Sunday, March 26, 2017

Let Me Go

This is Sinful Colors Let Me Go - which was or wasn't, depending on what day you asked me, in my five favorite Sinful Colors polishes:
Looking from the bottle to the wheel, you might this think this was #11 on the wheel, but it's not, it's #12. This is a very hard-to-pin-down polish.

I didn't put Let Me Go in my official SC top 5, but honestly, I think I meant to and I just got confused at the last minute when I was taking the pictures. As I mentioned previously, it's still a current color, although it looks completely different in their picture. "A purple and blue shimmer" is what they call it, and I guess maybe that's actually what it is, but like I said, it's hard to pin down. I think it's an extremely heavy shimmer, I can see a pale pink or lilac color, and the silvery shimmer which might actually be blue (remember Pearl Jammin' last fall? I made the same mistake with that) - but what it comes out looking most like is mother-of-pearl - meaning very heavy shimmer and various colors of (very pale) duochrome(ish) flash. It takes several coats to get to that point, though - I seem to recall using at least three or four. You can see the beginning of that MOP effect on the wheel, but it takes more than two coats to get opaque, for sure.

(If you're still wondering what #11 is, by any chance, follow that top 5 link and there's a picture of it at the very bottom of the entry. It's Casablanca.)

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