Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Angels Have The Phone Box

So I tweeted a picture of The Angels Have The Phone Box, and it promptly got retweeted in Doctor Who circles and suddenly my hand and my rather dry-looking cuticles are being seen all over the place. (That might be a slight exaggeration. Several places, anyway.) As you know (Bob), I am not a huge fan of holos in general. However, with this one I like the color a whole lot even out of the sunshine - mostly the problem I have with them is that they rarely live up to their pictures, I think!
This is full-sun, and you can see that it's not a really blazing holo even here. Out of the sun it sometimes seems to have a little bit of green in it, so that it looks more like a teal. Anyway, I like. (Full details: this was two coats, with Instant Artificials and then BL Nail Foundation underneath, and Seche Vite on top. And in the interests of full disclosure, I have to tell you that it's now got a good bit of tip wear after only a day. But I think that seems to be the rule rather than the exception with holos, anyway. At least in my experience.) (Update: It's Friday, three days later, and I still have this on. The tipwear is not a great deal worse than it was when I wrote the above. I'll probably change it tonight or tomorrow.)

Before this I wore Live Long And Prosper for several days, but since I didn't get around to taking a picture before the last day when it was horribly chipped, I can't bring myself to post the one I eventually did get. I refer you once again to Mishka's pictures (on Dollish's website, this time), because it looked pretty much just like this, when it was fresh.

(Note: some may be wondering since I've talked about this collection so much, but there's no actual legal disclosure required here. I paid full retail price for these.)

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