Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Here's London, from my list of top 10 Zoyas:
This seems to be only one coat, if I'm interpreting my scribbling there correctly. If you look at this picture, it looks darker and more like the bottle. It's fairly opaque after one coat, I thought, but if you want it to be closer to the bottle color, you may want two coats. All Lacquered Up calls it the color of a pencil lead, which I guess is pretty close. As with all the Zoya Pixie Dusts, it looks awesome without top coat and usually awesome in a different way with it. I don't know that I remember trying tried London this way (though I know I have with others) - but here are PolishAholic's pictures, which include shots with top coat. Generally top coat added to the Pixie Dusts picks up hidden shimmer and looks awesome, though.

I did show a picture of London back in November - that's the link at the top - but I didn't say anything too much about it and I'm not happy with that picture, either. (Generally, I seem to end up much more satisfied with the posts where I go one polish at a time, I've noticed.)

(Incidentally, just because this is #1 on the wheel doesn't mean it's my #1 favorite Zoya. I just had them in sort of color order on the wheel. I didn't force myself to decide on a single favorite.)

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