Friday, August 26, 2016

NOTD: Sweet Peacock + Blue Majesty + matte

This is Orly Sweet Peacock plus matte top-coat plus NYC Blue Majesty plus more matte top-coat:
(and I think I used some old Colorstay base coat underneath all that, if you want to know)

I remembered from past manicures that Sweet Peacock tended to chip - I don't think it's that polish in particular. It seems to me that every foil/chrome-type polish is prone to chipping. I wore it for a day with matte topcoat and it only had one noticeable chip, but since it was noticeable, I patched it up and put a coat of Blue Majesty on top to help prevent it from chipping again immediately, and then put more (Sally Girl) matte topcoat on top of that. I'm really wanting to mattify everything glittery these days. I like the glitter as long as it's relatively subdued.

I wish I had taken a picture so I could compare. Sweet Peacock mattified did not look exactly like this, but it was similar - just without the dusting of glitter that came from Blue Majesty, and maybe the color was slightly different. If I can remember I'll swatch them on a nail wheel and then we can compare at a later date! (Done. See here.)

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