Saturday, August 20, 2016

Rock Candy, Mermaid's Dream

This is Julie G Rock Candy (which is a "Gumdrops" textured polish) and Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream:
Note that there are a lot of mermaid-themed polishes around, and I had to look to make sure I hadn't done this one already (I haven't; I was thinking of Mermaid's Tale and probably also of the fact that I wore Mermaid's Dream, back in June). I pointed out a couple of entries back that Rock Candy was pretty similar in base-color to Chimera, which I was talking about there, even if it's completely different in texture or lack thereof. Mermaid's Dream, on the other hand, has a pale-green base but has glitter that is more or less that same greeny-blue as those two - I imagine that's what caused me to put them next to each other on the wheel.  I haven't worn either of these a whole lot (and in fact I'm not entirely sure I've ever worn Rock Candy at all) but I still like them. They're interesting, unusual colors - although the success of Lippmann's collection of Mermaid polishes has probably made them less unusual than they used to be. (In fact, I know I have several other polishes with not the same colors but almost exactly the same kind of formula as Mermaid's Dream - this sort of sludgy metallic-ish base with flecks of another color floating in them. It doesn't sound all that appealing the way I described it but it seems to work quite well. Sinful Colors has done several polishes like this, as I recall, presumably in response to the original mermaid collection which mostly is similar.)

I'm writing this at 3am (again) and I don't have the energy to look, but I know that at least some of the Gumdrops polishes from Julie G/Jesse's Girl were still current, although I'm not at all sure this is one of the current ones. And I can't swear to it but I'd bet Mermaid's Dream is still available.

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