Thursday, August 11, 2016

Enchanted Forest, Shake Your Money Maker

This is Nyx Enchanted Forest and Deborah Lippmann Shake Your Money Maker (who, you may notice, appear to buy their bottles from the same source):
This is definitely an iPhone SE picture, because the old phone never did this: it cut the nail wheel right out of the picture. (I talked about this before - it's not actually the phone itself doing this but Evernote, and I eventually figured out how to turn it off.) These are both blue-leaning green glitters, although obviously the mix is very different. Enchanted Forest is a small glitter in a sheer formula, and SYMM is clearly one of DL's signature big glitters - gold plus a green somewhere in the forest-green-to-teal range.
The wheel labels aren't legible at all here, but Enchanted Forest is the one pointing straight at the bottles here, and SYMM is above that. (The China Glaze bottle here is Agro, which I'll talk about later. I don't think it's even on this part of the wheel, so I don't know what the point of this picture was supposed to be.) Enchanted Forest is very obviously blue-leaning on the wheel, although I often wear it over greens, which of course makes it look different. I've worn SYMM a few times and it's pretty - I need to remember it when fall gets here - but I wear Enchanted Forest more.

Neither of these seem to be current colors: current Nyx colors; current Lippmann glitters. (If those glitters were just a little cheaper I would be in deep trouble. Superstar! Flash Dance! Bad Romance! But I don't even wear the glitters I already have that much.)

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