Sunday, March 19, 2017

All my Zoyas

I mentioned when I talked about favorite Zoyas that I'd taken pictures of my whole Zoya stash, and here it is. It took two pictures. The first two rows below are the top 20, then everything else is more or less sorted by color.
(above) row 1: Dovima, London, Luna, Daul, Lotus, Alice, Aster, Carly, Carter, Harlow
row 2: Jem, Cinnamon, Reva, Dream, Remy, Rikki, Irene, Zuza, Chloe, Leia
row 3: Harmonie, Odette, Lillith, Reagan, Juicy, Paloma, India, Posh, Delilah, Chyna
row 4: Perrie, Azalea, Shelby, Rory, Alegra, Kierra, Dita, Kimber, Ali, Maya
top row: Isa, Savita, Suri, Roxy, Thea, Aurora, Haven, Mira, Neeka, Kieko, Anais (mini)
middle row: Cynthia, Indigo, Liberty, Robyn, Yuna, Feifei, Maisie, Ivanka, Frida, Katherine, Charlotte (mini)
last full row: Riley, Karina, Sooki, Teigen, Sansa, Merida, Olivera, Veruschka, Chita, Kaufda, Autumn
mini at bottom: Severine

The first picture is 40 polishes; the second picture has 31 regular polishes and three minis. So counting the minis that's 74 polishes, if I'm not missing something. And I said before that I had 72 or 73, but I think I was counting wrong - probably I was leaving out the minis, which there are only 3 of. The spreadsheet says 72 + the minis (because they are on a different sheet), so that's 75. And I know of one polish that isn't in the pictures because it's MIA (that's Lara) so that adds up right, in fact.

I haven't tried to do counts on other brands yet, but I have nowhere near this number of any other brand. I'm sure of that. Zoya has a combination of good quality, great colors & formulas, and good prices (mostly because of their regular promo sales on the website) that have made them completely my favorite brand.

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