Monday, July 7, 2014

Stash: dark red-violets

If we were trying harder to stay in color-wheel order here, this would go next to the dark reds (the ones down toward the bottom of the picture in that link). I usually do try for something resembling color-wheel order but somewhere along the line here I started taking pictures of pinks when I should've been taking pictures of purples, and screwed that idea all up. So, anyway, this is dark red-violets - burgundies and that sort of thing. (Names having to do with red wine are very common in this color range.) I thought they were a very odd bunch when I was taking the picture, but in fact they now seem to belong together more than I originally thought, even though some of them belong more of the red side of red-violet than others.
Top row: Diamond Strength Private I, Ulta Salon Chic Peek, Illamasqua Glitterati (at least, I'm pretty sure this is Glitterati, although it doesn't have a name anywhere on the bottle that I can see)
Middle row (these zigzag around a bit): Outlast Violet Flickr,  Funky Fingers Burgandy Scales (that's how it's spelled on the label, and I believe it's a crackle), Colorstay Bold Sangria, Zoya Jem, Barielle Elle's Spell
Bottom row: Zoya Carly, S-OPI Ruby Without A Cause, Finger Paints Hipnotic (ditto on the spelling being theirs, although that one at least makes for a fairly cute pun)(and this is a magnetic), Zoya Katherine (a jelly)

I'm not sure if "burgandy" is just a typo or if there's some joke there that I'm missing.

Many of these are what people would think of as fall or holiday colors. Glitterati was in fact part of a holiday set. Bold Sangria is really the only one of these that's just a creme; everything else is a shimmer or glitter or flakie (that would be Elle's Spell) or some other oddity. I do really like all of these, even Burgandy Scales, and I'm pretty sure it's the only crackle I've ever said that about. Several of these are among my very favorite polishes: Violet Flickr and Private I, on the more purple end of things, Zoya Jem and Carly (which are pretty similar, except that Jem is somewhat browner), and Elle's Spell, because I love a good flakie.

(The untrieds here are only Burgandy Scales and Hipnotic, and even those I've played around with on a nail wheel. Maybe in the fall I'll get ambitious and try out the magnet, even.)

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