie Hole over Bitter Buddhist

I showed the mani a week ago with Bitter Buddhist by itself and I really do like that polish. I had put it on over the weekend and while I did eventually put something else over it, it wasn't until Thursday, I think, and it still had only a little bit of tip-wear. It did really good.

But I had noticed that The Pie Hole from Fanchromatic Nails, the other polish I had gotten from Polish Pickup, was pretty close in color and so it seemed like a really good candidate for layering over it. So eventually I added that, and I really like it. It's similar to Bitter Buddhist in base color - maybe a little murkier of a green, but pretty close, but it has copper bits in it so it ends up with this really nice verdigris-ish effect.
I think it looks more bright here than it was in real life, but at least you can see the copper bits here.

In fact it was a close match to the little sticker on my planner:

By the way, I'm reading a really great book about color - The Secret Lives of Color. It's a collection of 2-3 page articles about different colors and I'm hooked - but I haven't gotten to the greens yet so I don't know if "verdigris" is in there. (Added: I peeked, and in fact it is.)

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Lizard Belly

This is Glitter Gal Lizard Belly:
This is on my green wheel but it looks more gray than green, most of the time. It's a gray-green linear holo. At its best it looks really awesome, but I don't spend enough time out in the sun to see the the full effect much.

Updated: This is an Australian brand, and its website shows that its maker is expanding into makeup, and the future of the polish looks uncertain. (The stockist link there didn't go anywhere when I tried it - maybe if you were in Australia it would work!)

previous entry about this polish

Saturday, March 17, 2018

More discontinued greens

It's hardly a shamrock green, but I really love China Glaze "It's Alive":
It's a swampy olive-green glitter - from some past Halloween collection, as you might guess. (I hear that horror-movie quote in my head, "It's alive! It's alive!" - what is that, the old (1930s) version of Frankenstein? I'm guessing that's it. I'm not much of a horror-movie fan but since my husband is I can also tell you that there was a horror movie by that name somewhere along in the 70s or 80s - I'm resisting the impulse to go look it up.) Anyway, I found this bottle on Amazon a while back, and I imagine this is a polish that might be findable here and there if you were motivated to go on a hunt for it.

Another green that I always talk about is Zoya Irene:
This one is pretty much the reason I think of "funky green" as a thing in my stash - or this and Hipster Chick, anyway. This is a mossy, shifty thing - I really like it a lot. (Here's another whole post of them, from last year - this one, Swatch & Learn, Nuke The Fridge, and Optical Illusion, which I have since destashed.) Irene is discontinued but it was around for ages so I bet it's findable.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Hipster Chick

This is one of my favorite weird greens, Chick Polish Hipster Chick:
Actually these days it doesn't seem especially weird, but several years ago when it came out, all these green polishes seemed a lot more out-there. It's kind of in the same range as Bitter Buddhist - sort of jade, not too yellow. And then it has scattered glitter in it. I wish you could still get these, but Chick Polish just kind of went "poof" a few years ago and disappeared, as indies do from time to time, I guess. (They did other things, too but there was a whole series with names like these - Rocker Chick, maybe Hippie Chick? I don't remember for sure what the rest were, but you get the idea, anyway.)

Added: a couple of comments spurred by this entry, which also shows an orange polish called Punk Chick, so there's another in the series for you. Also the polish there seems considerably brighter than my picture shows it, so I now I'm trying to remember if mine was ever that bright (although if you google not all the pictures actually look that bright). Here's another example - Biker Chick, there's another one. But hers don't look any more bright, really, and I found this old mani picture of mine, too. Maybe there were batches that were brighter or something, or maybe it's just the light. I'm pretty sure that my bottle seems to have always been about this same color!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

She's Beyond Kelp!

This is KBShimmer She's Beyond Kelp!
This may have been one of the first multichrome-flakie collections - at least, I remember everybody being completely obsessed with these when they came out. Here is the whole collection from Popsugar, but as I remember it, absolutely everybody who did swatches was swatching these. I'm not sure this was called a limited edition collection, but I checked and it's definitely not currently on the website. Anyway, you can't really see the blue too much here, but this one is a shifty flakie that flashes green-to-blue when the light hits it right. This is one of only a couple of my polishes where I've had people completely drop what they were doing to exclaim over it.

