Wednesday, March 1, 2017


This is Orly Groupie (in a mini-size):
This is on two spots on this wheel, although one of them is nearly invisible. It's by itself on #6 (I think it's two coats) and over black on #7 (also two coats, I think). It's just gold shimmer, pretty simple but I don't know of any other polish like this. I bought it and then proceeded to completely ignore it, but now that I've finally looked at it again, I really like this a lot over black. I'm thinking I might experiment with some colors and see what I come up with.

I don't think this polish is available any more but it's really late and I don't have the stamina to check.

Note that I can't write on the front of these wheels like I normally do. I ordered the same wheels from Amazon that I've been ordering for several years, but they sent me different ones this time, for whatever reason. I don't hate these but they have little lines all over the front (which you can't really see very well in this picture) and so there's no room to put anything except numbers on the front. You may notice - since you can see it through the plastic - that I'm still writing on the back though. If you forget to write the name down first, though, it's really hard to turn over a wheel with wet polish on it and write on the back without messing it up. (That's why I'm not sure about how many coats there are, on this polish.)

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