Friday, March 31, 2017

Nail Junkie

This is Nail Junkie, which was in my Sinful Colors favorites:
The polish is deceptive because it looks in the bottle like it will be much more opaque than it actually is. It's a jelly base with what looks like small bits of blue and blue-green and holo glitter, but as you can see it goes on the nail very pale. I usually put a base of some sort under it.

This bottle is kind of on its last legs, and so that is only one (very thick) coat on the wheel - my numbers are pretty hard to read but it's #17. I kind of went crazy when I realized what bad shape my bottle is in and that this is discontinued; I think I believed that it was still current. So I found a box of three for $10 on Amazon and ordered it. (Which is actually not an unreasonable price, at all. I guess it's not rare enough to be able to charge premium prices for, so instead they sell them in threes? Kind of odd, but oh well. They've arrived and they appear to be perfectly legit, as far as I can tell.) (Added: I compared the old bottle with the new ones and they matched up exactly. And I compared swatches as well.) You can't really tell in this picture how much of a mess this bottle is, but now that I have replacement(s), it's going not in the discard box but in the trash.

(I talked about Nail Junkie previously here.)

Much later addition: pictures of the new Nail Junkie bottles:

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