Friday, March 3, 2017

Travel In Colour

This is China Glaze Travel In Colour (a mini):
As far as I know, this was only ever released as a mini. I got the original one from a giveaway (so there's your disclaimer) and I loved it so much I bought three more of them (I don't exactly remember where I got the set of 3, but it was probably either eBay or Amazon). One of them - most likely the original one - went all goopy, probably because I forgot to close it properly somewhere along the line, and that's the one I used in this picture. But it's kind of good because you can really see the underlying color on nail 12 here. It's secretly pink (or well, maybe very slightly lilac). It's sort of iridescent and my recollection is that they marketed it as a color-shifter - it shifts things toward pink. I loved this and I wore it a ton and I can tell you pretty definitely that that's the shift involved here,

This was in the holiday line in 2013 and so was LE in the first place. It was pretty widely available for a while but I don't think it's all that easy to find three years later. (There was were a couple of bottles on Amazon when I looked - the low price was $1.99 plus $13 shipping. What a deal. /sarcasm)

(Note that this was in my 2014 favorites.)

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