(1) Here's an older picture where you can see the blue flash.

(2) I got an e-mail from KBS announcing that they have done a big redesign - of their logo, website, etc. Their new collection is multichrome magnetics - good lord, magnetics are coming back around again? (What's next, crackles?) I don't have the patience for magnetics but they do look pretty tasty, I have to admit.

(The new logo is cute but has somewhat less personality - really I like this one better.)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Here is OCC Chimera:
This is two coats. This is a silvery-green foil that may look blue-green here, but I think that's misleading. It probably is a bit blue-leaning, but not as much as this picture would make you think. (Hmm, well, here's Scrangie's picture from ages ago - it doesn't really look much different.) I checked OCC's website and this does seem to be discontinued. It looks like practically everything is marked down, though - lip tar as well as polish - so it might be worth checking out!)

Note: I previously talked about this polish here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Layla CE61

This is Layla Ceramic Effect CE61 (aka "Ipanema Girl" or "Golden Green"):
This is maybe the closest to a traditional shamrock-green that's on this wheel. It's a nice bright green with some golden-green shimmer. (I'm not sure if it's got both lime and gold, or if there's something shifty in there. It's hard to tell.)

I used to wear this a lot but I think it's been a while since I've worn it. But I remember well how much I liked it back in the day.

I'm not sure about availability - I think I bought mine from Llarowe. It's still on Color4Nails' website but it says it's out of stock. I found some assorted Ceramic Effect colors available on Amazon, some of them at pretty outrageous prices, so I'm thinking this line generally is getting legitimately hard to find, at least in the US. (Layla is an Italian brand, if I'm remembering correctly.)

(Added: I went back and poked around on eBay and found a bottle there for $5 plus $15 or so for shipping from Italy. So that doesn't tell me anything about this particular polish and whether it's current, really, but probably the overall answer about Layla is just that they don't have a US distributor these days.)

Monday, March 12, 2018

NOTD: Bitter Buddhist

This is Smith & Cult Bitter Buddhist:
This is my first-ever Smith & Cult manicure, and I have to say I'm really favorably impressed. I didn't buy their base & top-coats, although I was tempted to, so I just used what I had handy, which was Cuccio base-coat and NailsInc top-coat. Both of those seemed to work fine with this polish, and I really like the results. This is a minty-jade that's more glossy than it appears here, and two coats seemed like plenty. (It looked kind of cool with just one coat - interestingly sheer.) So far the wear is great, too.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

First Wings First

This is Colourpop First Wings First:
All of the Colourpop polishes are discontinued, which I still feel is a shame because they had nice formulas. This one is a pale lilac. I don't think I've actually worn this, but I'm definitely going to try to work it in sometime soon.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

More funky greens

New pictures for a couple more.

China Glaze Agro:
previous entry

Paint Box Polish A Dragon Is Not A Slave:
There is a previous entry for this but I notice that the link to the maker is not working. I think that Paint Box is still around - I think I saw it on Polish Pickup but it has now ended for the month so I can't be sure of that. I googled and I didn't find a link. Maybe I'm wrong and they have gone out of business, or maybe they're selling on Facebook or just on PP, I'm not sure. Anyway, really pretty. I don't know what possessed me to buy something this yellow (maybe that name!) - which is why I haven't worn it much.

Friday, March 9, 2018

NOTD: Don't Mesh With Me (matte) over Smooth Sailing

This is Essie Smooth Sailing (in the slightly wonky light in my living room):
It's a periwinkle-ish blue shimmer which is somewhat grayed-out. It's pretty but I wanted more oomph (no surprise, from me) so I added China Glaze Don't Mesh With Me, another new polish from the Rebel collection. (I got two more of those on eBay, so I think I now have six from that collection, if I'm remembering right. - I still didn't get Combat Blue-ts, though, which I was talking about wanting there.) I put on two coats of that, and then I decided it had maybe a little too much oomph, so I put Matte All The Things on top, and came out with this:
Which I like a lot. The tips being messed up is my fault, I think - it's not wear. Somewhere in all the layers I didn't let something dry well enough. (I should have taken the picture of the other hand, which looks fine.)

