Friday, March 17, 2017

NOTD: Meow Meow over Lodgepole Pine, matte

This is another manicure with a lot of layers, but at least nobody can say I'm not wearing green:
And it's lovely. It's a bit formal to wear to my decidedly informal job, but oh well. Everybody is pretty much used to me and my crazy manicures.

This is:
  1. Formula X The Fix (which is a treatment thing, not a real basecoat, but it seems to be holding up ok)
  2. Square Hue Lodgepole Pine, which is quite a dark green, in the Here Today Aragon Tomorrow ballpark
  3. Lodgepole Pine again
  4. RBL Meow Meow, a fairly dark green glitter
  5. Meow Meow again
  6. Matte Me Crazy

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