Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lizard Belly, Crocadilly

This is Glitter Gal Lizard Belly and Essie Crocadilly (a magnetic):
This is the Very Neutral Gray-Green section of my stash. Both of these do generally look more green than they look here, as I recall, but just the same they're both pretty grayed-out. I think Crocadilly is a hair greener but color-wise these are pretty similar, I'd say. But Lizard Belly is a holo and Crocadilly is a magnetic so they don't end up looking terribly alike. I am generally too impatient to get good results with magnetics, but when I've fiddled around with this one long enough I've gotten some pretty decent-looking results. (Never what it looks like in other people's pictures, though. Usually it's more like what you see on my swatch, with a patch here and a patch there with the croc pattern. That can end up looking kinda interesting, just the same.) Basically I don't own many holos because I'm too impatient for them, too. I want them to flare up all the time like they do in the sunlight, and of course they don't. Lizard Belly is a super-cool looking green when it does flare up, though.

Glitter Gal is an Australian brand, and I see that Lizard Belly is still available. (I didn't get mine directly from them, but assuming that they're actually shipping from Australia, I can tell you from past experiences with other companies that it typically takes a week or two to the US.) Crocadilly stayed around for a pretty long time but I don't see it on Essie's website so it's presumably discontinued. It might still be findable if you were determined to have it, though.

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