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Here is Zoya Rory:
It may be March, and I may like my greens a lot, but I'm not showing y'all nothing but green all month. It's almost spring, and Easter is coming up on April Fool's Day (that can't happen all that often) so I'm going to post some other things out of my unposted picture file that say spring to me. Thus Rory. Zoya calls Rory "foil-like" and I guess that means they agree with what I was thinking: that it doesn't quite rise to the shininess level of a foil. That said, it's very shiny. It's a sort of mauve-ish pink that's not something you see every day. You can see in comparison to Azalea, below it on the wheel, it's noticeably (a little) more purple. I like Azalea a lot too, but Rory is a little more out-of-the-ordinary. It's still a current color.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cutie Colada

This is Rimmel "Cocktail Colour in a Flash" in Cutie Colada. I have several of these and they are fun.
This one in particular is really sheer, so if you don't want to do several coats of it (and I mean, like, four, and I'm not sure it'd be opaque even then), you'll want an undercoat. It looks pretty nice on top of darker greens, as I recall - anything darker, which means practically any green except a pastel.

Here is the whole bunch. I haven't worn these lately, but my memory is that neither of the other two I have (the blue one and the purple one) are near this sheer. The blog I just linked to calls them glass flecks and while it wouldn't have occurred to me to describe them that way, it doesn't seem inaccurate.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Ho Ho Holodays

This is Lacquer Lust Ho Ho Holodays, which was part of a limited edition trio back a couple of years ago:
It's a slightly silvery-green scattered holo. It's not really what I would call a holiday green, or a kelly green - it's more of a spring green, really. I actually really like it. It's not too yellow, it's not too bright, it's not too pale. (Like the three bears, only with nail polish.) I showed it next to Zoya Rikki a couple of years ago, and they looked very alike in the bottle, but not so much on the nail. Rikki is much more metallic.

Lacquer Lust is still around but this polish, being LE, is long-gone. (That's true of a lot of the polishes on this wheel, actually.) (Ooh, look at this green - Poison Ivy.)

Monday, March 5, 2018

NOTD: Tastes Like Purple

I now have Smith & Cult polishes on the way (thanks to a timely Neiman-Marcus coupon) - more on that when they arrive. Because of that I'm definitely trying not to look at P-Pickup again. (I will say that if I was going to buy something it would be this - and frankly, if it wasn't $14 I would've caved already. I'm surprised it's not sold out, but being at the dead bottom of the list may have something to do with that - maybe they ought to alternate going A-Z with going Z-A!)

I read backwards in this blog for a couple of weeks, and I found that I have a couple of things I don't seem to have mentioned, and that's probably because I ordered them (from eBay) and promptly forgot about them - two more China Glazes from the Rebel collection, and one random Essie that I got it in my head I would like. Those are here and I've swatched them but I haven't taken pictures yet. I'll wait to tell you about those when I have the pictures. (It's kind of amusing/annoying to me the way I feel excessively guilty about some things I buy and not at all about others. I guess those were cheap enough that they didn't trip the guilt-meter. The Smith & Cults were a huge bargain compared to their normal price, so I guess that's why I don't feel that guilty about them, especially, either. The Pretty Serious order was a bit larger - but not really that much - so that's the one my conscience is pinging me about at the moment.)

This is Night Owl Lacquer's Tastes Like Purple, which was a limited edition for last month's Polish Pickup (this month's is ending today, I believe). Not terrific pictures by any means, but good enough to kind of see what's going on in there.
The one above is indoors; the one below was in indirect sunlight:
(For good measure, here's the swatch pictures I posted last week.)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

A couple of funky greens

These are some new pictures of polishes that I had already done perfectly good entries for (linked below), but which I did new swatches of anyway. I lumped this whole wheel into the category of "funky greens" even though some of them are funkier than others, as I mention below. You'll see some more polishes from this wheel in coming weeks.

This is Slightly Unstable from Paint Box Polish, a fun shifty blackened green with some holo glitter. This was an LE polish a couple of years ago, so it's pretty certainly not easily obtainable.

