Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mani fail: Purple Diamond

So this is Sinful Color Purple Diamond:
This is not one of my "favorites" that I've been showing lately; I just swatched this with the rest of my SC stash, I've had this for a couple of years, probably, and I've worn it some as a layering polish. I looked at this nail wheel swatch and thought, "Hmm, maybe this will get opaque" - it looks there like it might, and it looks quite pretty. But I've now tried it and no, it doesn't get opaque. Not even close. It looked pretty awful, really - not nearly as good as it looks in this swatch, not at all.

So then instead of giving up once I was wearing a couple of coats of this, I grabbed a random sparkly top-coat and tried a couple of coats of that, and that didn't help either. (I'm not even going to say which top-coat it was, because it was what was underneath that was the problem here. It's not the random sparkly top-coat's fault.) And in the end, I had so much gunk there that it all just refused to set. I'm not sure that's really Purple Diamond's fault, per se, but just the same I can't really see wanting to try it again and it's now residing in the destash box. It's a very retro color, Purple Diamond is, and not in a good way. (I have no pictures of the failed version, sorry. I guess I should be more committed to recording stuff like this, but it's hard to work up the heart. Plus I didn't realize quite how bad it was, until I realized an hour or more after allegedly finishing the manicure that it was still not set. Would it have set eventually? I didn't have the patience to find out.)

Here's my original post last year on PD and another similar pinky-purple shinner. It's not bad as an overcoat, honestly. I've just had it so long and I have so many other similar(ish) things that I know I'm not likely to wear it, especially now that I'm all frustrated with it.

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