Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Funky Fingers + a violet display

This is Funky Fingers Glitter Matters over Peonies Gone Wild, because that was the only dark pink I had handy. Glitter Matters is big matte pieces in pink and yellow and white, and I thought I might hate it, but I didn't. It's cute, but it's also really difficult to get anything resembling even coverage with. I might try putting a little thinner in it next time, because it was very thick & gloopy. I ended up doing several successive coats with matte top coat in between.

I have a picture of another mani involving Funky Fingers, but it looks so unlike the actual mani that I decided not to use it. The FF polish was Sand & Stilettos, which is a glitter that looks rather like Zoya Monet does in some pictures I've seen, although not having seen Monet in person I might have that all wrong. Anyway, S&S is a small holo glitter - not a microglitter - with silver and various pastel-ish holo pieces. I thought it looked almost like it had a violet tinge to it in the bottle, but on the nail it mostly looked very silver. Very silver, even with just one coat. It seemed to me like that one coat looked like a base for a jelly sandwich, so I put 2 coats of Jolly Lolly on over it, and even though Jolly Lolly is red it came out looking very pink - so I put a coat of Paloma over that, and it still looks pink, just a darker fuschia-pink. Maybe next time I'll try Katherine, since that's even darker. Anyway, the overall effect is really pretty, it's just pinker than I wanted. But the picture didn't look like it at all, so you'll have to imagine for yourself.

We have a new Five Below near us (well, by the mall on the freeway, which is not too far away) and I had heard people talk about the brand they had that was exclusive to them, so I went in to see about that - it was Fresh Paint I meant, because I remembered the name. What I didn't realize was that Funky Fingers is also apparently exclusive to them. Both brands were $2 each or 3/$5, so I bought three from Funky Fingers: Sand & Stilettos, Glitter Matters, and (because I figured I might as well buy three, and because the name amused me) Unicorn Farts. I think I've seen at least three or four polishes called Unicorn Farts now, and they were all different. Funky Fingers apparently thinks that unicorns fart big multicolored hexes, which I suppose is as valid an interpretation as any other. I didn't buy any Fresh Paint, because all they had was pastels apparently left over from spring, and they were boring.

One more stray picture I keep forgetting to post:
a "Color of the Year" display from H-E-B, with a couple of different polishes in an orchid-ish range (I didn't write down what they were). (I also think at least one of those on the top row wasn't supposed to be there at all!)

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