Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Unnamed glitter, Racy Green

This is an unnamed Accessorize glitter, and Milani Racy Green:
Two coats of the Accessorize glitter came out very much cyan blue, more than you would expect looking at the bottle. It's pretty but I've never worn it much. Racy Green is a polish I did wear quite a lot back when I first had it - as you can see it's much more green on the nail than it looks in the bottle. (This is why I keep talking about blue-to-green being a very confusing transition. There are so many examples like this that I can't quite tie down as one color or another.) The polishes I had from this line were all really pretty metallics. I don't know if they really all were, but the ones I remember were.

I'm pretty sure both of these polishes came to me via the blogger community, in one way or another. I bought the Accessorize polish from somebody's blog sale, and as I recall they just called it "teal glitter" or something like that. And I'm pretty sure that the Milani came to me from Karen even earlier, way back before I had ever paid any particular attention to the brand. She sent me a couple of Milani polishes in a swap. Accessorize is or was a line of accessory stores, I think, although I don't ever remember seeing one. (Still is, apparently, and the closest one to me is in Dallas, which is not at all close, so I guess that explains it. They don't appear to have any beauty items at all these days, going from their category list on the website.) Milani is still around but this polish line is not, I know that. So not easily obtainable nowadays, for either of these. Neither of them are anything particularly worth hunting down anyway, in my opinion.

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