Here is Pretty Serious The Singing Seed, from the Museum of Naileontology collection:
  • Previous entry about it (in which I actually say it's not that funky a green, but then when I was swatching the other day, it felt like it belonged in that category to me)
  • Here's the set that includes this one (I have all three of these, actually) - I think there is a new or new-ish set out now but Pretty Serious' website is being cranky at the moment so I can't verify that. - Aha, now it's decided to cooperate - here are the current ones from Naileontology, which doesn't include this one.

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Here is Zoya Delilah:
This was one of the first Zoyas I bought, back in 2011 or so, and it's still a current color. It's a red glitter, but a fairly subtle one. It's a bit sheer, too, but it's pretty opaque in two coats.

(I've thought about destashing this, once or twice, since I don't seem to actually wear reds that much and I have a lot of them, but so far I haven't been able to bring myself to. This one has survived when even An Affair in Red Square didn't. It's a little different than anything else, I guess that's why.)

Friday, March 2, 2018

Rags To Riches

In March I always like to go into St. Patrick's Day mode for a while (even though I'm not Catholic and hardly ever drink, go figure). Anyway, here is a nice dollar-bill green, Rimmel Lasting Pro in Rags To Riches:
It's metallic-ish but not like a full-on foil or anything. Anyway, I am falling asleep so I won't try to go on about it - that way usually lies madness. However, I will say that as far as I know this line is discontinued, so maybe not easy to get your hands on. There are other things fairly similar to it so it's not something I would go to a lot of trouble to hunt for. (YMMV.)

Note: I previously talked about this polish here.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Polish Pickup

Note: I re-read this and decided to move the swatch pictures up closer to the top and move the part where I was being chatty about reorganizing, etc., down below that. So if you want to read that part, scroll down.

Earlier this week, my Polish Pickup polishes arrived - I got two, and this is the first time I've bought from them. (I had to start another new wheel for them!)

Before I get to that, I checked and the next Polish Pickup appears to start on Friday. By the time I post this that will be "tomorrow" - it only stays open a few days and some of the polishes go fast, so go and grab what you like!

This is Tastes Like Purple, from Night Owl Lacquer (is that a synesthesia joke?):
I have that on and I'll put up the mani pictures later on. It's a gorgeous purple, obviously, and it has blue bits and I think flakies as well as other shiny stuff. (Almost all these Polish Pickup polishes - maybe indie polishes in general these days - have 10 zillion things going on - thermals, shifts, holo glitter, scattered holo, etc. Not that that's a bad thing!) Here is somebody else's swatches for comparison.

And the second one I got was The Pie Hole:
This would be one of those funky greens I was talking about (see below), although this one didn't make that wheel because I'd already filled it up before this got here. This one has not quite as much going on, but I still like it a lot. It's basically jade (maybe slightly grayed out) with copper glitter. Very cool.

(I also had a weak moment and ordered several things from Pretty Serious, but part of it is pre-orders so I don't expect that to turn up for several weeks. Because of that I'm going to try not to look too hard at the new Polish Pickup. Except I'm weak and I've already looked and I want that Zombie Claw polish.)

I mentioned last week that I was re-organizing and since I also had a list of what I thought needed to be swatched again (mostly because of really crappy out-of-focus pictures the first time around - really I wouldn't even recommend looking at that link, it gives me a headache), I did several wheels' worth of swatches while I was organizing. I did a whole wheel of pink, one of reds which you've already started seeing, a whole wheel that's mostly "funky greens" that I'll probably try to work in starting soon - maybe tomorrow - since it's more or less seasonally appropriate for March, and then one night over the weekend I sat and watched Age of Ultron and did two purple wheels. So I can't complain about not having anything to post for a while.

(I feel like superhero movies are a good thing to put on while doing something like this that's going to divide your attention, because for the most part I've already seen them multiple times and don't really feel the need to look at the screen constantly. However, Age of Ultron is pretty much the exception on that because I saw it once in the theater and never have seen it since. I remembered the basic plot and not much else. But the Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther movies both refer back to it so I decided it was time to rent it - not buy. I'm still not that into it. It's watchable but it's never going to be one of my favorites.) (Those two, above? Maybe are my new Marvel favorites.)