Wednesday, August 31, 2016

VT-100, Stiletto

This is Pretty Serious VT-100 and Jade Stiletto:
I'll talk about the name of this polish below, but VT-100 is really super-pretty. (I run out of superlatives sometimes, can you tell?) It's a green glitter with some gold. - Here's a picture - it has matte top-coat there. Jade looks like a medium green cream but actually it's got a bit of stealth glitter in it. It's a nice Jade color (pun intended, since "Jade" is actually the brand).

I dug in Pretty Serious' blog and I found really fun goodies:
I mentioned this back when I showed BSOD a while back - both VT100 and BSOD are from Pretty Serious' very first polish collection, which is called (can you guess?) Hello World. I knew it was their first collection but I hadn't gotten the name of the collection previously. Here's the post that talks about the names and where they came from - most people who've spent much time with Windows computers in the last 20 years know about the Blue Screen of Death, but VT100 is considerably more obscure. (They spell it VT100 in in that post but I swear my bottle has a hyphen in the name, which is why it's spelled differently further above. I don't have the bottle nearby right now to verify that, though.) But anyway, VT100 - with or without hyphen - is not showing up on their website any more. BSOD is still available. I haven't checked on the rest of the collection.

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