Monday, March 13, 2017

Realm Of Erotica

This is Superchic Realm Of Erotica:
This is a pretty pinky-red linear holo. I bought this back in January and didn't get around to wearing it before Valentine's Day (or since) and never got around to posting this picture either. I've got to remember to try it, though! I've heard people say this polish is a true red, and very possibly the base is actually red, but under the daylight fluorescents in my living room it looks more fuchsia than true red. (I personally don't care about that, I'm fine with fuchsia, but for the record, that's what I'm seeing so far. As I said, I haven't worn it yet.)

I was wondering what the name is supposed to represent exactly - it's from the Dreamology collection so I guess it's just about racy dreams? That's my best guess, at least. Anyway, it's still available on Superchic's website.

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