Friday, March 10, 2017

NOTD: Sparkling Garbage over Agro, matte

This is layers and layers of stuff and it's so much I hope it just doesn't peel off my fingers - I wrote it all down last night and I already wasn't sure exactly what I did:
  1. Nail Nutrition Strength
  2. Superfood Base Coat
  3. China Glaze Agro
  4. Orly Sparkling Garbage
  5. more Sparkling Garbage (I think it was only two coats but I won't swear to that, it might've been three)
  6. ColorStay Sealing Shine (which is the oldest version of ColorStay, I think - practically vintage! but it's a nice top-coat)
  7. NYC Matte Me Crazy
So 7 or maybe 8 coats. I'm sure I've done more layers than that in one manicure, at some point before, but this is up there. But I really like it a lot. Mattified glitters are kind of my thing lately, I don't know if anybody's noticed. Sparkling Garbage without the matte is - as its name implies - really super-sparkly and I like it a lot, but for normal daily wear I like it better matte. You can still see all the little shiny bits but it doesn't look like you're at the disco. And I like it a lot over Agro, too - Agro by itself is dark olive but this lightens it up without losing that olive-tone completely.

I'm not sure either one of these colors is technically a current color but I bought both of them on Amazon not too too long ago (a few months, I think), so they are probably findable.

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