Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sparkling Seaweed, Dear Rus #601

Here are two more green glitters, LASplash Sparkling Seaweed and Dear Rus #601 (also known as Shuffle Green):
I doubt that either of these are easily available in the US, at least. Dear Rus is a Korean brand, I believe, and to my knowledge they don't have a US distributor now that Llarowe is gone. And LASplash doesn't even have any nail polish on its US website right now. There was a whole collection of these "sparkling" glitters a few years ago, though - I have a couple other ones besides this and they are very pretty. Here this looks like a slightly-greener twin to This Is Tree-mendous, although I'm not sure it's as easy to get opaque as that is. And #601/Shuffle Green is a bright green mixed with gold. I would have said these were more like top-coats but actually both of these look fairly opaque with two coats. I would probably put something green underneath them just to be safe, though, myself.

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